Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant

Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant

Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant, operations performed today have increased significantly with the advancement in technology. These kinds of procedures, which are very common, are a remedy for the problems of people with hair loss and baldness problems. Famous names participating in this adventure have been included in the hair transplantation lists. Machine Gun Kelly can be shown as a clear example.

  • What is Hair Transplantation Treatment?

This treatment, which is popularly known as hair transplantation, is called hair transplanting treatment in medical terms. What is Hair Transplantation Treatment? Let’s try to understand the answer to the question. Help is usually taken from two regions for this operation. The roots in the upper part of the nape are used as the primary area. Root hair between the  ears is preferred as the second area. The reason is completely clear. Genetically, they are the regions where there is absolutely no possibility of hair loss. Specialist doctors who meticulously collect the hair follicles from the mentioned areas, usually complete the operation within 3 – 5 hours to 4 – 6 hours, depending on the patient’s condition. In this sense, the live roots collected from the determined parts of the body will begin to grow much stronger and thicker than before.

  • How is Hair Transplantation done?

Inevitably, more than one question arises in the mind of a person who intends to have such a treatment for the first time. How Is Hair Transplantation done? It is one of the most asked questions. Instead of hearsay answers, it will be much more useful to have information by reading such articles. The roots, which are meticulously taken from the area where the hair on the nape is dense, is calculated and applied to the area where the hair will be transplanted one by one. Considering the sparse regions in the application area, different formations are applied. Each patient can be treated differently from each other. In such treatments, local anesthesia, which is very easy to do as a method, is usually applied and the patient does not feel pain, discomfort and ache in any way. Another answer to the question How Is Hair Transplantation Applied is as follows; The graft taken during the application from the donor area to the transplantation area is closed with aesthetic sutures by specialist doctors, leaving no scars. In this procedure removing stitches is not an option. These sutures are absorbed by the body over time. The time it takes for these sutures to disappear varies according to the body structures of the patients. However, it will recover completely over time. The hairy part, which is extracted from the skin as strips, is replaced by removing the tissues into the hairless areas. Care is taken to open fine grooves into the tissue. The aim of this treatment is to incur minimal damage to the treated area. Thanks to this method, the viable hair around the area is prevented from being damaged. It has been observed that treatment performed this way enables tighter hair growth and very successful results.

  • Who Can Have Hair Transplantation

If there is not enough root area for hair transplantation, those who want to keep their hair styles short in the future can have this treatment. Although the head structures of some people are not feasible for hair transplantation, this problem has now been eliminated with today’s technologies and treatment methods. Although the treatment methods were very limited in the previous years, thanks to the newly developed techniques, the options have become quite numerous. What would be the best answer to the question ‘Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?’ Hair Transplantation treatments, which are generally applied to men, can be applied to all patients with hair loss. Hair loss, which is seen in 95% of men, is mostly due to familial genetics. Hormonal effects in people cause hair loss. The life processes of hair strands of patients who experience this condition have decreased or even ended. Even if such hairs are replaced in time by new hairs, they will complete their phases after a certain period of time and begin to shed again. After this situation, the body cannot produce hair strands again. Since the die completely, the problem of baldness will be inevitable. However, the only area that is not affected by this situation is the nape area. There is absolutely no shedding in the hair follicles located there. Therefore, the carefully collected from that area are transplanted to the areas where baldness is seen. As a result, it is possible to see hair regrowth in a short time. Depending on the way the treatment responds, this procedure can be applied several times. Hair Transplantation treatment can also be applied to women. Adverse conditions of hair loss in women are encountered in the same way as in male patients. However, in this very rare situation, the practices and treatment processes do not differ for women in any way. All tests and examinations are performed in the same periods. The results are 99.9% positive, just like in male patients. Among the celebrities, Machine Gun Kelly has been a reference in the visual and printed media to patients who intend to have hair transplantation.

  • Hair Transplantation Prices

The options of Hair Transplantation treatment that includes various techniques are quite high. In this regard, as the options increase, Hair Transplantation Prices can also differ. In addition, with the large number of options giving you the opportunity to choose, getting the one deemed appropriate by your physician produces much better results. Hair Transplantation Prices applied in this treatment can be listed as follows. Generally, pricing is made according to the amount of hair loss. The figure depending on the graft size calculated for a patient with moderate spillage is between 2500 – 3500 TL. Again, the amount of transplantation to be done varies according to the condition of each patient. Also, the transplantation price for a patient with moderate hair loss varies between 3000 – 4500 TL. The numbers to be given for a patient with major hair loss can be higher. The average numbers that can be given for patients at this level are approximately 3750 – 5000 TL for the graft size. After this payment, another payment between 6000 – 9000 TL is required as a transplanting fee.

  • Types of Hair Transplantation Treatment

There are 9 different options among the Hair Transplantation Treatment Types. Although these treatment methods are sometimes left to the preference of patients, the methods recommended to patients by specialist doctors are more preferred. If the most suitable method for the patient is chosen during hair transplantation, 100% results can be obtained. The short names of these methods can be listed as follows:

  • Fut sedation hair transplantation
  • Transplantation with prosthetic hair technique
  • Sapphire percutaneous hair transplantation
  • Intense and firming application
  • FUE hair transplantation technique
  • Transplanting with robotic technique
  • DHI pen techniques
  • FUE hair transplantation 
  • Mega hair transplantation techniques

As a result, a form of treatment, a method and a cure for most diseases is now available. In this sense, there are differences in both the technical sense, the application and the financial part of each treatment. In addition, we should not decide on our own for any disease, support should be obtained from specialist physicians in all desired treatment methods. This is the best way to ensure that treatments give real and accurate results.


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