BBL Turkey, Istanbul

About Treatment
Average length of stay 5 Days
Length of stay in hospital 1 Day
Operation duration 4-6 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery duration Duration 2 Weeks

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Turkey

New Application Studies in Aesthetics

” Butt Aesthetics ” is the name of the most preferred procedure in which the coordination of  technological technical tools and medical specialist science is applied to lift and shape butts with  surgery. As a process step of bbl turkey, patients need to research the technical and clinical features of the correct method thoroughly as well as the price and treatment process time interval.

  • Patients are very curious about butt aesthetics; they want to know whether the procedures are followed diligently and whether these services are a functional medical practice within the scope of specialist general practitioners, technical support and coordination units. Butt aesthetics is especially popular with those who enjoy the beach sector, touristic areas, swimwear, bikinis and beaches.
  • BBL Turkey, Istanbul is the focal point of everyone from housewives to models, from artists to estheticians, all women who are keen and enthusiastic about aesthetics. Careful monitoring and coordination of the operations and surgical processes, which continue as butt aesthetics, regain a technical dimension as a process stage, enabling women to follow and monitor these practices more thoroughly.
  • Brazilian butt lift (bbl) increases the mass and potential of everyone who is a follower and enthusiast day by day with correct aesthetic surgery methods for women, clinical technical support units and convenient payment opportunities. Butt aesthetics is one of the leading planning processes in which surgical interventions and stages develop rapidly. Butt aesthetics is generally carried out in 3 stages.
  • These stages are first: The patient’s own fat tissue is taken from the adipose mass and injected into the hip area, 2.: The silicone butt prosthesis is inserted into the patient while the process is planned in a coordinated manner and monitored under the supervision of a specialist, 3. : The butt is lifted, erected with the suspension method and volume is added.
  • Performing each procedure of butt aesthetics with different systems and method techniques, the increasing operation of the technical unit and coordinated tool system, are among the topics that patients and all women are especially concerned about. The butt aesthetic process becomes even more functional with the buttocks perked up with fat injection and gaining a voluptuous appearance and a more esthetic appearance with the assistance of a ready silicone implant.
  • What enthusiasts prioritize about butt aesthetics is that the procedures are carried out without delay, the clinical infrastructure and coordination units are of superior technical quality, modern equipment is used and the system is successfully executed.
  • Brazilian butt lift (bbl) as a surgical procedure has other process analysis steps that patients need to know in terms of their involvement in the process of activity and operation, and their effective involvement in medical science in all respects. Anesthesia, local or general, surgery time and time interval between 120-150 minutes, maximum hospital stay as 1 day is viewed as a framework surgery operation plan in the process.
  • The daily restructuring of butt aesthetic studies, following up on update processes as a new process priority and service principle, is the basis for more procedures and expertise within the scope. It is not a health area that we frequently encounter in terms of butt aesthetics. The enthusiastic audience is an elite group that does not show much sensitivity to the normal development area in terms of price and capacity and is more interested aesthetic concerns.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to extend and strengthen the brand and advertisement perception as well as mass success graphics for middle and lower income groups. Buttock aesthetics is viewed as process planning with a comprehensive functional integrity.

Operation Process and Technical Support Team Privilege

The use of technical support unit procedures for fast operation of butt aesthetics studies and for patients to have their controls after each session continues to be a contemporary issue as a technical presentation with the effective service policy that clinics and hospitals prioritize. Aesthetic service consisting of fats extracted from the knees and specific leg areas and injecting it around the hips as filling depending on the way and method the patient has chosen to be included in the aesthetic process and work is considered as one of the most important process steps.

  • This working process and visionary working principle, which has been preserving its current status as butt aesthetics, has created a very important ground in terms of disinfection processes and performing the procedure process in a clean area. The convenience of a technical support unit, mobile access opportunity and the combination of features that provide all kinds of clinical service convenience together is one of the most important principles of expertise for all medical centers that deliver aesthetics studies and butt aesthetics technical communication support unit facilitation.
  • The way and method of conducting butt aesthetic studies in a hygienic environment, active participation in the process and going through the aesthetic operation process that patients can choose safely are the most important intra-process studies and priorities. As a surgical application, butt aesthetics continues to be treated as the latest wonder of technological medical science, which rapidly transmits brand perception and advertising to its followers.

How much does a BBL cost in Turkey?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) prices in Turkey might vary significantly depending on the reputation of the clinic, the skill of the surgeon, the clinic’s location, the amenities offered, and other unique characteristics of the treatment. Furthermore, rates might fluctuate over time, so it’s critical to speak with several clinics to obtain precise and recent pricing information.

BBL operations in Turkey could cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 or more on average. Remember that this is only a rough estimate, and that depending on the aforementioned factors, the actual cost may be greater or lower.

If you’re thinking about getting a BBL in Turkey, I suggest getting in touch with a few trustworthy clinics or surgeons to receive tailored quotes and more recent cost details. Also, keep in mind that choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon is essential for attaining the greatest results with the fewest risks. Prioritize quality and safety of the treatment over cost alone.


BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

With BBL Turkey – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey, people can have the disproportionate parts of their body fixed and have a propionate body. It is possible to make the buttocks lift with fat injections and various fillings.

Having very flat and droopy looking buttocks due to genetic conditions is an indicator that you need BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift .

Fat injection is the most preferred and safe process. Prostheses and fillings are not preferred much because it may not be fitting for everyone. It can show positive results but fat injection allows the person to have more advantages.

The injection of fat taken from the waist or stomach into the buttocks, helps the body have a completely positive appearance.

BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift  or butt lift, positively affects the person’s body. It is possible for flat or droopy buttocks to be fixed with BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift . With BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift , the person can give their body a proportionate appearance.

The person’s body shape becomes more prominent and the term hourglass may now apply to the person.

Having this operation that has more than one process helps the body positively. The buttocks look more firm, prominent and round with BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey. Many people have benefitted from this operation and got a proportionate body and buttocks.

When do you need BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey – Istanbul ?

If you have flat buttocks due to genetic compliances,

If you gain and lose weight fast and have droopy buttocks,

If you have flat or droopy buttocks because of your age, you can have aesthetic buttocks and a proportionate body with BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift .

Due to geneti c conditions, the person’s buttocks may seem too flat. It is possible to make buttocks seem more prominent with fat injection, prostheses and fillings.

The most preferred method in BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift  is fat injection. Taking fat from one area of the body and injecting into the buttock allows the person to kill two birds with one stone.

Taking fat from other areas positively affects those areas and allows the buttocks to be fixed therefore the person goes through two cosmetic surgeries at once. That’s why many people prefer fat injection.

There are various fillings and prostheses that allow the buttocks to be lifted.It is possible to lift the butt with prostheses’ and fillings.

It is possible for people who have flat buttocks due to genetic compliances to have positive results from these processes.

Seeing positive results from these processes is an indicator that they can be preferred. The person’s buttocks become more prominent and more aesthetic with the BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift  operation. This change also helps self confidence.

What are the alternatives in BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • Fat injection
  • Filling
  • Prostheses

There are three alternatives for the buttocks to acquire an aesthetic appearance. The most preferred one is fat injection. It is possible for multiple parts of the person’s body to acquire an aesthetic appearance.

BBL Turkey It is easily preferred as the body acquires this appearance using the person’s own body fat. It is possible to have an aesthetic appearance with fat injection.

It helps the person get the most out of the operation for a longer time.

Fat injection helps the person have an aesthetic appearance up to 1,5-2 years. It is possible to lengthen this time if the operation is repeated.

Various fillings changes the person’s buttocks and makes them more prominent. The injection of the fat into the buttocks causes the buttocks to look more round. The duration of the filling is long and effective. This way, it is possible to make the buttocks look more round.

Because it is possible to make the buttocks look the preferred way in a short time, many people have been able to benefit from BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift . Having the buttocks more prominent, is important in a way that it helps the person’s whole body aesthetic.

As with mammoplasty, there are special made prostheses for buttocks. These prostheses are firmer than the ones used in mammoplasty. This firmness matches the firmness of the buttocks.

This way it becomes possible for the person to have more realistic and prominent buttocks. The person’s buttocks become more round, soft, prominent and aesthetic. This can be achieved with prostheses.

Making the buttocks look more prominent and soft and have a more striking look is some of the advantages of prostheses. The use of prostheses is the third most preferred method. The most preferred method is fat injection.

How is BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey operation done?

BBL Turkey – Istanbul It is possible to make the buttocks look more aesthetic with three alternatives. These are fat injection, filling and prostheses.

Fat injection is where an appropriate amount of fat is taken from the body. This method, also known as liposuction, helps the person benefit from this operation greatly and allows to buttocks to have a more aesthetic appearance.

In BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey with fat injection, the buttocks look more prominent.

BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Istanbul  is done this way and the person is able to have the appearance they desire. Fat injection is one of the most preferred methods.

With fat injection, the person is able to get the excess fat in their body transferred into the buttocks and it becomes possible to have more prominent proportions.

BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift  or butt lift can also be done with filling. It is possible for the injected filling to make the buttocks look prominent.

The buttocks look more round and prominent, and it’s possible to get rid of the flat appearance. BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift  is done this way and the person is able to get the appearance they desire.

People who get fillings are able to have the appearance they desire in a short time. The appearance of the buttocks become more aesthetic and the person is able to benefit from the operation. BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift  affects the person’s social life positively.

The person has no trouble picking clothes, and look more fit. Looking more fit is possible especially with fat injection and many people prefer this method.

Filling operation with prosthesis causes a space to open on the top of the buttocks. The prostheses are placed after a cut has been made. The prostheses used in BBL Turkey – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey are similar to ones used in mammoplasty.

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey The ones made for BBL Turkey – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey  are more firm. This way, the person is able to get the looks they want. After the prostheses are placed, the area is stitched close. This way, the person is able to look the way they want and pick their clothes more comfortably.

What are the advantages of BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is possible to have a more aesthetic, round and prominent look.

Getting rid of the flat appearance is possible with BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift .

It becomes possible to choose clothes more comfortably and have more prominent buttocks.

After BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift , the person becomes more confident and fit.

With fat fillings, the person is able to get rid of the excess fat in other areas.

It is possible for the clothes look more aesthetic.

It becomes possible to get rid of flat buttocks, have an aesthetic body shape and a proportionate body.

All these advantages allow the person to benefit greatly from the operation. In cases of gaining and losing weight fast, old age, flat buttocks and genetic complications droopiness and flat look is fixed with BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift .

The fact that the person can get their desired body shape is the reason this operation is preferred.

Many people have gotten their desired shape and this has affected their social life positively.

Because it is possible for the social life to be affected positively, this operation is easily preferred.

Wearing the desired clothes become possible with glutaoplasty. The buttocks don’t look flat, instead they look more prominent and round.

Many eople have flat buttocks due to genetic complications, accidents or gaining and losing weight fast. Especially for slim people this becomes very annoying.

With gluteoplast, people are able to get the body shape they want.

There are three alternatives based on the person’s need and body shape. The operation is done with whichever is suitable.

The morst preferred and safe method is fat injection. With fat injection, the person is able to get rid of the excess fat in other areas. This way while achieving the desired look, the person gets a proportionate body.

Having flat buttocks makes people lose their self confidence. Not being able to wear the clothes they want and having a disproportionate body due to flat buttocks brings many problems along.

With BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift , people are able to get a more lifted and full look. It is possible for the buttocks to look more lifted and aesthetic with fillings, prostheses and fat injection.

Flat buttocks are seen especially on very thin people. Usually prostheses or fillings are applied to these people.

With prostheses and fillings, it becomes possible for the buttocks to look more lifted, prominent and aesthetic. This way, the person gets the look they want.

Is it possible to have a permanent look with fat injections?

BBL Turkey – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey with fat injection is the safest and most preferred method.

The look lasts for up to 1,5-2 years. After 1,5-2 years, reserving fat again helps for a more permanent and proportionate look.

That’s why this method is preferred. Even though the look is not permanent for life, it is possible to have an aesthetic look for 2 years and then achieving this look again. It becomes possible for the reserved fat to be transferred again.

Because it is possible for the fat to be lost in 1,5-2 years, another reserve process is needed.

It’s not possible to have a permanent look, because the buttocks are used excessively. It’s difficult to have a permanent look because the person sits and gets up often. That’s why people prefer fat injection and both get rid of excess fat and transfer the excess fat every 2 years.

Transferring the excess and non-aesthetic fat helps the person gain self confidence and have a proportionate body. In addition to this, fat injection is considered to be the healthiest and risk free process.

How much would a BBL cost in Turkey?

The cost of BBL in Turkey is between $2,800 and $4,500. You also take into account other costs such as anaesthesia, aftercare and hospital days. Many people come to Turkey for plastic surgery because our doctors are among the best in the world. The cost of many plastic surgeries is much lower than in other worlds.

Is BBL cheap in Turkey?

In comparison to many Western nations, BBL operations are sometimes thought to be more cheap in Turkey. Due to its cheaper pricing for a variety of cosmetic and medical treatments, including the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Turkey has become more and more well-known as a medical tourism destination.

The quality and safety of the process should remain be the top priorities, despite the fact that BBL procedures in Turkey may be more affordable than in certain other nations. To make sure you receive the right medical attention and attain the desired results with the fewest hazards, it’s crucial to do your homework and pick a renowned and qualified surgeon and clinic.

Prices for BBL operations can vary significantly in Turkey, so it is advised to compare quotes from various clinics, find out about their credentials, read reviews from previous clients, and make sure you fully comprehend what is included in any suggested costs. It’s a good idea to get the most recent information from clinics or medical professionals since pricing can change over time.

Which country has the cheapest BBL?

Compared to many Western nations, cosmetic treatments like the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) are frequently less expensive in the following nations:

  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Thailand India
  • Republic of the Dominica

Please be aware, however, that the price of a BBL or other cosmetic operation can differ significantly depending on a number of variables, including the location, the standing of the clinic and surgeon, the services offered, and the particulars of the process. Additionally, pricing are subject to fluctuate, so it’s critical to do your homework and compile the most recent data before making any decisions.

While cost should be taken into account, it is equally important to put safety, quality, and the knowledge of the medical personnel doing the surgery first. To guarantee a safe and successful procedure, always select a qualified and experienced surgeon and a renowned facility.

What country has the cheapest BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) prices can differ dramatically between nations and even between areas of the same nation. Certain nations are recognized for providing more affordable BBL operations; nonetheless, it is crucial to take into account the procedure’s quality and safety in addition to its cost. Your health and safety should always come first when considering any surgical operation, so going with the least expensive option might not always be the best one. The following nations are frequently linked to less expensive BBL procedures:

  • Turkey: Turkey is becoming more and more well-liked as a medical tourism destination since it provides BBL and other cosmetic operations at a lower cost than many Western nations.
  • Mexico: Cosmetic surgery procedures are generally more cheap in Mexico compared to other countries. A large number of Americans and Canadians travel to Mexico for BBL and other cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Colombia: Compared to many Western nations, BBL operations are comparatively less expensive in Colombia, which is renowned for its proficiency in cosmetic surgery.
  • Dominican Republic: Because of its skilled doctors and reasonable prices, the Dominican Republic is a well-liked location for BBL operations.
  • Thailand: Drawing medical tourists from all over the world, Thailand provides a range of cosmetic surgery treatments, including BBL, at affordable costs.

It’s crucial to remember that although some nations might provide affordable solutions, there may be differences in the level of care provided, the experience of the surgeons, and the safety regulations. In any country, when thinking about a BBL, make sure to do your homework, find a reputed clinic and surgeon, get patient referrals, and confirm that the facility complies with international safety and hygienic guidelines.

It’s also essential to speak with a licensed healthcare provider to find out if you qualify for the operation, go over your expectations, and get tailored advice. The procedure’s quality, safety, and general well-being should take precedence over price while making a decision.

How much is BBL in Turkey in euro?

In Turkey, the typical price for a BBL might be anything from two to five thousand euros. It’s important to remember that this is only an estimate, and that costs may vary based on the particular clinic or surgeon you select as well as the previously listed considerations.

How much do BBL cost in Turkey?

The location, reputation of the clinic or surgeon, the particular items in the package, and the number of areas being treated are just a few of the variables that can significantly affect the cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Turkey. In Turkey, the average price for a BBL is usually between two and five thousand euros, or more.

Is Turkey a good place for BBL?

Sapphire Clinic works with the best doctors and the best bbl clinics in Turkey for all kinds of plastic surgery procedures, so you will get the best results and experience. Turkey is one of the cheapest countries for bbl operations in Europe. If you are considering a bbl operation abroad, your first choice should be Turkey.

What country does the cheapest BBL?

Where is the cheapest and best place in the world to buy BBL? Turkey is without a doubt the cheapest and best place to have a Brazilian Butt Lift. First of all, Turkish surgeons are very experienced and most of them work with international patients.

What do you need to be careful of after BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift?

The person shouldn’t shower for three day.

Staying in the water for long periods is forbidden for 4-6 weeks.

The person should be more careful using the area.

The person should wear a special corset for 2 weeks.

After the operation, the person shouldn’t go to work for 3 days, if the operation is done with prostheses it can go up to 5 days.

The operations done with fat injections should act as a fat reserve after fat loss.

With the reserve process, the permanency should be increased.

BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift  takes 3 hours with prostheses, 1,5-2 hours with fat injections and approximately 2 hours with filling. The duration of each process changes depending on the person’s body shape and type.

What is the reason fat injection is preferred in BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • It’s possible to get rid of excess fat.
  • With two operations at the same time, the body achieves a proportionate look.
  • It allows for a more permanent look for a longer time.
  • It’s an operation where reserve is possible.
  • With reserve, it’s possible to fix the disproportionate parts again.
  • There are no risks to the operation.
  • It’s %100 effective.

Fat injection operation allows for an aesthetic look of two areas at the same time. The person achieves an aesthetic look by using their own fat in another area. Using fat in another area makes that area look fuller. In BBL Turkey – Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey, this method is very effective.

The person shouldn’t take a shower for three days and shouldn’t stay under water for a long time if possible.

It’s possible for stitches to be damaged or the person to get infected. That’s why these matters should be taken into consideration.

Being extra careful will help the healing process. The person shouldn’t do any heavy work or lift heavy weights for three days. Otherwise it could be painful.

There are some problems to be wary of depending on the type of the operation. During the healing process, the person should be in touch with the doctor. The person should listen to the doctor’s advice. Otherwise many other problems could follow.

The person’s buttocks can have a more aesthetic look with fat injection.

Because the person has more full and prominent looks, they will have many advantages in many ways.

Because this operation lasts for 1,5-2 years and allows for an aesthetic look longer than other methods, it is highly preferred.

The healing process of fat injection is faster than the other methods’. While in prostheses it takes 5 days to return to work, it takes 3 days in fat injection. The operation showing positive results for many people is one of the factors why it is preferred. This way, people don’t have any negative ideas on this operation.

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