Vaser Liposuction Turkey

About Treatment
Average length of stay 5 Days
Length of stay in hospital 1 Day
Operation duration 4-6 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery duration Duration 2 Weeks

Vaser Liposuction Turkey

Vaser liposuction turkey procedure is applied by many people; it is done by applying ultrasonographic sound waves to various parts of the body to eliminate fat. The latest technology applied is Vaser liposuction application and the ultrasonic sound waves break down the fat more easily and the fat is aspirated in liquid form. Therefore, surface waviness  does not occur after vaser liposuction. Since the sound waves used during Vaser liposuction method only target fat cells, unlike other methods, they do not harm other tissues in the body. The fat elimination method enables many patients to return to their daily lives quite quickly.

The most important feature of the vaser liposuction turkey process is that with this method, the fat extracted from the body can be reused in the same body as a filler. Thanks to this method, those who are treated with the Vaser Liposuction method can have a flatter abdomen, and at the same time these excess fat cells that are taken from the abdominal area can be used to fill your breasts and lips.

An average of 30% of this filling procedure which is done with the patient’s own fat, remains permanently in the application area. The remaining 70% of filler is absorbed after a certain period which varies from person to person.

Vaser Liposuction Turkey

Anesthesia Method

The applied Vaser liposuction method is also preferred because it can be used on more than one area in the body at the same time as well as large areas such as the belly, abdomen, back, legs, and general anesthesia is also more convenient for patient comfort. However, local anesthesia or sedation is also generally preferred for smaller areas. It is more appropriate to determine the anesthesia method by considering the health of the patient, the doctor’s recommendation and the rate of fat in the application area and its size.

The Vaser Liposuction method helps to get effective results by breaking down fat in various body areas such as lips, abdomen, arms, legs, knees, cheeks, derriere, chin and breast. It is a highly preferred method among men with gynecomastia, namely a breast size problem. Generally, men who have such problems regain their form thanks to this method. It is better to get the necessary information from the doctors.

After the Operation

The healing process is very easy and fast with vaser liposuction method procedures, especially because the device is specific to adipose tissue and does not damage muscles, veins and connective tissue. Less bruising, bleeding, and rashes appear over time in the body. This means that you can return to normal life within 3 days. It takes about 1 month to get the edema out of the body and the skin to reach to achieve its normal structure. After this time, the shapely slim body lines are revealed more clearly.

The problem of oversized breasts, which can be seen in many men due to various reasons, is easily eliminated by using liquidizing fat with the vaser liposuction method device. The device is also effective on solidified breast tissue. Fats in the breast tissue are liquidized with ultrasonic sound waves, removed and the skin is tightened over time. It is also preferred as one of the most effective methods for treating oversized breasts in men.

The Vaser Liposuction Process

Vaser Liposuction can be applied to a single area of the body as well as to several problematic areas simultaneously. The excessive development of breast tissue in men, gynecomastia can be easily, quickly and effectively treated with vaser liposuction. In women, the most preferred areas for treatment are generally known as the abdomen, buttocks, arms and chin. The Vaser device enables all areas where unwanted fat has accumulated to be treated with ease. Inner thighs, external thighs, inner knees, back, waist and breasts are also examples of such treatable areas in women’s bodies.

If a single and small area is to be treated, local anesthesia is preferable for women. However, if a large area is going to be treated, it may be more appropriate to apply sedation or general anesthesia to the patient.

A Vaser Liposuction procedure to be performed on a single area takes 1 hour on average. As a rule, the time increases according to the size of the area. After the procedure, the patient is donned with a special corset and given painkillers to enable the patient to spend the following hours comfortably and pain free. 3 hours after the patient regains consciousness he/she is walked and with the decision of the doctor, the patient can be discharged the same day without the need for hospitalization.

Vaser Liposuction Turkey

How Is The Process After Vaser Liposuction?

After Vaser Liposuction, the patient must wear a  corset for 3 weeks after the procedure. The intensity of the bruising gradually decreases and heals very quickly. As with any surgical procedure, the body may collect some edema, usually during the recovery period. However, those who have undergone the vaser liposuction process will see the slimming effect after the first week with the decrease of edema, and this effect will be fully manifested as of the 10th day.

After the procedure, it is absolutely necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter. Patients who are usually discharged on the same day can also return to normal life within a few days. It is also necessary to use the painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

What is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction is the most preferred and demanded surgical method in body shaping. Vaser Liposuction has become a more effective, sophisticated and safe surgical application with new technology and new methods.

♦ Vaser Liposuction Surgery is basically the process of removing fat from localized fat areas with the help of fine cannulas. Vaser Liposuction can be applied alone or as a surgical method accompanying breast aesthetics and tummy tuck operations.

In addition to the classical liposuction method, it separates fat cells from fat lobules to which they are attached with ultrasound, i.e. high frequency sound waves, before the fat removal process and turns them into fluid fat emulsification.

♦ Vaser Lipo is a new technology developed to prevent problems such as bleeding, bruising and fluctuation of the skin, which is encountered in other liposuction methods. Therefore, vaser liposuction is an advanced, reliable and healthy liposuction method.

Vaser Liposuction

In Vaser Liposuction application, fat cells similar to grapes in a bunch are released in single, double and triple groups. During the procedure, a sound wave of specific frequency is sent to the fat, preventing damage to connective tissue, vessels and nerves. Vaser liposuction, or the ultrasonic liposuction process is a method that is respectful to tissue, in other words, fat taken during the procedure can be used as a natural filling material.

♦ If there is an area to be shaped, it can be used for breast augmentation, fullness in the buttock area, facial laugh lines and shaping cheekbones.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (UAL) as it is called in medical literature, or commercially known as Vaser Lipo breaks up fat using ultrasonic sound waves to liquefy fat that can be used in liquid form for fat injection to the butt, breasts and face filling. The permanence rates of this undamaged fat are much higher than other methods.

Vaser Liposuction

The Vaser Liposuction method has enhanced the liposuction process with a different and sophisticated dimension. Fat extracted by Vaser Lipo method can be applied to the desired areas as filling material and this fat  can have a permanence of up to 80% in the given area.

Since body shaping procedures done with vaser liposuction do not damage nerves and connective tissue,  bleeding is less, recovery is fast, and the postoperative process is painless and easy. Fat taken with Vaser Lipo can be applied to areas such as the breasts, hips, face and legs in the same session and these areas can be shaped.

Vaser Liposuction Areas

Vaser Liposuction Operation

Vaser liposuction procedure is performed in a fully equipped hospital operating room under operating room conditions. Under general anesthesia, the patient is first washed with skin disinfectants, and then tumescent solution (containing local anesthetic and adrenaline to prevent bleeding) is administered into the subcutaneous and adipose tissues through 3-4 mm incisions. Subsequently fat cells are emulsified in fat tissue in small groups (fluid liquid) with sound waves emitted from the tip of special 2-3mm diameter fine probes.

This fat is liquified after this application, vacuumed with fine cannulas and collected in special sterile containers outside the body. Shaping is done during liposuction. It gives shape to a sculpture in the area where the application is made, and a symmetrical and careful application is required.

Muscle transitions and borders (sixpack) can be made more pronounced. These extracted fat cells are not traumatized and are capable of surviving in the area where they are inserted. This fat can be used to lift and enlarge women’s breasts and lift the butt area. Muscle appearance can be made more prominent by inserting this fat under the chest muscles of men.

Sunken areas that have dissolved with age in the facial area can be given a younger appearance with this fat which is rich in. Operation time varies according to the size of the area and the number of additional procedures to be carried out.

Can Vaser Lipo Be Applied With Aesthetic Surgeries?

Vaser Lipo surgeries can be applied together with aesthetic surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck and face lift. In addition, since the structure of fat cells does not deteriorate with vaser liposuction, the permanence rates reach 80% when given to the required areas (face, legs, butt). When done together with breast prosthesis, the fat removed can be used to beautify the contours of the breast. It can be used to soften the transition between breast prosthesis and surrounding tissue and provide additional fullness in the desired area.

Vaser Liposuction Operation prices

Vaser Liposuction Prices vary according to the cost of the region to be worked, the preferred hospital, the surgeon. Vaser Lipo should be done in fully equipped hospital operating room conditions. The patient can be hospitalized for 1 night or discharged the same evening, depending on the area of work and the amount of fat removed. The Vaser Liposuction Price is determined according to the subtleties of the operation. Since the planned fat removal operation or fat transfer will affect the price of Vaser liposuction, it is not possible to talk about a standard fee.

The procedure can also be used to lift breasts in suitable patients who require extra fullness without breast prosthesis. Fat taken with Vaser Liposuction can be used as filling material in the facial area. Since it does not damage the vascular and nerve structures, we have the opportunity to shape the whole body in abdominoplasty operations, unlike classical liposuction. Vaser Tummy Tuck application gives really striking results and patient satisfaction is at maximum level.

Is Vaser liposuction surgery performed under general anesthesia?

General anesthesia is preferred for patient comfort in the Vaser Lipo procedure, because large areas are worked together (abdomen, back, love handles, legs, jowl, etc.). Sedation and regional anesthesia can also be preferred for smaller and lesser areas.

Anticoagulants should be discontinued for 1 week, ideally 3 weeks before Vaser Liposuction operation.

Herbal teas, vitamin E and some vitamin derivatives should never be taken because of their blood thinning effects.

Solid food and liquid intake should be stopped at least 7-8 hours before the operation.

Smoking and alcohol intake should be avoided.

Routine blood tests (complete blood count, biochemistry, bleeding-coagulation tests, hepatitis markers, etc.) of the patients are performed before the operation.

If the patient has an additional illness, tests and consultations are also performed.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after Vaser lipo surgery?

After Vaser Liposuction, if a very limited area is worked and minimal fat is removed (jowl area, breast-gynecomastia in men, arm area, knees), patients can be discharged on the condition that they come for a check up the next day after the operation. However, if large areas are worked (abdomen, legs, etc.), you will be hosted in the hospital for 1 night. The purpose of this is to support the patient with serums and to keep them under precautionary control.

We do not have the luxury of taking risks in aesthetic operations. The post-operative process is not too painful. The solution (tumescent solution) we give during the operation contains lidocaine and the like, which is an effective local anesthetic. It maintains its effectiveness even hours after the operation and ensures a painless evening. Since it is also supported with effective painkillers in hospital conditions, pain is not among the complaints of our patients. Our patients describe the pain in the following days as “as if they had had a serious workout and had muscle pain the next day “. Patients leave the operation with a special corset. You can walk around a few hours after the operation and have a painless and comfortable sleep at night.

What is the advantage of Vaser liposuction procedure over other liposuction techniques??

Vaser only affects fat with high frequency ultrasound (USG) sound waves. It is the most respectful body shaping method since it does not damage the surrounding connective tissue, vessels and nerves. Postoperative pain is minimal since it does not damage the nerve structures. Since it does not damage the vascular structures, bleeding is minimal and a larger amount of fat can be removed without bleeding. Returning to daily life is very rapid after the operation. Since Vaser liposuction does not generate heat, unlike laser liposuction, there is no thermal (heat) damage in the surrounding tissue, and the risk of edema and skin irregularity is lower. It is a safer method. Post-operative edema is less than with other methods and passes in the early period.

Vaser Lipo is the gold standard shaping method accepted in the world for leg, butt, hip, calf and ankle shaping and the treatment of lipoedema. Since there is no heat effect, it does not cause thermal damage in the surrounding tissue, edema (swelling) is minimal after surgery. The vascular and lymph systems are preserved, the resulting edema passes in a very short time. Less bruising is observed.

The oils obtained at the end of the Vaser liposuction process can be used as filling material due to their viability. In other words, the oils taken with Vaser Lipo can be used for filling in areas such as breast augmentation, butt lift, cheekbones, laugh lines in the same session. Fillers made with fat tissue are always autogenous (from their own tissue) and are considered to be an outstanding filling material. In addition to this feature, its permanent (up to 80%) non-allergic feature and high content are additional advantages.

Post-operative skin irregularities, fluctuations (irregularity) are less common in Vaser liposuction. Since there is no heat effect, postoperative fibrosis (poor healing tissue) is not encountered and allows the surgeon to work in detail while shaping the area in the subcutaneous tissue.

It is the most effective method accepted in the world due to its respect for the surrounding tissue and not damaging the lymphatic vessels of patients with lipoedema. The ability to effectively remove fat from that area and protect the vascular structures while doing this enables the postoperative period to be comfortable and return to daily life rapid.

It is an effective method in the treatment of under-chin (jowl) liposuction and male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) in areas with risk of sagging and loosening because it tightens the skin.

Vaser Liposuction produces very successful results in combined surgeries, especially with abdominoplasty. While classical liposuction is performed together with abdominoplasty application, the waist and the entire abdominal area involve risks. With the concern of damaging vessels that feed the skin, the surgeon cannot liposuction any area as much as he wants, while abdominoplasty operations performed with Vaser Liposuction give the opportunity to perform widespread liposuction safely and shape the entire waist, back and abdomen. The vaser liposuction method, which does not damage the vessels and nerves, offers the surgeon the opportunity to perform the desired procedure and the patient the opportunity to get more successful results.

Vaser Lipo is used for High Definition (Hi-Def) operations in patients who exercise regularly and want to make their body details more pronounced. Subcutaneous fat tissue is thinned to the desired extent, and muscle details (six-packs) are made clear. The areas that are most frequently shaped for this purpose in women are the waist region and hips. Hi-Def is not another device operation different from the Vaser app. With Vaser application, while fat is removed, muscles or facial or body contours are simultaneously shaped, existing lines are made more attractive and visible.

Where is Vaser Lipo preferred most often?

Vaser Liposuction can be applied to all body parts. It is frequently demanded in the abdomen, waist, hips, legs, back, under the braline and jowls in women. In men, it is demanded for the hip, upper-lower leg, abdomen, waist (love handle), back, jowl, calf, knee and breast (gynecomastia) areas. Thanks to Vaser liposuction, the ratio of disproportionate body warts is re-established and an athletic and fit appearance is achieved with Hi-Def application.

Who is suitable for Vaser Liposuction?

This method, which was approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2001, can be safely applied to all body parts of men and women. Vaser liposuction can be applied in all regions where regional fat accumulation is present and disproportion with other areas is observed.

It is an effective method for removing fat that resists diets and sports in the abdomen, waist (love handles) and back area of men and women and achieves proportional integrity with other body parts. It is also a very effective method for the gynecomastia (breast size) problem that can be observed in men of all ages. The Vaserlipo technique is an elite method for shaping the hip, leg, knee and butt area, which ignore all diet efforts and sports. The procedure is also in high demand in shaping the jowl and arm areas of men and women.

The combination of “Abdominoplasty (Abdominoplasty) and Vaser Liposuction” gives great results, especially if the fat in the belly and love handle area that cannot be eliminated after delivery and is accompanied by stretch marks and sagging in the lower abdomen. In the same session, (Diastasis Recti) repair is also performed to correct the deformation in the abdominal muscles. This way, it is possible to create a flat stomach and a slim waist.

With the surgical procedure known as Hi-Def, the subcutaneous fat on the abdomen, back, chest and arm muscles is removed by Vaser liposuction (ultrasonic liposuction) in women and men with minimal excesses in the abdomen, waist and back areas who regularly exercise, and muscle borders and transitions are made clear.  The body is shaped like a sculpture, the muscle shadows are made clear with this method in accordance with the topographic physical structure of the patient. Fat taken from these areas can be transferred to areas that have lost their volume if needed (butt lift). Butt lift is most frequently desired by women.

This fat, which is used to make the chest muscles more developed in men, is injected under the muscle after the borders of the chest muscles are made clear. As a result, women get a few sizes smaller dress size, a slim waist and perky butt while men get a natural and muscular body appearance and flat and well-defined abdominal muscles (six pack).

Slimming of the legs, hips, inner knees, lower legs and ankles is achieved with minimal edema, bruising and bleeding in patients with lipoedema, while patients can return to their normal lives in the early period.

How long should I wear a corset after Vaser liposuction?

We recommend wearing a corset for 2-3 weeks after the operation, depending on the needs and the skin elasticity of each patient. Corsets are specially breathable medical corsets and can be worn easily without being visible under the clothes. After Vaser liposuction, you can usually take a bath within 1 or 2 days. The corset can be removed during bathing, washed and worn again. There will be early controls on the 2nd and 14th days after the surgery and subsequent controls in the 3rd and 6th months.

When can I return to normal life after Vaser liposuction?

The healing process is very rapid because the sound waves of special frequency used in Vaser liposuction operation only affect the fat tissue and do not damage the muscles, vessels and connective tissue. Less bruising, bleeding and edema are seen compared to other liposuction methods. This allows a return to normal life within 3-4 days. The removal of most of the edema takes 3-6 weeks, although it varies from patient to patient. At the end of this period, the body contours become more pronounced. Massage therapies can be applied for rapid relief of edema. After the process, some more fat continues to break down. Therefore, in order to accelerate this process, a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates is beneficial, especially if it is accompanied by a dietician.

Are Vaser Lipo results permanent?

Will I regain weight after the Vaser Lipo method? The question is one of the most frequently asked questions. After the age of sixteen, the number of our fat cells does not increase, the phenomenon we call weight gain is due to the increase in the volume of existing fat. Since the number of fat cells decreases in the areas where Vaser Liposuction is applied, in case of weight gain as a result of irregular nutrition in the future, the fat cells in these areas are also affected, but as their number has decreased, the situation remains advantageous.

Patients who have irregular eating habits and do not pay attention to their diet can gain weight after Vaser Lipo. No matter what you do after this application, it cannot be claimed that you will no longer gain weight. However, this weight gain will occur equally in all parts of the body. As long as eating habits are regular and not overdone, the shapely, healthy and fit appearance continues.

Is vaser liposuction effective in gynecomastia treatment?

Gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of the male breast. It can be seen in the neonatal period, adolescence and old age, which we define as physiological (for non-pathological natural reasons). The cause of gynecomastia is often known (idiopathic gynecomastia). Until today, breast tissue excision has been used frequently in the treatment of gynecomastia. However, it has disadvantages such as scarring, hollowing in the breast and delayed return to normal life.

Most of the gynecomastia patients treated with Vaser Liposuction can return to a desk job the next day, and the whole procedure is completed in about 1-2 hours with a 1 cm incision. After the procedure carried out with miniscule cannulas, the patient can go home the same evening.


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