Breast Augmentation Turkey

About Treatment
Average length of stay 5 Days
Length of stay in hospital 1 Day
Operation duration 4-6 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery duration Duration 2 Weeks

Breast Augmentation Turkey

Breast Augmentation Turkey The breasts are the body parts where every young woman or young girl wants to look distinctly feminine. A right size bust makes a woman more confident. Excessively small and irregular breasts cast a shadow over femininity in time, manifesting a situation that creates a confidence problem in women. Breasts that grow especially during adolescence remain at a certain size since they will not grow after 18 years of age. Women who want full and large breast want to have breast augmentation operations over time. This has no disadvantages and many positive sides to it. It is an occasion to renew self-confidence, especially in married life. Furthermore, it brings appeal and attractiveness. Outfits look better. One of the breasts, the volume of which has deteriorated as a result of adolescence and excessive weight gain and loss during pregnancy, may be small and the other larger. Breasts that that are disproportionately asymmetric may look increasingly saggy and unattractive. Breast surgery, which is among the most preferred form of plastic surgery performed to eliminate such problems, gives women the desirable image they want. The realization of these surgeries in a very short time, the fact that the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day without the need for hospitalization, and completing the process without experiencing pain, are some of the advantages of the operation. Many women carry out breast enlargement procedures at home using their own methods. Although women who do it regularly are successful sometimes, the desired image cannot be obtained in general. In other words, it is not possible to achieve full, perky and voluptuous breasts with various creams or massages applied at home.

Additional supplements can achieve a lifting effect over time. However, all irregular procedures cannot achieve results.

The Beauty of full and voluptuous breasts

Full breasts, which play a psychological and psychosocial role at first, become a serious sexual issue over time. Breast augmentation  turkery surgery, which is among the most preferred and performed aesthetic operations in recent years, have become increasingly popular. Rapid recovery after the procedure, ability to resume regular life and the return of lost self confidence are some of the important advantages. Technically, aesthetic surgeries performed in the hospital environment are carried out by placing prostheses into slots at the desired level above or below the muscle. Stitches are usually absorbable ones. After the operation, the patient is put to bed with pressure gauze or a corset. This procedure is applied just in case and takes 2 days in total. No dressing is required during this period or at the end and the breasts of the required size are revealed. Subsequently, regular exercises can be continued. Sports can be done. You can also start doing your daily chores. In addition to all of these, your self-confidence has been renewed and your femininity will be more prominent.

Breast Aesthetics

Breast enhancement aesthetics, which is one of the most important operations, is one of the areas that attract the attention of women and they have most frequently asked questions. In general, the steps to be considered in several ways are as follows:

  • Prostheses used in breast augmentation procedures are safe and will not cause problems over time.
  • The rib cage and nipple problems can be corrected during plastic surgery.
  • Tumor or cyst problems that may exist in the breasts are detected before the aesthetic procedure and procedure is done accordingly. Thus, the operation is completed without any problems.

In general, augmentation procedures are preferred in breast aesthetics and they are problem free. Of course, this is not valid for under the counter procedures carried out outside hospitals. Since this is a procedure that must be done with a specialist surgeon, you should definitely choose the right place from the start. It will be particularly beneficial to keep in touch with your doctor before and after the procedure to avoid any problems.  After the operation, you can travel, do sports, swim. You can also do your daily work. Wearing a corset for a certain period, especially during the first 10 days will enable you to use a solid prosthesis in the future. Voluptuous breasts are a desirable and psychologically safe tool that emphasize the femininity of women and give them self confidence. Especially outfits worn by many celebrities on social media and their full and voluptuous breasts attract the attention of women more than men. This is precisely the reason why all women who have undergone breast augmentation operations get positive results. It appears that breast surgery will become even more popular in the next years with the positive results of those who have had it. Breast augmentation surgery, which enables outfits to fit better, enhances self confidence and personal grooming is the most common of aesthetic surgeries. Although some creams or massages have some benefits in terms of augmentation, the fact is that without plastic surgery the desired result cannot be achieved. The breasts can be large but the surface fullness and perkiness do not add up. In short, a breast augmentation operation must be done with the best aesthetic surgery by a specialist.


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