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Lip Filler, Face Filling Turkey

About Aesthetic Lip and Face Filling

Technological applications developed in the field of medicine brought many innovations in terms of filling injections. Face filling applications are one of the most frequently used aesthetic methods for skin aesthetics. Facial fillings, which provide special solutions for many different areas on the face and are generally applied using hyaluronic acid-based ingredients, are used effectively on the face of the person to eliminate the adverse impact of both environmental factors and aging.

Why are Lip and Facial Fillers needed?

Due to the dynamic structure of the human face, various wrinkles, lines and sagging occur in the skin of the person’s face, depending on the effects of time, genetic factors and environmental factors as a result of mimics connected to the muscles in the facial region. One of the prominent treatment methods for such undesirable elements in the face is aesthetic fillings. These flaws in the facial area can be corrected with fillers injected into the lower part of the skin. Wrinkles on the skin are eliminated with facial fillings, hollows on the face are filled, asymmetrical conditions can be corrected in the nasal region, the volume of cheekbones can be increased and the face can be shaped as desired, and lips can be made fuller and more attractive.

Why are Lip and Facial Fillers a necessity?

In expert, experienced hands and made with quality materials (see: Hyaluronic Acid), after a face and lip filling application, which is an extremely easy, comfortable and effortless aesthetic application the face is naturally refreshed and rejuvenated face without any telltale traces of the application. Lip filler, face filling turkey, istanbul applications are especially effective for under eye lines and dark circles, dark areas and wrinkles around the nose, crow’s feet area, hollow cheeks while  Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronan) based lip fillers are used for lip filling and eliminating wrinkles around the lip area.

Which areas in the face are filled?

  • Lines between the nose-cheeks-lips
  • Cheeks, on the cheekbones (for volume)
  • Marionette lines that descend from the lower lip corner
  • Fine lines around the eyes, forehead, eyebrows,
  • Wrinkles on the cheeks, above the lips,
  • Volumize the lips
  • Eliminate hollowness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Eliminate hollowness, deep acne scars, chicken pox scars on the face
  • It can be applied to the nasal area as non-surgical nose aesthetics.

Full lips have been the symbol of beauty and aesthetics throughout history. Some people can naturally have thin lips, while sometimes lips thin with reasons such as age, the menopause. This problem can be corrected by surgical and non-surgical methods. In operative methods, fat from another area is injected into the lips. However, the limited permanency of this method, the need for repetition has steered us to fillers that are much easier to apply.

Lip Filling Application

Full lips have been the symbol of beauty and aesthetics throughout history. Some people can naturally have thin lips, while sometimes lips thin with reasons such as age, the menopause. This problem can be corrected by surgical and non-surgical methods. In operative methods, fat from another area is injected into the lips.

In previous years, lip silicone was applied to the lips for lip filling, however this has been abandoned in the present day because silicone was not considered to be a suitable substance for lips. Lip contouring and lip aesthetics (lip thickening, enlarging, filling) can be made more prominent especially by injections into the red and white line of the lips. Also, the aesthetic appearance of the lip is improved by injections into the lip mucosa and philtrum.

Although hyaluronic acid containing preparations are frequently used, fillers containing hydroxyapatite can also be used. The fact that the lip area is a mobile area makes this area a bit more disadvantageous. For this reason, many firms have generated special forms with increased stabilization such as lip and kiss. I personally prefer to use hyaluronic acid based fillings on the lips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Filling Is the Lip Filling Application Painful / does it hurt?

Pain is minimal during application, the filling material I prefer also includes a local anesthetic. Therefore, pain is minimal. There will be slight swelling after the lip filling. After 1 week, the filling will spread homogeneously throughout the lips.

What are the substances used in lip filling?

The materials used in this area are fillers such as Teosyal Kiss, Restylane, Rofilan, Varioderm, Surgiderm, Reviderm, Radiesse, Puragen. However, you should consult your doctor which of these is the most effective.

Lip Filler Prices What determines the price of Lip Fillers?

The main determining factor in lip filler prices is the type, quantity and quality of the filling material used. In addition, your doctor’s opinion also plays a role in determining lip filling prices.

Face Filling Application What Fillers are Applied to the Face?

Fillings that can be applied to the face, cheek area are generally divided into 3 according to their structure and permanence.

Temporary face fillers

Semi Permanent Fillings (Fillings that are Temporary but last a Little Longer)

Permanent Fillings

Temporary Face Fillers – Temporary Cheek Fillers

This group of fillers contain hyaluronic acid. These fillings have different preparation names according to the amount of hyaluronic acid they contain, their cross-link ratio and stabilization. These fillings stay put for 6-12 months. Their permanence varies depending on the brand and quality of the filling. While good quality fillings can remain in place for 6-8 months, low quality fillings can disappear in 3-4 months.

About Hyaluronic Acid

This filling group is the most applied filling type in practice. It is easy to apply and causes very little swelling. You can immediately see the result and continue your daily life. How many fillers you  need will be determined after the examination depending on the condition of your cheeks or face.

Which Fillers Are Hyaluronic Acid Based?

Some fillers containing hyaluronic acid are Teosyal, Restylane, Surgiderm, Juvederm, Puragen, İdea Regenyal, R- Fill, Reviderm, Renofill, Prevelle, Pherfecta, Revanesse, Redexis, Estelis, Fortelis Extra, Perlane.

Semi Permanent Fillers

This group of fillers is completely temporary in fillings and their active ingredients are different. Accordingly, the durability periods are longer. Although their effectiveness is claimed to be up to 3 years, in practice, their effectiveness is possible for up to 1.5 years. These fillings are very common and practical to use.

Which Fillers are included in the Semi Permanent Filler Category?

This group includes fillings such as Radiesse, Scupltra, Beautical, Evolence, Cymetra.

Permanent Fillings

These fillings retain their structure and do not deteriorate when they enter the body. Sometimes capsule tissue can form around the filling and as a result, they can remain in place for life. These fillings are less preferred than other fillings.

Which Fillers are in the Permanent Filler Category?

Bioalcamid, Artecoll, Aquamid, Aphrodite, Artefill are examples of permanent facial fillings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Face and Lip Filling Is Aesthetic Filling an Easy Process?

No, unlike Botox, this application does not stop the muscles from moving, you can gesture as always. Only wrinkles are reduced or smoothed.

Is Testing Required Before a Filling Procedure?

Tests are not required for hyaluronic acid based fillings or fillings such as radiesse. These substances are not allergens. They can be applied immediately. However, some permanent collagen-containing fillers can require testing.

Who is not suitable for Face and Lip Fillers?

Facial and lip filling procedure is not applied to pregnant and lactating women, patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy for allergic conditions, patients receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment for various reasons, patients who have a condition or infection in the skin in the filling area and cancer patients.

What side effects and hazards can be incurred by aesthetic filling?

Facial and lip fillings can cause partial redness, swelling and slight bruising (ecchymosis) in the application areas of the patient. The rashes on the skin disappear within a very short time on the same day after the filling application. It is normal to see edema (swelling) on the skin one day after application and this condition improves spontaneously after a short time. Any possible side effects that may occur after the application are temporary.

Minimizing or even completely eliminating any side effects in face and lip filling applications depends primarily on the experience of the surgeon performing the application and the quality of the filling.

What determines the price of Fill 2024?

The price of face filling and lip filling processes depends on the brand of the filling used and the volume of the application area. One filling can be sufficient for a patient’s wrinkle while 2-3 fillings may be inadequate for another patient. This directly affects the price. You need to be examined by your doctor to determine the filling price that is applicable to you.


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