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  • Hair Transplant is a Painful Surger..

    Pain! It is the most dreaded thing by almost every person who comes to us for hair transplant procedure. Everyone is concerned about pain and discomfort during procedure and some are also concerned about pain in post operative period. So let’s discus..

  • Do I Need a Second Hair Transplanta..

    A once in a lifetime Hair Transplantation procedure and then, after the healing process, all the balding parts and receding hairlines are covered with a high density of hair. That is what all our patients expect. That is what you expect too, are you ..

  • Which Vitamins Should You Take Afte..

    So now that you have done your hair transplant procedure, you might be wondering what you need to do in order to get marvelous results. Well, aside from following the after-care instructions that are explained by your surgeons, you must make sure you..

  • Will I Lose My Hair After a Hair Tr..

    I will try to explain you in the most easiest words, why you will never lose your newly transplanted hairs again, throughout your life. The reason is very simple. Even a kid knows that any human being does not loses hair from his back side of head (a..

  • How Long Does It Take for Hair to G..

    Hair transplant patients are very curious to know the answer of the common question that is how long the time need for a proper and healthy hair growth after hair transplant surgery.  To be very frank, that’s the hard thing for hair transpl..

  • Painless, Pain-Free Hair Transplant..

    What is meant by a painless, pain-free hair transplant procedure is that the local anesthetic injection pain experienced by the patient during the process of extracting follicular unit grafts as well as the transplantation process, will be completely..

  • Hair Transplant for Wounded Area..

    Unfortunately, recently developed medical technology is not capable of repairing wound marks completely. If your wound marks are on beard, moustache, or on hairy parts of body, you are luckier because it is possible to camouflage it by transplanting ..

  • HCV Treatment – Related Hair ..

    Treatment-related hair loss is one of the common side-effects of interferon-based treatment. While common, those who experience treatment-related hair loss tend to have varied results – some notice a thinning or a change in texture, while others may ..

  • When Can You Wear a Hat After Hair ..

    Many men and women undergo the hair restoration process, and winter can seem like the perfect time to go for the procedure. Everybody wraps up and covers their hair with a winter hat. A hat, of course, may seem like a logical idea to keep your hea..

  • When Can I Return to Work After My ..

    The decision to go back to work following a hair transplant surgery depends on how self-conscious a patient may feel about co-workers knowing that he or she had this procedure. Are you excited to show off the steps you are taking to treat hair loss? ..

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