FUE Hair Transplant

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DHI Hair Transplant

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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

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Why Sapphire Hair Clinic?

Hair Transplant istanbul thinning hair no longer needs to pose a psychological strain. From head to toe, our experienced surgeons can implement effective procedures to help grow hair. Hair transplant istanbul are significantly cheaper than other countries or regions, but has the same results, making it an extreme value.


Sure. Just send an email to info@sapphirehairclinic.com with name and phone number. You will then be contacted by one of our interpreters, via Whatsapp (or other than you have indicated), and you will be asked to submit your photos so that we can get a preliminary consultation with our doctors.

Once arriving at the airport the patient will be picked up by a driver and taken to the hotel (https://www.cpistanbulflorya.com). The hotel is near the clinic, so you will be taken at the time agreed in the morning (usually around 7.30 / 8.00) and taken to the clinic. Here you will be taken from the blood for further analysis and there will be an interview with our doctors during which the patient will be able to indicate what his / her expectation of the outcome of the surgery is and the doctor will check the hair condition of the hair patient. After that, the operation will begin, during which you can take a break and eat. Once the operation is over, the patient can leave the clinic and return the next day to change the band. During the entire trial you will be assisted by Italian interpreters in the clinic, who will be at your side from the moment you decide to take the intervention at Sapphire Hair Clinic, in the following months, during which doctors will carry out checks (via sending photo). It is advisable to stay in Istanbul for 2 or 3 nights.

After the intervention you will need to follow the instructions of the medical staff to maximize the result of the intervention. Interpreters in the clinic will provide you with all the necessary instructions for products to be used and activities to be avoided in the weeks following the transplant (such as sports and physical exertion).

Absolutely not. After 2/3 weeks, during which croutons can be formed in areas affected by transplantation, there will be no sign.

Hair transplantation is considered a non invasive surgery. The local anesthetic used has prolonged analgesic action, so the patient will not feel any kind of pain. The operated area remains silent for several hours after surgery. In the days following the intervention you may experience a slight pain in the receiving and donating areas, which will disappear within a few days.



    I highly recommend the clinic. The customer service is beyond professional and friendly. I was well looked after and explained every step of the procedure.
    I rate 5*++.
    Thank you!

    Thiago Menezes

    It was my first hair transplant so obviously I was a beat concerned but the lovely stuff and the good doctor made the experience very pleasant.
    It wasn’t quick but it was painless!
    Everything went according to the plan, which is not obvious while this Corona plaguea us,
    And in no time I was back home and it was all over.
    As I am writing this I am 12 Days after the transplant. it healing fast and it looks great I’m really looking forward to see it in a few months.

    Oren van zenten

    I have just left istanbul with a big smile on my lips. I was very happy with everything, from the first step i took out of the airport until i went back. They did a great job on my head, didnt feel anything. And the result was better than expected. Special thank to Rima, the medical assistent and the hard working nurses. I recommend this clinic to everyone who wants to get hair back.

    Michel Elia

    Most brilliant team that look after you as if you’re family. They are incredibly diligent and professional in every manner when it comes to the procedure and information given to you. The facilities are top of the range and you could not ask for a better operation than with Sapphire Hair Clinic and his amazing team! Thank You Sapphire Hair Clinic…

    Sergey Katagarin

    3 weeks since my procedure and I’m very pleased so far , obviously I will know more in the coming months, but everything is exceeding expectations so far. My experience with Sapphire Hair Clinic was Five Star from start to finish. The clinic was modern and clean. Everything was very professional, all my questions were answered promptly and with confidence. All the members of staff, the owner and doctor were polite, friendly and showed an excellent level of care. Would highly recommend.

    Mark Can

    Mi experiencia con Sapphire ha sido muy buena, era mi primer contacto para efectuar la operación en Turquía y todas las dudas que me iban surgiendo, Rima me las iba resolviendo. Todo ha sido tal como el me lo explico. La recogida en el aeropuerto,los traslados,el excelente hotel y lo principal la clínica y todo su equipo. Una experiencia muy buena en un país tan lejano y desconocido.

    Selenia Bastante Reinoso

    Mon expérience s’est bien passé, l’hôtel est tres bien , l’équipe de la clinique à l’écoute.
    Je suis content de mon expérience . J’ai hâte de voir la repousse . Ce qui m’a réconforter c’est qu’ils nous donnent un certificat qui explique que si ça ne va pas au niveau de la repousse Si nous ne somme pas satisfait , ils nous reprennent en charge assez vite .

    Bessaa Mehdi

    I have had a very good experience with my operation. Despite the very late arrival of my flight they were there to meet me at the airport. The hotel was first class. All the staff were extremely friendly and explained things to me at every stage. After the initial anaesthetic injections, the whole thing was painless. I am looking forward to seeing my new head of hair! The price included included everything except the follow up shampoo and vitamins.

    Richard Hansom