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Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant

When you decide on having a hair transplant operation, you start your own research to get maximum information about your options. This is a good idea because you can make a detailed discussion with yo..

Sapphire Hair Transplant

As everyone knows, sapphire is one of the most precious stones. It is also known for its hardness, durability and brightness. When FUE hair transplantation is the case, and together with develo....

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is consist of the initials of Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a hair collecting method for transplantation purpose. It has been very popular in recent years because of its advantages such as min..


Hair Transplant Istanbul

Stages of Hair Transplantation By FUE Technique
Follicles are carefully harvested from the donor area
The grafts are kept in liquid HTS
Incisions are created in the recipient site to bear the grafts
The grafts are implanted in the created incisions.
10-30% growth begins after 3 months, but the final results appear after 12 months
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    Hair Transplant Turkey

    Patient Comments

    Hair Transplant Turkey

    Mon expérience s’est bien passé, l’hôtel est tres bien , l’équipe de la clinique à l’écoute.
    Je suis content de mon expérience . J’ai hâte de voir la repousse . Ce qui m’a réconforter c’est qu’ils nous donnent un certificat qui explique que si ça ne va pas au niveau de la repousse Si nous ne somme pas satisfait , ils nous reprennent en charge assez vite .

    Bessaa Mehdi

    Mi experiencia con Sapphire ha sido muy buena, era mi primer contacto para efectuar la operación en Turquía y todas las dudas que me iban surgiendo, Rima me las iba resolviendo. Todo ha sido tal como el me lo explico. La recogida en el aeropuerto,los traslados,el excelente hotel y lo principal la clínica y todo su equipo. Una experiencia muy buena en un país tan lejano y desconocido.

    Selenia Bastante Reinoso

    3 weeks since my procedure and I’m very pleased so far , obviously I will know more in the coming months, but everything is exceeding expectations so far. My experience with Sapphire Hair Clinic was Five Star from start to finish. The clinic was modern and clean. Everything was very professional, all my questions were answered promptly and with confidence. All the members of staff, the owner and doctor were polite, friendly and showed an excellent level of care. Would highly recommend.

    Mark Can

    Most brilliant team that look after you as if you’re family. They are incredibly diligent and professional in every manner when it comes to the procedure and information given to you. The facilities are top of the range and you could not ask for a better operation than with Sapphire Hair Clinic and his amazing team! Thank You Sapphire Hair Clinic…

    Sergey Katagarin

    I have had a very good experience with my operation. Despite the very late arrival of my flight they were there to meet me at the airport. The hotel was first class.
    All the staff were extremely friendly and explained things to me at every stage. After the initial anaesthetic injections, the whole thing was painless. I am looking forward to seeing my new head of hair!
    The price included included everything except the follow up shampoo and vitamins.

    Richard Hansom

    I have just left istanbul with a big smile on my lips. I was very happy with everything, from the first step i took out of the airport until i went back. They did a great job on my head, didnt feel anything. And the result was better than expected. Special thank to Rima, the medical assistent and the hard working nurses. I recommend this clinic to everyone who wants to get hair back.

    Michel Elia

    It was my first hair transplant so obviously I was a beat concerned but the lovely stuff and the good doctor made the experience very pleasant.
    It wasn’t quick but it was painless!
    Everything went according to the plan, which is not obvious while this Corona plaguea us,
    And in no time I was back home and it was all over.
    As I am writing this I am 12 Days after the transplant. it healing fast and it looks great I’m really looking forward to see it in a few months.

    Oren van zenten

    I highly recommend the clinic. The customer service is beyond professional and friendly. I was well looked after and explained every step of the procedure.
    I rate 5*++.
    Thank you!

    Thiago Menezes
    Hair Transplant FAQ
    en common questions about hair loss procedures – answereds

    Is it possible to do a distance consultation?

    Sure. Just send an email to with name and phone number. You will then be contacted by one of our interpreters, via Whatsapp (or other than you have indicated), and you will be asked to submit your photos so that we can get a preliminary consultation with our doctors.

    How does the entire stay take place?

    Once arriving at the airport the patient will be picked up by a driver and taken to the hotel ( The hotel is near the clinic, so you will be taken at the time agreed in the morning (usually around 7.30 / 8.00) and taken to the clinic. Here you will be taken from the blood for further analysis and there will be an interview with our doctors during which the patient will be able to indicate what his / her expectation of the outcome of the surgery is and the doctor will check the hair condition of the hair patient. After that, the operation will begin, during which you can take a break and eat. Once the operation is over, the patient can leave the clinic and return the next day to change the band. During the entire trial you will be assisted by Italian interpreters in the clinic, who will be at your side from the moment you decide to take the intervention at Sapphire Hair Clinic, in the following months, during which doctors will carry out checks (via sending photo). It is advisable to stay in Istanbul for 2 or 3 nights.

    What to do after the intervention?

    After the intervention you will need to follow the instructions of the medical staff to maximize the result of the intervention. Interpreters in the clinic will provide you with all the necessary instructions for products to be used and activities to be avoided in the weeks following the transplant (such as sports and physical exertion).

    Will you notice scars after the transplant?

    Absolutely not. After 2/3 weeks, during which croutons can be formed in areas affected by transplantation, there will be no sign.

    Does hair transplant hurt?

    Hair transplantation is considered a non invasive surgery. The local anesthetic used has prolonged analgesic action, so the patient will not feel any kind of pain. The operated area remains silent for several hours after surgery. In the days following the intervention you may experience a slight pain in the receiving and donating areas, which will disappear within a few days.

    How long does hair transplant last?

    The duration of the intervention depends on the number of bulbs that will be transplanted. It usually takes 6 to 8 hours.

    Who can undergo hair transplantation?

    Hair transplantation can be men and women, from 18/20 years old. Since it is a little invasive, almost everyone can undergo hair transplantation, except in patients with serious health problems, such as immunosuppression.

    What is the risk of hair transplantation?

    Since it is a non-invasive operation performed in local anesthesia, the risks of such intervention are low. The only drawbacks that our patients experience are mostly in the post operative: itching, headaches and slight swelling, but they disappear within a few days.

    Will you notice blank spaces in the donor area?

    No. One of the biggest concerns about who intends to undergo hair transplantation is this. The advantage of FUE is just that. The doctor in fact ensures that close to the follicular unit extracted there are others, ensuring the absence of empty spaces in the donor area.

    How long is it necessary for the transplanted hair to recover?

    Once transplanted, the transplanted hair will fall as the bulb stays inside the groove and begins to regenerate the hair. Hair will begin to grow again after about 3 months and will continue to grow in the following months. Around the seventh month, patients will notice that their hair is naturally natural.

    Hair Transplant Turkey

    Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    Hair Transplant Turkey Thinning hair no longer needs to pose a psychological strain. From head to toe, our experienced surgeons can implement effective procedures to help grow hair. Hair transplants in Turkey are significantly cheaper than other countries or regions, but has the same results, making it an extreme value.

    Hair Transplant Turkey has become a metropolis for hair transplants. However, we pride ourselves at the lowest prices around- outpacing our competitors. To remain affordable, we stay away from expensive advertising and avoid extravagant office buildings. Expert Tosun and our other professionals are extremely experienced- with a history of zero-error procedures. This austerity allows us to be a first-class clinic with affordable low prices. Even with our low prices, we don’t lack the latest technology. We always use the most current razor-edge equipment to provide you with the best experience possible. Now you should have no doubt as to why hair transplant in Turkey are particularly rewarding for.

    Sapphire Hair Clinic

    Hair Transplant Istanbul Getting into the act in the Turkish hospital business since 1995, Medical Park Hospitals Group serves patients in 29 hospitals located in 17 cities. It is, now, the pioneering actor of the sector with closed area of 718 thousand and 965 square meters, 211 operating rooms, 5 thousand 240 beds and more than 16.000 employees.

    Hair Transplant Turkey Enabling all patients, irrespective of socioeconomic status, access healthcare services at international standards based on the principle “healthcare for all”, Medical Park not only closely monitors all advanced technologies and therapeutic methods worldwide, but it also aims to serve as a model which supports science and innovative practices.


    Hair Transplant Turkey - Istanbul

    Hair Transplant Turkey operations are the operations preferred mostly by men. It is absolutely necessary to consult a hair transplantation specialist during periods when hair loss becomes evident. It is possible to get quality and efficient results by choosing specialists working with the latest technology in hair transplantation. There are many hair transplantation methods and these methods vary according to the applied technology. Each method has its own application method and their costs and guarantees also vary. The common feature of each technique is that they are pain and incision free. The methods are carried out successfully by extracting hair even from the chest if necessary.

    Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant Istanbul the FUE method was applied for the first time in 2002. Donor hair is gathered from the back of the neck between the ears designated as the donor area. Unlike the Fut technique, the follicles are collected one by one instead of as a strip. It is a preferred method due to its natural appearance and lack of scarring. Pain and discomfort are nonexistent as the operation is performed under local anesthesia. There are methods of application such as manual punch, micromotor and robotics. The manual punch technique is a time consuming technique as it is done by collecting hair follicles one by one. In the Micromotor Fue method, hair roots are loosened with the help of a micromotor device. The loosened hair follicles are collected with a micropen device and it is a shorter process. The Robotic Fue method is carried out with the latest technology by a specialist doctor using a robot. Hair follicles are collected from an area controlled by computer environment. Since hair roots are controlled with computers, there is no risk of damaging healthy hair. This robotic method is not used in most centers since it is still developing.

    How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?

    The average cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey ranges from €1,500 and €2,500, while the same operation in United Kingdom or the U.S. could cost up to $30,000

    Is it safe to get hair transplant in Turkey?

    Yes! There is a reason why Turkey is the first country that comes to mind across the world when it comes to a hair transplantation. Hair transplant in Istanbul attracts patients from dozens of countries around the world.There are around 1500 clinics and hospitals that perform hair transplant Turkey.

    How many hairs is 4000 grafts?

    In a single graft, there can be 1 root, 2 roots, 3 roots. How many hair follicles there are in 1 graft, so many hairs come out. The 4000 grafts you get with FUE are almost equal to the 2000 grafts you get with FUT.

    Why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey?

    It is because costs in Turkey, Istanbul 2021 are cheaper than in other developed countries. This allows the hair transplant clinics in Turkey to offer cheaper procedures with an equal and even more quality.This allows the hair transplant clinics in Turkey, Istanbul to offer cheaper procedures with an equal and even more best quality.

    Who is the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey?
  • Sapphire Hair Clinic

  • Dr. Okan Morkoç

  • Dr. Esin Eğilmez

  • Estevien Clinic

  • HT Clinic

  • Clinic Bas

  • Izmir Hair Clinic

  • Can you go bald again after a hair transplant?

    3 months after the procedure is very important and some of your hair will fall out. However, after completely completing the healing process, the transplanted roots will grow back to fill your bald parts. It will continue to grow naturally as it ages.

    Do hair transplants last forever?

    Yes, it is possible, fue, sapphire and dhi hair transplantation can last a lifetime. The only point that should not be forgotten in Hair Transplantation is that the donor hair follicles must grow healthy by preserving their properties.

    Can hair transplants go wrong?

    The ISHRS said there are people who have been injured due to hair transplants gone wrong. Men or women who had a lot of hair removed from their heads faced bad results right after the hair transplant procedure.

    Hair Transplantation without Shaving

    Sapphire Hair transplant without shaving is also known as the pen technique. Despite its cost, it is highly preferred due to its advantages and is recommended by specialists. Hair roots are collected with the help of a special needle. The grooving and placing process is done simultaneously as in the FUE Hair transplant technique. Since the hair follicles are transplanted without delay, the results are faster and more reliable. Since the method does not damage existing hair, it is applicable for people who have not started to lose hair. The person can return to his daily life immediately after the operation. Although it has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. The disadvantages are the high costs and the need for a specialist doctor. Although it has a high cost, it is a preferred method and applied in many centers today. Hair Transplant Istanbul while each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is of great importance that it is done by a specialist. New methods emerge as medicine and technology improve. Choosing the method depends completely on the patient. It is possible to achieve successful results by choosing a method that does not devastate the budget. Only completely bald people can not benefit from these methods.

    The History Of Hair Transplantation

    Hair Transplant Turkey there are numerous unsuccessful procedures in the history of hair transplantation. Being so unsuccessful over time has led us to the very pleasing results we use nowadays. In the light of the information obtained from the state-of-the-art and science world we use today, rather good results are obtained in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation dates back to 1882. Hair Transplant Istanbul the procedure was carried out for the first time by a person named Diegonbach. Subsequently, in 1926, a scientist by the name of Hunt Kelligen claimed that he had a theory that enable growing hair in bald parts. Based on this theory, in 1931, a scientist named Passot identified hair cells and worked on Kelligen's theory. The modern techniques we use today are possible thanks to the developments in 1952. During these years, grafts were used for the first time. Subsequently, a transition to square grafts was made in 1971. In 1984, it was noticed that more successful results could be achieved with the expansion of the donor area. This year has been very important in terms of hair transplantation history and played a key role in diversification of techniques. Many methods such as scalp stretching, micrografting, flap and scalp stretching have been developed this year. FUT and FUE techniques are the most popular hair transplantation techniques used recently. Compared to other methods, these methods benefit the patient by being free of pain and discomfort.

    What Are The Hair Transplant Techniques?

    The FUE method is the most preferred method among hair transplantation techniques. These techniques have applications with different features. In the FUE technique, suitable grafts from the donor area of individuals are collected one by one. Collecting them one by one and working very carefully at this stage enables the patient to recover faster. This is the most important difference of the method from the precedent FUT method In the past, a certain piece of skin was taken to collect grafts and the grafts would be extracted from it. However, this is no longer necessary with the FUE method. Hair transplantation prices may be different due to the determination of the technique and the size of the application area of the individual. Therefore, people are examined before a price is quoted. Another important method used among hair transplantation techniques is the DHI method. This method is considered to be more advantageous than the FUE technique in many ways. Since the method does not include a groove opening stage, it takes less time and less damage is inflicted in the area.

    How is Hair Transplantation Done?

    Hair Transplant Istanbul after determining the right technique for hair transplantation according to the condition of the patient, necessary studies are carried out. The process begins after the necessary preparations are made. We want to talk about how it is applied in both techniques. Namely; • First, there are three important steps in the FUE technique. These are the collection of grafts, opening the grooves and transplanting into the opened grooves. The grafts are collected individually and precisely from the individual’s donor area. Subsequently the grooves are opened in the area where hair transplantation will take place. Finally, hair is transplanted into the opened grooves and the process is completed.
    • In the DHI technique, the hair roots are collected with the help of a pen. The hair roots are collected with the tip of this pen, which has been developed specifically for this technique. There is no need to open grooves in this process. The collected hair roots are brought to the application area with a special drag technique and the transplanting is carried out. This process is more practical and causes less damage. Recovery is faster because there is less damage.

    How Does The Process Proceed After Hair Transplantation?

    Sapphire Clinic Hair Transplant Turkey Let us talk about how the process progresses after hair transplant turkey. After hair transplantation, the patients need to be very gentle and careful. It is entirely up to you to benefit from the process at the maximum level. The process after the procedure is generally as follows:
    • After the procedure, the patient is discharged and the necessary cautions are given.
    • One of the most important cautions concerns washing hair for the first time. After hair transplantation, the hair should be washed for the first time in the clinic by the specialist who performed the procedure.
    • The washing process is done very carefully with a special solution.
    • After the first wash, the patient should wash his hair daily with that solution.
    • All the details to be considered after hair transplantation are given to you by the clinic where you have been treated.

    Things To Consider When Having Hair Transplantation

    Hair Transplant Turkey There are very important details that candidates for hair transplantation should know about the procedure. Before we talk about hair transplantation prices in detail, we want to give detailed information about the process. The most important issues to know about hair transplantation prices and processing are the following:
    • Your main task is to work with a team of experts in the field. Choosing the right clinic and specialist is extremely important in such procedures.
    • You need to focus on choosing the most suitable technique for your hair and its careful application.
    • The transplanted is shed for the first 3 months after hair transplantation. This should not worry you. This is perfectly normal.
    • Healthy hair starts to grow in place of the shed hair and this covers a period of 6 months.
    • You have to be a little bit more patient to see the results precisely. It is likely that you will have healthy and abundant hair after 1-1,5 years.
    • You should also be very careful about hair transplantation prices.

    Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor Before and After Hair Transplantation

    • There are questions you need to ask your doctor before hair transplantation. These questions can be related to every stage of the procedure. All patients have the right to receive information from physicians. You can request information about all the stages that you have on your mind. • Before the procedure, you can request information about who will participate in the operation and what their tasks are.
    • You can get information about how the stages of the procedure will proceed and what applications will be done by which healthcare professional at which stage.
    • Hair transplantation methods are not limited to one method. You can request information about the method your physician and his team will apply and what are its advantages and disadvantages compared to others.
    • It is appropriate to ask whether you will feel any pain or discomfort during the application before the procedure and prepare yourself accordingly.
    • You can request information about any procedure that will be applied to you because of your hair style and color that differs from those applied to other people. For example, the procedure for people with curly hair and the procedures for people with straight hair can differ. You can get information about this subject from your doctor.
    • After the procedure, you can consult your physician on whether supportive therapy such as stem cells will be applied and when you will start getting results.
    • You should definitely ask whether the ingredients of the shampoos you use will benefit your hair growth, which chemical ingredient in shampoos you should avoid, or which ones contribute to the treatment, or whether teas or the paste of any herbs can contribute to this process; in short, whether you will be involved in any application that may affect the course of treatment after the procedure..

    Post Procedure Considerations

    Hair transplant turkey is a procedure that is frequently applied to people with pelade, people who do not have hair in a certain area after burns, or individuals who have baldness problems, to eliminate these negativities. There are a number of points that are the responsibility of the patient himself before and after the procedure. If the person can pay enough attention to these issues that should be considered after hair transplantation, he / she will overcome this period quickly and easily. After the hair transplantation procedure, the person should:
    • Drink plenty of fluids after hair transplantation. The amount of water that a normal individual should drink daily is determined as approximately 2 - 2.5 liters. However, you can take advantage of applications that show how much water you need to drink according to your body mass. Using water reminder applications during this period can also help you if you are not in the habit of drinking water.
    • It is also possible to enjoy sufficient daily amounts of herbal teas that contain edema-removing properties without overdoing. However, it must not be forgotten that when they are consumed excessively, these plants can have side effects.
    • The painkillers recommended by the physician can be taken without exceeding the daily dose intake. Generally, pain is not encountered by individuals. However, if pain develops due to swelling, the person can use a painkiller after notifying his physician and should abide by the recommendation of his physician and not use any other medication without the doctor’s knowledge.
    • It is recommended not to take a bath the first days after the procedure. It is very important that the person does not touch the scalp with a towel or comb. The scalp is very sensitive during this period. Combing or drying hair with a towel can cause skin irritation or bleeding.
    • Hair Transplant Turkey During this period, the scalp will be very sensitive, and combing hair or using any cosmetic product such as hair gel should be avoided.
    • It is very important for the person to pay attention to the diet during this period. Eating protein-based foods and avoiding unhealthy foods for a while promotes faster recovery. Hair and scalp are protein-structured organs. Protein consumption accelerates the restoring and repair processes.
    • In this period, the person should restrict the use of salt in order to get rid of edema and swelling more easily and not to increase their existing amounts. The less salt is consumed, the less edema will be collected.
    Hair Transplant Turkey You can also get plenty of sodium from packaged foods while you think you are not consuming salt. Therefore, you should avoid packaged foods as much as possible during the initial period.
    • Cutting down on alcohol and cigarette consumption during this period or at least reducing it to a minimum, facilitates a more robust recovery.
    • Especially, the effect of alcohol on this situation is more harmful than smoking. Alcohol consumption increases edema and swelling in the body. It also causes the body to lose fluid. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided in order to prevent dehydration and worsen edema.

    Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    Best Hair Transplant Clinic thinning hair no longer needs to pose a psychological strain. From head to toe, our experienced surgeons can implement effective procedures to help grow hair. Hair transplants in Turkey are significantly cheaper than other countries or regions, but has the same results, making it an extreme value. Turkey has become a metropolis for hair transplants. However, we pride ourselves at the lowest prices around outpacing our competitors. To remain affordable, we stay away from expensive advertising and avoid extravagant office buildings. Expert Tosun and our other professionals are extremely experienced with a history of zero error procedures. This austerity allows us to be a first class clinic with affordable low prices. Even with our low prices, we don’t lack the latest technology. We always use the most current razor edge equipment to provide you with the best experience possible. Now you should have no doubt as to why hair transplant in Turkey are particularly rewarding for.

    Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

    Hair transplant istanbul costs can sometimes cause people to make mistakes when they are planning a procedure. People who prefer places that carry out procedure for affordable prices can experience some grievances in this regard. Hair transplant turkey prices are not fixed figures, but fees that should be at a certain level. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid those who charge below this level for service. In order not to be disappointed in this matter, it is much more appropriate to look into the experience of the team who will do the process rather than hair transplantation fees. It is much more important to find a good team before asking how much hair transplantation costs; then everything will progress much easier.

    Hair Transplantation Prices Istanbul

    Hair Transplant Istanbul Let us some information about best hair transplantation prices in Istanbul. First of all, hair transplantation prices vary according to the size of the individual’s bald patch and the number of transplants to be applied to the area. There are much more effective clinics in cities such as Istanbul, since the choices are many. However, this situation should not mislead you again. Since the procedure is popular, it is absolutely necessary to avoid clinics that charge exorbitant prices for hair transplantation. Hair transplant turkey only requires an appropriate technical and expert team. The fees of the clinics that offer these together are more or less clear. If you do not go below this value, it is likely that you can have the procedure for the correct hair transplantation prices.

    Turkey, an Innovative world leader in Hair transplantation

    Hair transplantation centers are located in almost every province of our country. Due to the increase in domestic and foreign customers, many innovative centers have been opened. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of these clinics has prepared the ground for a decrease in service quality and unsuccessful results. As the central city of hair transplantation is Istanbul, it is among the first choices of foreigners. Hair transplantation centers must have some features in order to serve.

    The essentials of a good hair transplantation center

    Sapphire Hair Clinic Hair Transplant Clinic, Hair Transplant Istanbul Those who intend to have hair transplantation should know how the clinic serves. These features are listed below. The characteristics that a hair transplantation center must have: 1- The devices in the center should consist of new and advanced technological products.
    2- Disinfection processes should be performed before and after the procedure.
    3- The documents required for the opening of the center should be obtained from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor.
    4- Only healthcare professionals should be included in the staff delivering the transplantation service.
    5- Employees must be friendly and educated.
    You should not get service from centers that do not have these listed features. Otherwise, you may face health problems.
    What is a hair transplantation? Find out the details

    Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles collected from an area with hair into a hairless area with appropriate methods. There are two different types of hair loss: female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss. Regardless of the type of hair loss, the probability of success increases the earlier the intervention is carried out. There are some points that need to be considered before transplantation. First of all, the best hair transplantation center should be preferred. Transplantation prices may vary. Therefore, detailed research should be done in order not to pay more for the same method. Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery operation that delivers successful results.

    How is hair transplantation done?

    Hair transplantation is done under local anesthesia. First, the number of grafts is determined according to the baldness. The roots are collected from behind the ears with the help of a suitable punch motor. The punch motor has a very sensitive operating principle and it does not harm the hair follicles. After the roots are collected, they are sorted in a laboratory environment and stored under appropriate conditions. An appointment for a hair transplantation is made. One week before the transplantation, the person should refrain from using substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and anticoagulants. Local anesthesia is applied to the bald area. Grafts are transplanted one by one. Dressing is applied regularly after transplantation. It takes three months for new hair to grow.

    Who can have a hair transplantation?

    Those who have female pattern hair loss, those who have partial hair loss, those who have previously undergone hair transplantation and are not satisfied with the result can have hair transplantation. The age of the person is not important for the transplantation process. The structure, texture, thickness of the hair, hair color and shape are not important. Some complications can develop since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. These complications vary depending on the person. Serious problems such as allergic conditions, infection formation, damage to the roots and failure of new hair to grow can occur. Therefore, choosing the right center is crucial.

    How much does a hair transplantation cost?

    Hair transplant Istanbul prices are not fixed. There are different reasons why they vary. If you have complaints about the sparseness and baldness of your hair, you can have a transplantation. You can get quality service at an affordable price by searching for the right price. The prolongation of the process and the size of the area to be transplanted are directly related to the price. You can reach the centers from their contact numbers and websites to get information about hair transplantation prices. In order to avoid disinformation and becoming a victim, we recommend that you meet face to face with the center after making a decision. Some centers can offer discounts on the price at face-to-face meetings. You should not ignore service quality when considering prices. You should have your transplantation in a professional and reliable center for your health and satisfaction.

    How is a hair transplantation done, how much will it cost in 2021?

    Hair transplant Istanbul is possible for those who need to confront problems such as hair loss and baldness. Hair loss can be seen in individuals for different reasons. Reasons such as:
    • Genetic factors
    • Intense stress
    • Vitamin deficiency
    • Irregular and unhealthy diet
    • Various health problems
    The main reasons for hair loss in individuals are those stated above. Hair which is lost due to the above reasons is not replaced by new hair does or the hair that grows is less and lifeless. Therefore, individuals are plagued with thinning hair or baldness. With the hair transplantation process, individuals gain natural, vibrant and healthy hair. Hair transplantation must be done by experts. Otherwise, successful results cannot be achieved and the health of individuals will be negatively affected. The necessary checks must be carried out for hair transplantation, a personalized plan must be prepared, the necessary conditions must be ensured and then the procedure is carried out. At the same time, the individual should be under the control of an expert after transplantation. There are different causes of hair loss and people's hair structures also differ. Therefore, different hair transplantation methods are available. These methods are: • Sapphire FUE • DHI hair transplantation • Classic FUE The above three different hair transplant techniques are performed by Sapphire Hair Clinic. Sapphire Hair Clinic, as a professional hair transplant center, guarantees reliable, healthy and successful hair transplantation. Sapphire FUE technique is one of the most frequently used techniques. In the past years, tools such as scalpel and punch were used in hair transplantation with this technique. However, with the development of technology, these tools have been replaced by FUE Sapphire tip pens. One of the most important issues in hair transplantation is that the hair follicles and the grooves opened on the skin are compatible with each other. Thanks to the pen used in the sapphire FUE method, the size of the hair follicles and the opened grooves are compatible with each other. This way, superior success is achieved with hair transplantation. The grooves opened for hair transplantation with the Sapphire FUE technique heal in a shorter time. At the same time, there is no cut or incision on the skin, no scars remain.

    DHI hair transplantation is mostly preferred in individuals with thinning hair. Hair transplantation is performed with this method in sparse areas where the existing hair is not damaged. By filling the gaps, denser and more natural hair is achieved. In this method, the healing process of individuals is faster because grooves are not opened. In the classical FUE technique, strong hair roots are taken from the area between the two ears and transferred to the desired area. A micromotor is used in classical FUE hair transplantation. The hair follicles taken with the help of a micromotor are transferred to the desired area. In this method, hair follicles are taken one by one and transplanted to the area one by one. This is generally the preferred method for individuals with male pattern baldness. Classical FUE technique gives the most successful result among the current hair transplant techniques. Sapphire Hair Clinic achieves more than 95% success with this technique. At the same time, 95% of the hair transplanted with this technique is not lost subsequently.
    Individuals who want to have a hair transplantation should first choose the right hair transplant center. If the right center is not preferred, the person will suffer material and moral damage. Sapphire Hair Clinic is known for its successful work in its field. A professional team holds one-to-one meetings with people before hair transplantation. The team examines whether people are suitable for hair transplantation. First of all, the medical history of the individual who wants to have a hair transplantation has any illness, whether the individual is using medication. Sapphire Hair Clinic pays attention to this stage. The clinic does not want to risk the health of individuals. If the individual has a chronic condition, he or she should get a report from his doctor for hair transplantation. After the necessary examinations are done and the individual is deemed suitable for hair transplantation, the day and time for the procedure are determined. At the same time, a personalized hair transplantation plan is created. When the time comes, the hair is cut in a special room prepared beforehand. The hair transplantation process is started according to the plan after cutting. The most basic stages of the hair transplantation operation are as follows:

    • Determination of the hairline for hair transplantation
    • Getting the hair ready for the operation
    • Application of local anesthesia
    • Collecting hair roots
    • Opening grooves for hair follicles
    • Placement of hair follicles in the grooves
    • Dressing

    In order for hair transplantation to be natural and successful, the hairline must be carefully determined. If an error is made in the line, new hair will not grow correctly and naturalness cannot be achieved. Sapphire Hair Clinic acts very carefully at this stage and determines the hairline. After the hairline is determined, the hair is made ready for the operation. The hair that needs to be cut is cut at this stage and the area is cleaned. The area to be transplanted is anesthetized with a special anesthesia pen. After the transplantation area is ready, hair roots are taken one by one with the help of a micromotor. The collected hair follicles are arranged in glass containers with sterile solution. Grooves are opened for the placement of the hair follicles. The hair follicles are placed into the opened grooves. After the process is completed the area is dressed.

    Every stage of the hair transplantation operation is important. No mistakes must be made at any stage. The individual who wants to have a hair transplantation should be informed in detail and kept under constant follow-up. Sapphire Hair Clinic conducts detailed interviews with all patients who come for hair transplantation. The team, which evaluates the follow-up process after the operation in the best way, performs the most special works for 100% satisfaction. Sapphire Hair Clinic, which always acts in line with the plan and program, has become the address of successful hair transplantation.

    How much does hair transplantation cost?

    Hair transplantation is the transfer of hair follicles from the donor area determined by experts in the field to the balding area. Transplantation cannot be performed by taking the roots one by one. At this point, the grafts come into play and allow the transplantation to take place. A graft is a structure that contains skin along with hair follicles. It is the ratio of skin that determines the number of hair follicles in grafts taken for transplantation. More than one hair follicle can be available. Although the first hair transplantation trials were carried out by the Germans in the 1800s, information about hair transplantation emerged in the 1900s. The techniques used from that period to the present continue to be renewed by different ways with the developing technology.
    One of the most main reasons for the need for hair transplantation is common baldness in men. In addition, hair loss plays a major role in the emergence of the need for hair transplantation. Hair loss occurs due to many different reasons. We can list a few of them as follows:

    • Genetic factors
    • Dermatological problems
    • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies
    • Medication or chemotherapy processes
    • Birth
    • Internal diseases
    • Use of cosmetic products
    • Stress and depression
    Hair loss experienced as a result of these listed reasons often causes negative effects on people's lives. It has been determined that men and women alike are affected in some way.

    Studies reveal that hair loss had a negative impact and self-confidence was damaged. Although this problem, which is mostly seen in men, is rarely seen in women, its psychological impact occur frequently. Although different drugs and methods have been developed to resolve this situation, the most effective and definite solution stands out as hair transplantation. Among the hair transplantation techniques that have been renewed within the scope of technological developments, the three main techniques used by Sapphire Hair Clinic, which is frequently preferred, are as follows:

    • Full and Natural Hair with Sapphire FUE
    • Unshaved and Fuller Hair with DHI Hair Transplantation
    • Classical FUE Technique

    As a result of the clinical researches and the applications made by Sapphire Hair Clinic, the methods that show the highest and fastest solution are among the current techniques. In the Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method, grooves are opened and grafts are placed into the opened grooves. In the past, tools such as punch or scalpel used during these processes have been replaced by glass pens with special tips. While this change reduces the risk of the procedure, it also ensures that it is healthier. In addition to not causing scars or incision marks, the healing process occurs much faster. In the DHI hair transplant method, donor areas are determined together with the number of grafts to be transplanted as a result of the analysis made with the help of a computer. Local anesthesia is applied in the areas where the procedure will be performed and the transplantation is started with the determined implant pens. The healing process is faster with this method than conventional methods. Another advantage is that there is no need for any groove opening during this process. The use of disposable materials also supports a healthy method. No incisions are made in the classical FUE hair transplant method. Therefore, scar formation is not observed and the areas where the procedure is performed can quickly return to their previous state. This method is the most successful technique among other techniques with a success rate of ninety-five percent. Although hair transplantation may seem like an easy aesthetic operation, it is an issue that should be considered in terms of health. Care must be taken to ensure that the people who will perform this process are experts in their fields and professional in practice. Another important issue is that the setup where hair transplantation will be performed has hygienic conditions. You should ask any questions you might have. Getting the necessary information before and after the procedure will contribute to your comfort throughout the process. Sapphire Hair Clinic, which has a very assertive and reliable name in the sector performs its operations in hygienic hospital conditions with its professional team in command of the working area. In addition, the procedures applied are not limited to hair transplantation. Transplantation is also carried out for listless beards and moustaches. In addition, transplantation is also performed for eyebrows that shape the face by changing the look and expression. This technical diversity available in hair transplantation also affects pricing. The selected center, the technique to be applied and the different services offered are directly reflected in the costs. In addition to hair transplantation, the centers have a wide range of services including the arrival and accommodation processes of their customers. The controls that need to be done at regular intervals and the products that need to be used after the process are within the scope of the service. The surest way to get a clear price is to contact a specialist physician. As a result of this meeting, the cost of the procedure will emerge with the determination of the hair loss rate and the number of grafts. When calculating the cost, finding the right address where the right techniques are used and achieving the result at once will be an approach that saves the budget. Otherwise, having a hair transplantation with a technique the reliability and result of which has not been proven will generate an extra cost if the procedure fails. Hair transplantation carried out for the protection of holistic health can cause irreversible results as well as financial damage as a result of erroneous applications. This can cause your health to deteriorate by adversely affecting psychological recovery. Choosing leading companies such as Sapphire Hair Clinic for this important procedure that affects your health and aesthetic appearance as a result of a large-scale research, which are well-established, reliable and where the work and costs coincide, will provide you with the highest benefit in a comfortable way.

    How much does a hair transplantation cost?

    Many individuals who are considering hair transplantation have questions about the cost of the operation. Prices differ in many sectors as well as in the field of hair transplantation. The most important reason for this is that various factors that determine prices differ. Therefore, hair transplantation prices vary according to each center and it is impossible to talk about a single price. Each individual can choose a hair transplantation center by considering different criteria with their own studies and investigations. When we evaluate the current prices, factors such as technological differences, brand value, sometimes reference patients and location come to the fore. In this case, it is difficult to say that more successful results are obtained in hair transplantation centers that charge a fee or that cost-effective centers deliver unsuccessful results. Unfortunately, there is no single and definite price standard in the field of hair transplantation. There are many variables that affect the price policy. Especially the effect of the number of hair follicles (grafts) to be transplanted is effective. After the clarification of this number, the determination of the method to be transplanted and the cost of hair transplantation and additional services cause the prices to vary from center to center and from patient to patient. Due to all these reasons we have stated, it is important to contact the clinics to get the most accurate information. After you contact the clinics, an analysis will be made for you. As a result of this analysis, the number of roots to be planted and the technique to be used are decided with a special plan for you. As a result, a special cost calculation is made for you. It is not possible for hair transplantation centers to quote a price without a special analysis for you, and any quoted prices will not constitute a solid data. You can follow seasonal campaigns in the region where you are doing your study and investigation before hair transplantation planning, especially in big cities, and evaluate the competitive environment in your favor. Before a hair transplantation, if you want to do a preliminary research on the price, you should consider the following issues. Be wary of prices quoted for hair transplantation, which are much lower or much higher than average prices, Remember that issues such as a warranty certificate can increase the price because health issues can never have a warranty certificate, It is worth paying attention to the fact that a single price application approach based on the number of hair follicles can be commercial, Generally, the most complained issue is the high-priced shampoo sales after the procedure. It is always useful to talk and agree before making your final decision on this subject. Do an accurate research on the necessity of this application and question whether this process is for your health or with a commercial concern.

    How much does an organic hair transplantation cost?

    The difference of organic hair transplantation and a regular transplantation is that it is performed by using stem cell injection prepared from the individual's own adipose tissue. One of the most important factors in hair transplantation is to make the transplant area suitable. The healthier and better quality the area to be transplanted is, the higher the success rate in hair transplantation.
    Organic hair transplantation has many advantages. It offers high efficiency for the patient to have healthier and fuller hair after the operation. As a result of the preparation of the area to be transplanted, the hair follicles adapt more easily to the skin and the recovery process after transplantation is very rapid. First, the adipose tissue of the candidate for hair transplantation is analyzed in a laboratory and cell replication is carried out under the control of experts. The tissue enriched in stem cells is injected into the area to be transplanted, ensuring that the area is efficient. This process has many other benefits. These are: This process is completely natural and no chemicals need to be injected,
    Since stem cells are obtained from the patient's own adipose tissue, there are no side effects.
    Providing nutrition to the hair follicles of people who have not yet experienced hair loss enables their hair to become stronger and healthier, 96% positive results are achieved in the hair transplantation process,
    Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted before the operation. After this procedure, grooves are opened in accordance with the angle of hair growth and hair follicles. Organic hair transplantation is much easier and more comfortable for both the patient and the doctor. These reasons have made it a frequently preferred procedure today.
    This application is more costly than the other applications because it supports hair transplantation and its efficiency is even higher. However, it would be better to decide to prioritize health rather than cost. The price varies according to the physician performing the application, the place where the transplantation is made and the number of roots to be transplanted. Therefore, the most accurate information can be reached after a one-on-one interview with your doctor. Protection Status