Hair Transplant Procedure

About Treatment
Average length of stay None
Length of stay in hospital None
Operation duration 6-8 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Recovery duration 1-7 Days

A hair transplant procedure doesn’t only refer to hair transplant surgery. Instead, the process is made out of a series of different tasks and activities related to hair transplantation. 

With Turkey becoming the biggest hair transplantation center globally, more and more people travel to this country for the procedure. Besides world-class service and premium-quality results, Turkish hair transplantation clinics offer some of the best price deals. 

If you’re thinking about having a hair transplant in Turkey, here you can learn everything about the required steps in the Sapphire Hair Clinic, one of the leading hair clinics in Turkey. 

1. Consultation 

Consultation is the first step of every procedure. Clients typically approach the clinic and provide essential information about their condition. Then, the Sapphire Hair Clinic team members schedule a free consultation for interested clients to further discuss the procedure options and possibilities with a specialist. The consultation can be organized in-person or online, depending on where the client resides. 

Clients discuss their hair loss condition, what caused it, and what they expect from the procedure during the consultation. The surgeon will need up-close pictures of the potential donor area and all the balding areas to find the best solution for every client. 

2. Arrival 

Sapphire Hair Clinic will ensure you arrive at your destination comfortably and safely. A team member will wait for you at the airport, and you’ll get an organized transfer from the Istanbul airport to the clinic and hotel. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about organizing your trip or managing yourself in a foreign country. The helpful and resourceful team will be here to answer all your questions and help you arrive at the clinic. 

3. Preparation 

Once you arrive at your destination, it’s necessary to properly prepare for the hair transplant surgery. The surgeon will thoroughly examine your hair follicles and run all the required tests to ensure you’re fit for surgery. 

Additionally, the surgeon will want to discuss further details about your hair transplant. From finding the best procedure out of all hair transplant operations to determining the exact number of grafts, some multiple aspects and factors must be discussed before surgery. 

4. Procedure 

Once the preparation is complete, it’s time for the procedure. Sapphire Hair Clinic offers several advanced hair transplantation procedures their clients can choose from. 

The FUE technique is among the most popular ones as it offers multiple benefits to the clients, including minimal trauma, no stitches, and the opportunity to detect hair growth direction. 

This technique requires the loosening of hairs with a micromotor, after which the grafts can be taken out more easily. The grafts are placed in the previously made incisions across the recipient area. The grafts are kept in a nutrient solution while the implantation process lasts. 

With the Sapphire FUE method, the clients can experience a faster healing process, and the surgeons can implant a more natural hair growth direction. The tool with this precious stone can open the channels quickly and ensure the smooth implantation of follicular units

Whichever FUE hair transplant tool you or your surgeon goes with, the pain-free process and impressive results are guaranteed. 

Another option is to go with a DHI hair transplant. As one of the current hair transplantation methods, DHI doesn’t require incisions, unlike the FUE methods. Namely, the procedure is completed with a Choi pen, which simultaneously makes incisions and implants the hair grafts. 

All procedures are done under local anesthesia to supply patients with comfort and relaxation. 

5. Follow-up 

Once your procedure is finished, your surgeon will inform you about how the procedure went. You’ll also receive tips and pieces of advice on how to take care of your hair, alongside unique hair care products. 

This is when the surgeon will provide you with further information regarding the expected hair growth. In most cases, this entire regrowth process can last 9-12 months. 

The surgeon will shortly examine the transplanted hair area to ensure everything went according to plan. 

6. Departure 

The services of Sapphire hair transplants don’t stop here. Because your hair transplant in Turkey ends where it began, the clinic will organize a transfer from the hotel to the airport. That way, Sapphire ensures all of its patients have a pleasant stay in Istanbul, Turkey

With these premium services, not only will you be impressed with hair transplantation results but with the overall organization too. 


Sapphire is the hair clinic you’ll want to go to for all hair transplantation procedures. The highly-experienced and skilled team will find the best solution for every patient. Moreover, the advanced equipment will grant top-quality results with minimal pain. Book your consultation with the Sapphire Hair Clinic and get a free quote today! 


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