Breast Reduction Turkey

About Treatment
Average length of stay 5 Days
Length of stay in hospital 1 Day
Operation duration 4-6 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery duration Duration 2 Weeks

Breast Reduction Turkey

Every woman can experience various problems with maturity and rapidly changing hormonal balances due to age. The most important one among these are large breasts formed by excessive growth of hormones related to the age balance. Although a large bust looks attractive, breast reduction operations are preferred because over time large breasts cause back pain and start to sag. Breasts that develop rapidly due to the genetic structure can grow even more uncontrollably, especially at the end of adolescence and pregnancy. In addition, the disruption of hormonal balances by medication, excessive consumption of certain foods or intense foam massages during showers in particular can cause undesirable breast growth in women, while men can experience unwanted breast growth with age. In addition, women who have weight problems frequently experience rapid breast growth  in parallel with overall weight gain. Breasts that are extra large, shapeless and sag start to have a negative effect on the person, both physically and psychologically. When approached from a psychological perspective, when breasts which should make the body attractive and desirable are oversized and shapeless, this may cause problems in the process of marriage in general. In addition, back pain experienced almost daily while doing work also increases. Furthermore, the risk of breast cancer is increased. Therefore, breast reduction surgeries that produce effects and solutions are carried out. Acting with a specialist physician, pictures of the shape and appearance of breasts that best fit the body index are shown to the patient before the aesthetic operation.

Disadvantages of Large Breasts

Some problems may occur in women when breasts that develop and grow with adolescence grow in excess of time. Some of these can be listed as follows.

  • Oversized breasts can obstruct a person’s walking, sitting or movement over time, create spinal problems and cause pain.
  • People with back pain also feel lower back pain which increases as a result of spinal cord degeneration.
  • The cycle from the cervical vertebrae to the nerves causes numbness in the arms and hands over time, and the process can become serious.
  • Due to the breast size, the undersize of the breast always has rash and skin lesions occur.
  • Choosing outfits is challenging and they are not comfortable to wear.
  • Due to limited physical activity as a result of optics and heaviness, the growth becomes even more pronounced.

It is recognized that overweight women experience this problem a lot. Women who have large breasts and a poor quality life process also develop posture disorders while sitting over time. In fact, as a result of this situation these women deteriorate at an early age and can develop a hunchback. This can be remedied by having a breast reduction turkey procedure which will eliminate the problems in 1 day. You can continue your daily life the next day. Furthermore, your confidence will return as your physical appearance changes. Subsequently you can continue your life with more attractive and lifted breasts.

The advantages of Breast Reduction

As a result of the consumption of ready-to-eat foods in large quantities especially in recent years, breast models, which start to develop in adolescence and continue to develop further during marriage create bigger problems when current conditions are added. All of these problems experienced by middle-aged women in particular are eliminated in a short time with breast reduction surgery. Having perky  and small breasts is easier and simpler today than before. There is no limit to breast reduction, and everything you experience after the reduction will be an advantage. You can discuss the extent of the reduction with your surgeon. Depending on the option, you may or may not carry traces of the procedure for a certain period of time. Thanks to the results of this procedure which are completely up to you, you can be free of pain and look better. The ability to have breast reduction is up to your overall health status, there is no upper age limit. Furthermore, young women will not have any problems regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding after the procedure which is an added plus. Otherwise, a breast reduction procedure is an operation that takes between 2 hours and 4 hours. No postoperative hospitalization or medication serum is required. It is also possible to continue your activities the next day. This operation has no upper age limit while minimum age has been determined as 18. You can also achieve a better hormonal balance and facilitate your daily life by eliminating your excess breast problem. Although large breasts have been a desirable image during a certain period, small perky breasts are the most popular and preferred breast models. Unfortunately large breasts keep growing over time and begin to sag rapidly. You can neither be comfortable in your outfits and you will feel like everyone is looking at your breasts and adopt a slumping posture to hide them. In order to eliminate the physical and psychological problem, you should choose the best and most reliable breast reduction operation for yourself.


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