Second Hair Transplant

The Second Hair Transplant

Second hair transplant, operation may be needed with hair transplantation operations that cannot be completed in a single session. People whose expectations have not been fulfilled as a result of the first hair transplantation or who need a second transplantation due to various reasons can benefit from a second hair transplantation if their health condition allows and the donor area is sufficient.

The person must meet the conditions and be suitable for this operation to have a second hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation can only be applied with the person’s own hair follicles. If the person does not have enough hair follicles for hair transplantation, they cannot have transplantations.

As in all hair transplantation operations, the person must have a permanent hair loss problem, that is, no hair should grow from the roots to be transplanted to qualify for a second hair transplantation.

When is a Second Hair Transplantation Performed?

A second hair transplantation can be performed as a result of dissatisfaction with the first hair transplantation procedure or for various reasons. We examined situations in which a second hair transplantation application was performed in the following article.

A second hair transplantation operation can be performed to compensate for a previous erroneous hair transplantation procedure or to correct it.

Hair transplantation is very common today. Due to the intense demand, more and more organizations are performing them. As such, while there are places that deliver very successful results with so many treatment centers on the market, there are also places where the desired result cannot be achieved as a result of erroneous applications done by incompetent individuals. Unsuccessful or erroneous results can occur due to the choices made by those who make the application. The worst that can be encountered is faulty hair transplantation in the first application and unnecessary and poor use of the transplantation area. The second hair transplantation is applied to correct  the problems that arise in the first operation by looking at the adequacy of the transplanted area.

Which Corrections are applied in the Second Hair Transplantation?

  • A second hair transplantation can be performed to correct a damaged or unnatural frontal hairline.
  • It can be done to naturalize the artificial image created by the right angle applied in the first transplantation that makes hair stand upright.
  • It be done to ensure that problem areas caused by faulty applications are corrected.
  • In order to meet the expectations of patients who did not get sufficient results in the first session, a second hair transplantation can be performed to thicken the hair. These second transplants are usually due to the insufficient number of grafts transplanted in the first hair transplantation which is a decision made jointly by the doctor and the patient, or it may be due to wrong choices.

Continuation of the patient’s hair loss is among the second reasons for hair transplantation. The recommendation of experts for a more successful hair transplantation is to wait for hair loss to reach a certain level. If the hair loss of the patient has not stopped, a new transplantation may be required even if it does not affect the health of the transplanted hair. Hair transplanted in the early period, that is, before hair loss is completed, does not fall out after the transplantation. However, since the old hair of the patient continues to shed, it may be necessary to make it thicker with a second hair transplantation operation.

Thickening hair with a Second Hair Transplantation

  • A transplantation can be performed if the patient is not satisfied with the first hair transplantation results and there is enough area suitable for the application.
  • A second hair transplantation can be done to thicken areas with thin hair if the number of transplanted grafts has been calculated incorrectly and a problematic hair transplantation has occurred.
  • A second hair transplantation can be performed to thicken the thinning areas in patients whose shedding has not stopped and whose old hair continues to shed after the first hair transplantation.

In some cases, hair transplantation operations can be performed in two sessions with the doctor’s decision. In a hair transplantation plan consisting of two transplants, the second session of hair transplantation is decided with the doctor before the first transplantation. Accordingly, after the doctor makes a decision with the patient, it becomes definite how many grafts will be transplanted in the first transplantation, the time of the second hair transplantation and how many grafts will be transplanted in the second hair transplantation.

The most important point in hair transplantation is the density of the donor area. Establishing this correctly gives us a successful result. The healthiest and most accurate donor area in hair transplantation operations is the nape area between the ears. Experts working on hair transplantation have agreed that the number of grafts to be collected from the application area at one time should not exceed 4500. If transplantation requires more than 4500 grafts, performing the transplantation as two sessions eliminates the risks that can occur with a more robust hair transplantation.

A second session of hair transplantation may be required in case of an impact in the area where the hair transplantation is performed. In case of an accident, the re-application area of the patient is expected to recover and the transplantation process is repeated 6 months later. In addition, prolonged hair transplantation operation times due to the number of grafts to be transplanted necessitate 2 sessions of hair transplantation. In such cases, the second hair transplantation session is performed in the following days.

Planning the Second Hair Transplantation Session in Advance

  • Transplantations that require intensive application can be performed in 2 sessions with the doctor’s decision.
  • It is preferred in areas where hair loss has occurred, that is, in cases where there are extensive bald areas.
  • A second transplantation can be planned for a healthier transplantation and to protect the donor area in transplants requiring more than 4500 grafts.

Second Hair Transplantation Prices

Hair transplantation prices can vary depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. In intensive transplantation where the first and second hair transplantation need to be done together, the average 2 session hair transplantation price increases at a certain rate. This rate is around 40%. Hair transplantation prices consisting of over 4500 grafts and 2 sessions cost approximately 8000 TL. This average price may vary depending on the transplantation method and the doctor.

The planned 2-session hair transplantation operations usually take place 6-8 months later, and you can agree with your doctor in this planning and have a discount on the price.

If you want to have a second hair transplantation in a different hair transplantation center after a certain interval due to various reasons such as correction or thickening, you will usually encounter prices similar to normal hair transplantation prices.

When should a Second Hair Transplantation be done?

The date of the second session of hair transplantation varies according to the patient’s condition.

  • The second transplantation can be performed the next day as a second session right after the first transplantation. This is called gold planting.
  • The second hair transplantation can be performed after waiting 6 months for the application area to heal and recover.
  • An appointment can be made for a second hair transplantation after a long time after the first hair transplantation turned out to be dissatisfactory.

The time of the second hair transplantation is determined as a result of the joint decisions of the doctor and the patient, depending on the reason for the application.

Is it possible to transplant again after the second hair transplantation?

The answer to this question depends on issues such as the age of the patient, general health condition, adequacy of the area where hair transplantation can be performed, and the causes of hair loss. If the area to be transplanted is sufficient and the overall health of the patient allows the hair transplantation procedure, it can be done more than once.

After each hair transplantation operation, the session is re-evaluated together with the suitability of the patient. Various analyzes and examinations are made before the procedure. These processes ensure that the session and post-session are healthy and risk-free and prevent unwanted results. This way, it is decided whether the patient is suitable for the next hair transplantation session and an appointment is made for a second hair transplantation.


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