After hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant patients are very curious to know the answer of the common question that is how long the time need for a proper and healthy hair growth after hair transplant surgery.  To be very frank, that’s the hard thing for hair transplant patients because most of the people want the immediate gratification.

Sadly, you should keep patience for the best results. Sometimes, after the hair transplant, some red bumps or scratchy pimples or any wound appear on the scalp due to any foreign infection. In this case, the hair growth process will slow down. You should immediately consult with the hair transplant surgeon to cure this problem. If there is no harmful and dangerous side effects appear after the surgery, then the transplant hair grafts starts to grow in about 12 to 16 weeks.

After three and four months of the surgery, the hair will start growing at least half inch per month. But, you will see proper full growth after ten to twelve months. The transplanted hair grafts can continuously grow after twelve months and the hair growth will improve after 15 months. Don’t panic or worried because it is normal and the hair will grow just like the natural normal hair.

Remember that, the starting first month is very difficult and hard for the hair transplant patient. Because the patient can’t see any growth and most of the people freak out and ask to their surgeon that what will happen next? But, you should have some patience your hair will grow with the passage of time.


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