Tom Hanks Hair Transplant

Tom Hanks Hair Transplantation

Nowadays, when many developments occur in the medical field, the most striking ones are about aesthetic procedures and hair. Especially, hair transplantation devices and latest techniques have emerged as a long-term solution to the problem of baldness experienced by men after their 50s. After hair transplantation procedures carried out with advanced technology tools, new hair is seen to emerge within 1 month at the latest after the procedure. This has made the procedure an indispensable application for every individual, male or female.

Famous actor Tom Hanks is also one of the people who has had a hair transplantation. The famous actor has remedied his receding hairline which occurs as a result of stress and age, with a hair transplantation. Thus, he regained his hair and continues his life with his former pleasant appearance.

The 64-year-old famous actor attained his former pleasant appearance, which we have been watching in many movies and series for years, with hair transplantation. Therefore, hair transplantation is a medical treatment that every individual will prefer after the relevant examinations. It should never be viewed as an aesthetic procedure. It is a surgical procedure that must be done by a specialist.

How is Hair Transplantation done?

Hair transplant was performed with the FUT technique in the past, however nowadays the FUE and DHI methods that ensure improvement in a shorter time are on the agenda. After the relevant hair transplantation decision is made, the individual is examined by the doctor. If deemed necessary, tests are done. Then the most suitable method for the patient is selected. The forehead and roots are the same in each method, only the way they are collected and placed are different.

After the hair transplantation has been decided and the method selected, the person’s nape where the strongest hair follicles are is examined. Robust roots are collected one by one from the nape. This process is done according to the type of technique. The important thing is that the roots are vital enough to be used during this collection. After the collection process, the specialist doctor determines the direction of the hair, the right and left parting. Subsequently, the hair follicles are placed accordingly in the hairless areas. The success of a specialist doctor in hair transplantation is evident when the hair starts to grow 4 months after the transplantation. Therefore, a specialist, skilled and experienced doctor should be preferred before having a hair transplantation.

Things to Consider after Hair Transplantation

The care taken by the patient after the hair transplantation procedure and heeding the warnings of the doctor is just as important as the doctor’s success in the procedure. The patient must pay attention to the following after hair transplantation.

– Hair washing after hair transplantation for the first time should be done at the clinic or hair transplantation center.

– The doctor’s warnings should be followed after the procedure.

– A solution determined by the doctor should be used for the first wash at the clinic.

– The first wash should be extremely gentle and careful.

-The same solution should be used in the next washing process after the first wash.

– Hair should be washed with the same care every day for the first month after the hair transplantation.

Things to Consider when having a Hair Transplantation

There are many different quality clinics and hair transplantation centers in our country for hair transplantation. The procedure is also carried out in the hair transplantation departments of some large hospitals. The following factors should be taken into account before initiating the procedure.

-A good specialist doctor and team should be selected.

-The technique that best suits the hair should be chosen.

-Hair loss can occur during the first month after the transplantation.

– Attention should be paid to the hygiene and health conditions of the place where the procedure will be performed.

-Attention should be paid to the properties of the equipment used during the process and their appropriateness for the process.

-Generally, it can take 6 months for the hair to grow back to its former shape.


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