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Arranging Your Dental Trip

For an approximate price information and to find out the time needed to finish your dental treatment, a digital panoramic x-ray is needed. This can either be done in your home country, being sent to our patient coordinator via whatsapp, email, or it can be done in our clinic upon arrival.

Sapphire Dental Clinic


Step 1 Contact us!
Once you send us your medical history and an x-ray our planning doctors team checks the requirement, discuss the case and reply you with details regarding planned treatment and costs maximum in 12 hours.

Step 2 Travel Packages
Once you decide when you want to visit Istanbul, you can also request and add to your dental treatment additional travel packages: If a leisure program is required, it is prepared as taking into account the expectations and medical itinerary

Step 3 Flights
You can then book your flights in accordance with the agreed dates.

Step 4 Accommodation Arrangements
If you require any assistance with making your hotel reservation, we are happy to help. Alternatively you can make your own reservation as you wish. Istanbul has a wide range hotel and accommodation alternatives, considering the preferences, locations and budget; We have special agreements with many hotels and other accommodation points to offer advantage services and prices to our medical travelers as ‘‘your health ambassador’’ in Turkey.

Step 5 Confirmation
Before your departure we will send you written confirmation of your appointment bookings, travel arrangements and accomodation (if booked through us).

Arrival in Istanbul Airports.
Upon arrival to the Airport, you will be welcomed by our driver who will take you to your selected hotel or clinic depending on treatment plan.

Departure from İstanbul
When your treatment is finished successfully we make your transfer to your departure airport.


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