Afro Hair Transplant Turkey

Afro Hair Transplant Turkey

Afro Hair Transplant TurkeyHair loss can be seen in people of different races, and the Afro hair transplantation method generally includes the methods used in the replacement of the shed hair of people with curly hair. Nowadays, Afro hair transplantation occurs in various stages. At the same time, thanks to this method, it is possible for patients to regain their lost hair and have thicker hair.

In Afro hair transplantation the aim is to restore the former appearance of the hair, which has a naturally curly and hard structure. Hair loss is not just a problem for the Caucasian race. People of different races also need hair transplantation. For this reason, afro hair transplantation method can be applied in a healthy way in our country.

Ethnic Transplant Operation

These procedures are also carried out with the aim of providing hair transplantation to black citizens in our country. At the same time, it is important to offer such operations because these citizens have different hair follicles. Generally, it is possible to obtain successful results with screw in tissue applications.

Many different health institutions provide such services for black people. It is possible to perform hair transplantation in a qualified way with ethnic transplantation methods used to revive hard and curly hair and ensure that the hair of our black citizens has the desired properties.

Hair Transplant Methods

Two of the main methods used for hair transplantation come to the fore as the Fue and Fut methods. These two methods can be distinguished from each other in some respects. In the Fue method, the hair follicles in the nape of the patient’s neck are collected one by one under local anesthesia and transplanted to the relevant area with micro surgical methods. The Fue method is among the first methods that come to mind when it comes to hair transplantation.

In addition, the Fut method, which is another preferred method, usually involves collecting hair follicles in strip form. At the same time, these transplant operations are generally not preferred because weak hair is also collected from patients with the fut method.

Things to Know Before Hair Transplantation

There are some issues that need to be known before hair transplantation. First of all, our black citizens who will have hair transplantation need to have the necessary examinations done in the relevant health institutions. Such preliminary tests will reveal the blood values as well as the hormone values of the person and the operation can be started by taking necessary precautions.

In hair transplantation, the operations of certain patient groups can also be delayed after their treatments have been concluded. At the same time, allergic reactions of patients often come to the fore in hair transplantation or Afro hair transplantation. It is known that various gels used during the operation cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important for patient to inform the doctor about his / her existing allergic conditions.

When Does Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, it is possible for the hair to reappear in the desired length within six months. In this process, patients may need to be more careful for both nutrition and protection to help their hair to grow better. Today, it is possible to see improvement more quickly with such measures.

At the same time, in the Afro hair transplantation method, which is a more difficult operation, patients may need to gain energy-giving nutritional habits in order to accelerate their recovery time. There are different companies serving in this field in our country. With these health centers, it is possible to perform hair transplantation with the desired properties. In many respects, people prefer to be treated in qualified health centers that meet such expectations.

Which organizations should be preferred for hair transplantation?

It is possible to say that various health institutions come to the fore during the hair transplantation phase. With these health institutions, it is possible to have the desired properties in hair transplantation. Today, it is possible to state that various health institutions, which generally provide services with approval from the Ministry of Health, come to the fore. In addition, various companies that only provide hair transplantation services also offer services that meet the expectations.

It is important to decide whether the health center has the desired characteristics, both in terms of equipment and personnel, for the success of the operations. At the same time, different health centers that provide consultancy and information services that people need before and after the operation carry out successful operations. There are different hair transplant centers in our country that serve above the world average in terms of both personnel, technological equipment and hygiene.

Can Hair Transplant Be Applied To Every Patient

Hair transplantation cannot be applied to every patient. For example, oncology patients need to complete their current treatments in order to have hair transplantation. In addition, patients who use various anticoagulants for blood sugar, other than oncology patients, may need to stop taking such drugs at least a week before the procedure.

P Hair transplantation cannot be applied to every patient. For example, in order for oncology patients to have hair transplantation, their current treatments must be completed in order to start hair transplantation. In addition, patients who use various blood thinners for blood sugar, other than oncology patients, may need to stop taking such drugs at least a week before the procedures.

Apart from such patient groups, pregnant women and patients in various risk groups might also have to wait for hair transplantation. At the same time, those who are engaged in sports might need to take a break from sports activities before the operation. Furthermore, it is important for those who have allergic reactions to be careful during the operation and the doctors need to apply the necessary measures in this regard for a successful hair transplantation operation. Today, different health centers provide services both in our country and in the world in the process of safely performing operations other than Afro hair transplantation.


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