Sleeve Gastrectomy Turkey

About Treatment
Average length of stay 7 Days
Length of stay in hospital 4 Days
Operation duration 1-3 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery duration 2 Weeks

Sleeve Gastrectomy Turkey

Obesity Surgery – Sleeve gastrectomy (stomach reduction) surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy / stomach reduction surgery, the title describes a laparoscopic (closed) procedure where we “reduce” the stomach by turning it into a thin long sleeve with the appearance of a “banana”.

What is Sleeve gastrectomy Surgery?

Known as the “sleeve gastrectomy” in the English literature, this procedure to “reduce the stomach” (tube stomach) has been used primarily in the U.S.A. as well as our center and in the world as the most frequently applied anti-obesity surgery.

Sleeve gastrectomy / stomach reduction surgery

A sleeve gastrectomy procedure is based on removing 80-90% of the stomach with the help of special and disposable “stapler” handpieces, a special and disposable “stapler” with a laparascopic (closed) procedure through tiny holes without making a large incision in the anterior abdominal wall to “restrict” food intake.

Sleeve gastrectomy Surgery.

Sleeve gastrectomy turkey stomach reduction surgery is the most common method of obesity surgery in the world nowadays. This surgery, which can be completed in under an hour by masterful hands, is a laparoscopic procedure. Therefore, there is no large abdominal incision and surgery is performed by entering through tiny millimetric holes.

The treatment of morbid obesity in 2014. Morbid obesity, in other words having a body mass index above 40 is one of the most common and deadly diseases of our time. The good news is that thanks to obesity surgery, it is possible for those who are overweight to regain their health with “closed” surgeries that eliminate obesity.

The procedure also has a mild “malabsorbtive” effect of reducing the absorption of food, but this effect is much less than that of stomach “by-pass” surgery. On the other hand, “appetite” is completely eliminated as a result of the removal of the dome of the stomach known as “fundus”.

The surgery is technically extremely easy for the specialists and it is an operation that we perform rapidly in about an hour. In the technique that is used the exit valve of the stomach known as “pylorus” in medicine is maintained which ensures the continuity of the digestive system, and fewer unwanted side effects are encountered after surgery.

The history of sleeve gastrectomy / stomach reduction surgery

The development process of “stomach reduction surgery” or ” sleeve gastrectomy surgery” is interesting. When the procedure was initially used, it was applied as an “intermediate” or “preliminary” procedure to prepare “super” obese patients for stomach bypass or “duodenal switch” operations whose BMI was higher than 50. “The aim here was to lose weight with “sleeve gasrectomy” surgery and then to perform less complicated stomach bypass surgeries more easily and less risk. Although it was known that the procedure enables weight loss, it was thought that this effect would be incomparably low in comparison with a stomach bypass in the long term. On the other hand, emotions and feelings have no meaning in medical science, and some prejudices can be wrong in our favor sometimes! More precisely, after facing the “test of time”, comparisons of mathematical results revealed that this intervention itself can be extremely effective when the average and long term results of sleeve gastrectomy  surgery are taken into considerations. Therefore, “stomach reduction” has been seriously on our agenda for the last 10 years and it is the most applied bariatric procedure in our time.

Furthermore, sleeve gastrectomy surgery can eliminate type II diabetes, in the first days after surgery before weight loss occurs. This direct effect that has nothing to do with weight loss, occurs through some hormonal mechanisms that have not been fully elucidated.

Is it possible to gain weight again after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Another important advantage of this surgery is the possibility of launching our other weapons, “stomach bypass ” or “duodenal switch” surgeries, in case weight is gained after some years although the possibility is small.

Stomach reduction surgery leaves practically no scars

5 years after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, people still maintain their 55-70% weight loss. The rate of regain weight in the long run after this obesity surgery is around 20%. The probability of being morbidly obese again is extremely low and does not exceed 3-4%. Fatality risk from  surgery is around 0.1%. This method is just as effective as a stomach bypass in terms of weight loss or close to it. Since absorption disorder is much less compared to a gastric bypass and especially “duodenal switch”, various drug and mineral supplements are not frequently required after surgery. The only unknown issue about this method is whether there will be a regrowth in the stomach in the long term. Today, patients with the longest follow-up period were operated only 9 to 10 years ago, and so far no serious problems have been encountered.

Is there any pain after stomach reduction surgery, does it leave a scar?

Since sleeve gastrectomy surgery is performed laparoscopically (closed), that is, by entering through only millimeter holes, pain after the procedure is minimal and the aesthetic result is also excellent. The photograph depicts the condition of the incision of a patient on the 10th postoperative day, and these lines will become almost invisible after a few months. Our patients get up immediately after surgery and are at home on the 3rd day, and can return to work and go about their business within 6-7 days.

Is regret an issue after obesity surgery?

Obesity surgery (bariatric surgery) is one of the most speculated subjects in our country. On the other hand, “bariatric surgery” is a type of surgery which has been increasing all over the world with very clear indications and dazzling frequency.

Sapphire clinic prefers to treat morbid obese patients who have never had any other obesity surgery before with sleeve gastrectomy surgery in 99% of the cases.

Sapphire clinic “stomach reduction” technique and its application

In our center, 3 fully competent surgeons participate in all obesity surgeries together and the stapler line of all cases is secured by “hand” for support. We think that this additional stitching process reduces unwanted side effects such as bleeding and seepage. As a matter of fact, we have not experienced any surgical bleeding in our series of 100 cases and we observed seepage in only one case that we successfully treated and discharged which indicates the effect and importance of this additional stitching.


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