Manual Fue Hair Transplant

About Treatment
Average length of stay None
Length of stay in hospital None
Operation duration 6-8 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Recovery duration 1-7 Days

Manual Fue Hair Transplant

The Manual Fue hair transplant technique is a process that requires a gentle touch, physical stamina, perfect eye and hand coordination and excellent manual motor skills.  Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) FUE is a technique used in hair transplantation at the stage of graft removal and is the latest development in the field of hair transplantation surgery. In FUE technique, grafts are taken from the donor area (the area between the two ears where hair will be taken) using micro punches. The FUE technique enables the extraction of a large number of grafts without any scarring in the donor area. No incisions are made in the scalp with the FUE technique. FUE technique allows more graft collection / extraction than other techniques. FUE technique increases the number of grafts to be transplanted compared to other techniques and allows the patient to get fuller/thicker hair.
Manual Fue Hair Transplant

The benefits of the FUE technique:

– requires no stitches and leaves no permanent scars.

– Provides a comfortable and short-term healing process.

– In general, edema and bruising do not occur.

– Post-operative pain is almost non-existent.

– After the operation, activity is less limited and return to daily life is rapid.

– Maximum number of grafts can be transplanted.

– The patient can have long or short hair.

MANUAL FUE – The MANUEL FUE technique is the process of individual collection / extraction of grafts at the optimum number and quality without leaving any scars in the donor area. The manual FUE technique requires a precise touch, physical endurance, excellent hand eye coordination and manual motor skills. Extraction with manual FUE technique is a technique in which manual grafts are removed one by one by feeling and there is no graft loss. The main purpose of the manual FUE technique is to prevent damage to the grafts and donor area during the extraction process and to preserve the homogeneity of the donor area. Since homogeneity is maintained, the density in the donor area can only be seen with close examination even after more than one session. The head structure, hair direction and angle of hair of each patient is different, therefore natural appearance is provided by planning accordingly

INCISION (CREATING RECIPIENT INCISIONS) an incision is a nest created in the transplantation area for the placement of grafts collected from the donor area. The incision process can be done by Lateral Slit or Sagittal Slit method in hair transplantation. Although the transplantation process is longer and more laborious, our center uses the “Lateral Slit” method in order to ensure a more natural result. LATERAL SLIT – A Lateral Slit is an incision / cut made in the direction of hair growth. The lateral technique ensures natural looking hair. The angle of natural hair ranges from 10° to 90°. More thickness is produced by using smaller incisions with the Lateral incision. The direction, angle, gap and depth of hair growth are extremely important in creating a natural appearance.

Lateral Slit provides

– Natural orientation,

– Less tissue damage,

– Close graft placement and

– the illusion of more volume.

IMPLANTATION (TRANSPLANTATION PROCEDURE) Implantation is the process of placing grafts extracted from the donor area by manual FUE technique with special technical tools into incisions opened by Lateral Slit method without damaging the grafts.


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