HIV Hair Transplant Turkey

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Average length of stay None
Length of stay in hospital None
Operation duration 6-8 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Recovery duration 1-7 Days

HIV Hair Transplant Turkey

HIV Hair Transplant turkey In our clinic, hair transplantation in HIV positive patients is carried out in a sterile and appropriate environment together with our experienced doctor. The method we apply is the FUE method. This technique is the process of removing hair follicles from the scalp, in form of individual, bilateral, triple follicular units, without any incisions and sutures with the help of a micromotor, which has special tips of 0.6-1.1 mm diameter. It is the only root extraction method used in hair transplantation. Healthy adult individuals with adequate hair in the area between the two ears, we which we call the donor area, are considered suitable candidates for hair transplantation.


HIV Hair Transplant Istanbul Fue & DHI

The method that is named as FUE Hair Transplant, in other words follicular unit extraction, is a method for hair transplant turkey defined in 2004. First time it was defined, it was performed with a special pen-like instrument as shown in the following figure.

In this method named Punch Biopsy, a pen-like apparatus is placed in skin to the depth of the hair’s root and the follicular unit was removed as a whole. For example, if the patient needs 2000 grafts, this procedure was repeated 2000 times. Even though this method, which costs a lot of time both for the patient and health personnel, was replaced with a motorized system, there are still doctors insisting to use this method.

The only difference of this method known as Fue Motor from other old methods is the fact that the operator doesn’t have to remove the follicular unit manually. Actually the basic principle is the same, but the operator gains significant amount of time with this new method. The apparatus at the tip of the punch biopsy pen is connected to a motor and the speed of the motor can be adjusted to the requested level. The thickness of the tips can be changed and tips at the requested lumen diameter according to the donor area can be inserted. The time it saves is of course not the only advantage of the fue motor. The tissue deepness can be standardized thanks to the motorized method, and this removes the obligation to check the tissue deepness constantly. And again with the Fue Motor, grafts can be removed from closer areas and more grafts can be removed from the same region with the motor. Another advantage of the motor is the lower chance of breaking up grafts with 2-3 or even 4 roots, in other words the higher success in protecting the integrity of the follicular unit.

Figure: FUE Motor and Tips Because of these reasons, Fue Motor enables the hair transplant operation to be performed much more comfortably. Even though the method of removing the roots is different, the phases of opening channel and implanting roots are the same.

When is the best time for hair transplantation?

The most suitable time for hair transplant is when aesthetic anxiety arises in the patient. Hair transplantation can be carried out in every month of the year. Experts recommend the summer months for hair transplantation  because of the rapid regeneration of the skin and faster hair growth.

After the hair transplantation, thin crusts may occur in the transplantation and donor area. These crusts will wash off like dandruffs and disappear completely in approximately 7-10 days. The patient can continue his daily life by wearing a hat during this period and it also constitutes no problem for work.

After the hair transplantation the hair will start to grow within the first three months. And after 9 months to 1 year after the transplantation the desired look will be achieved.

But let’s not forget; the frequency of the transplanted hair is not enough to make the result of hair transplantation look natural. More hair does not equal a more natural result. The important thing is to distribute the amount of existing hair throughout the open area. If the taken graft amounts is not enough to close the open areas, it is possible to create a full head of hair with small touches and the right distribution. The second important condition for the natural appearance of hair transplantation is to transplant the taken roots with the right angle. This angle depends on the experience of the doctor, the modernity of the used tool and the chosen canal diameter, which differs in every patient.

If you are HIV-positive, you can safely undergo a hair transplantation in our clinic and return calmly to your country. For more information about costs and package programs you can contact us via WhatsApp or our contact form.

HIV positive man starts life anew, gets hair transplant with us!

What is included in the price of the packet for HIV positive patients at our clinic?

  • All the transfers in Istanbul between the airport, the hotel and the hospital.
  • All the necessary blood analyses.
  • Two nights’ accommodation at a five star hotel next to the hospital (breakfast, Wifi and taxes included) in a single or double room.
  • The hair transplant operation itself, performed in a special operation theatre (an operation room just for undetectable HIV +)
  • A specialised medical team that only performs operations on HIV patients (an specialised doctor and 2 nurses, dedicated only to operate on undetectable HIV patients.
  • A medication packet and after care products (such as shampoo, foam or lotion, neck pillow, etc) as well as instructions on how to use the medications and care products.
  • The use of a translator if necessary (e.g.: French, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, German, Italian, etc). Everyone on our medical team speaks English, so there is no need to worry about communicating with us in English, if that is your preference.

Therefore, this is all you get by paying the package price. You will have to pay just the flight tickets to and from Istanbul, and also the visa in case you need it (if so, it takes only a couple of minutes with the online visa system).

Hair transplant FAQ: most common questions about hair loss procedures – answered

Is an FUE hair transplant permanent?

Are you searching for a permanent solution to hair loss? If so, then an FUE hair transplant might be right for you. While results vary for different individuals, you can expect the results to last a long time, which is great news for those who don’t want to worry about hair loss anymore.

Is hair transplantation safe?

When you are considering an FUE hair transplant, you may be wondering if the procedure is safe. Of course, every procedure can go differently, which means that some people may have negative reactions. However, the vast majority of patients who undergo this surgery have no lasting issues.

Can I go home after a hair transplant?

The great thing about getting an FUE hair transplant is the fact that you can go home right after you get the surgery. No need to wait around a doctor’s office to get the green light to leave!

How painful is a hair transplant?

An FUE hair transplant can cause fewer issues than you may encounter with other types of transplants. Also, since you are under local anesthetic, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any pain during the procedure.

At what age should I get a hair transplant?

Generally, patients between the ages of 20 and 50 are the best candidates for an FUE hair transplant. However, the procedure generally works better for those who are a bit older as hair loss can be unpredictable when people are young.

How long will I have to wait after surgery for new hair to grow?

It will only take a few weeks before you notice new growth, but you may experience a shedding period as well. Look for strong and healthy follicles to start growing back 12 to 15 months after the procedure.

Do I have to hide the fact that I got this procedure done?

While some people don’t want to tell others about their FUE hair transplant surgery, you can feel free to tell others if you are comfortable with them knowing. Plenty of people undergo this procedure, and there is nothing to feel ashamed about.

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