Can i cut my hair after hair transplant?

Can i cut my hair after hair transplant?

As we have seen, new hair takes several months to grow completely: this means that if you wish to have a hair cut after a hair transplant, you´ll have to wait to visit your hairdresser. The best is to wait for doctor’s approval; besides, it´s very important to wait for the wounds to be completely healed, since otherwise we run the risk of grafts falling out if we cut the hair or use some inadequate products before the proper time.

Although it depends on the evolution in each patient, the general recommendation is to wait at least 3 months to make your first haircut after the hair transplant. It is also recommended that the first cut should not be very close to the scalp. Finally, it is very important that before using any product it should have been previously approved by your specialist, since certain substances can damage the implanted follicles.

How Short Can I Cut My Hair After a Hair Transplantation?

As we said before, the best is not cutting your hair too close to the scalp in your first haircut. But more important than this is how to cut your hair… Would you use a razor, or scissors? Well, the fact is that you should avoid using a razor and instead use scissors when getting your first hair cut 3 months after your operation, since razor can cause damages to the scalp and even tear out the transplanted follicles when pulling the hair.

Blades are not recommended, too, as they irritate the scalp and may cause an irreversible damage to the grafts. So, if you wish to use a razor in your new transplanted hair, you should have to wait at least 6 months, because new follicles need to be well implanted in the transplanted area. You can use a razor however after just one month, but only in the donor area and always after consulting your doctor.


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