Beard Hair Transplant in Turkey

About Treatment
Average length of stay None
Length of stay in hospital None
Operation duration 6-8 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Recovery duration 1-7 Days

If you want the beard and mustache you deserve, the chances are that you did some research online. You’ve probably stumbled upon beard hair transplants in Turkey. It’s simply because this branch of surgery and clinics in Turkey became world-famous, including Sapphire Hair Clinic. With hair transplant in Turkey, achieve the desired effects and aesthetics.  

While there can be various reasons why men don’t grow a beard and mustache, there is only one efficient way to get the thickness you want. If you wish to achieve the desired hair growth, plastic surgery is the best course of action. Sapphire Hair Clinic delivers outstanding results and has thousands of happy patients worldwide. Let’s see what beard hair transplant is and how it is performed. 

What is a beard hair transplant? 

Beard hair transplant in turkey is a delicate procedure handled by experienced surgeons. It refers to the practice of extracting the hair follicle from the donor area and transplanting it to a beard or mustache. If we have to talk numbers of follicles that need to be collected, it varies both for the mustache and beard and depends on the need. 

For instance, depending on your needs, you might need anywhere between 400 to 1,000 follicles for the mustache and 500 to 3,000 follicles for the beard. Once the follicles are implanted, the patient receives adequate post-op therapy. 

How is a beard hair transplant performed? (Step by step with DHI or FUE Method) 

You’ve probably heard about DHI and FUE hair transplants. In Istanbul, Turkey, the beard transplant procedure is either DHI or FUE. Let’s see what each one of them has to offer and how they are performed. 

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. The technique has become quite popular because it causes minimal trauma and removes the need for stitches or incisions. During the FUE procedure, a surgeon removes the hair follicles from the donor area.  

At Sapphire Hair Clinic, surgeons remove hair from the nape because this area is genetically resistant to hair loss. In order to conveniently extract hair follicles, local anesthesia is a must. You won’t feel a thing during the procedure. Follicles are placed in a storage solution to ensure their safety. 

Once the follicles are removed, the surgeon then transplants them to the beard or mustache. To safely transplant them, a surgeon will use micro blades to make micro holes and slits. Follicle grafts are then placed in slits and holes. As we mentioned earlier, to ensure the long life span of transplanted hair, follicular unit extraction usually targets the area of the back of the neck. 

To understand the DHI procedure, you should look at it as the next-gen FUE. It delivers high-quality results, and hair loss will be a thing of the past for patients. With this beard hair transplant, the donor area is left with no scarring, while the beard and mustache will have a natural appearance.  

The first step of the DHI method is removing hair follicles one by one. Follicles are then loaded onto an implant device. The Choi Implanter Pen is the tool that enables implanting follicles directly into the recipient area without the need to make any micro incisions.  

This tool makes micro incisions and transplants follicles at the same time. It provides even better results than FUE, making the beard and mustache appear thicker and more natural.  

General information regarding beard hair transplantation 

If you want to have a beard hair transplant in Turkey, you are probably interested in some numbers. First, you should know that Sapphire Hair Clinic works only with highly experienced transplant doctors for beard transplants in Turkey.  

Regarding the cost, side effects, and recovery, you won’t be able to find better experts at a more affordable price than in Turkey. This is precisely why hair transplant surgery services in Turkey are top-rated. Thousands of patients come from all corners of the world to get their procedures done at clinics in Turkey.  

If you choose FUE, the operation usually takes around 2 hours, but it can last longer depending on the size of the area. Due to the delicacy, DHI takes longer than FUE. A DHI procedure lasts approximately 6 hours. In either case, you won’t spend a day in the hospital. The recovery duration for both procedures is the same and lasts anywhere from 1 to 7 days.  

Hopefully, we managed to answer all your questions regarding beard hair transplants in Turkey. If you have more questions, let us remind you that you can get a free consultation at Sapphire Hair Clinic. If you are coming outside of Turkey, the clinic will help arrange the transportation and stay once you come to Turkey.  


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