Football Player Hair Transplant

Football Player Hair Transplant

Football Player Hair Transplant, Most football players have changed themselves to appeal more to the eyes. Of course, the most striking and effective of these changes is hair transplantation. You can make a big change in your appearance just by having a hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is also called hair transplanting. Hair transplantation is the placement of hair from the parts of the body with more resistant hair follicles and transplanting them on the head which has less hair.

How is Hair Transplantation done?

In hair transplantation, the first process is to determine the area where the hair follicles will be extracted from. Of course, the nape of the neck or the area behind the ears is generally preferred to extract hair follicles because the hair follicles in these parts are thicker and more resistant. Hair follicles are taken from these areas with special procedures, and these hair follicles are kept in a specially prepared solution to ensure better quality of the hair follicles. Subsequently, after the solution process is finished, the hair transplantation process is started. Hair roots are transplanted into sparse parts with special procedures.

How Much does Hair Transplantation cost?

Hair transplantation is actually not that expensive, the price of a hair follicle is between 1 TL and 5 TL. If your hair loss is average, your hair root cost will be between 2,000 – 3,000 TL while the hair transplantation is 3,500 TL, if your hair loss is really massive, your hair root cost will be 4,500 TL while  your hair transplantation cost is 6,000 – 8,000 TL.

How should hair be washed after Hair Transplantation?

The first week after hair transplantation is very sensitive. Scabbing is seen on the hair due to the transplantation. The work is started by applying a lotion to the hair transplantation area, the lotion is applied to the scalp robustly and this lotion is kept on the head for 1 hour. The purpose of this lotion is to remove the scabs from the scalp. After the end of 1 hour, the hair is rinsed with warm water with circular movements. In the last wash, gauze is used to peel off the scabs more easily. During washing, shampoo is poured into the gauze and the scabs are peeled off with gentle up and down movements.


When we wash the hair ourselves after hair transplantation, we should never use nails because there may be germs and various bacteria underneath the nails, which can damage the scalp or even cause inflammation. Do not forget to wash your hair with soft and circular motions. If you do this, you will get better results.

What Types of Hair Transplantation are available?

In fact, when we look at the basics, we can see that they are divided into two techniques, namely

* The Fut  and

* Fue techniques. If we examine them, the FUT technique was found in the 90s and is the most widely used and common technique. It is the method of taking a hair donor and transplanting it to the patient in a line.

The Fue technique provides the most natural appearance with thick hair. Hair is taken from the donor area and placed strategically on the scalp. If the hair follicles take hold, they continue to grow for a lifetime.

What age is appropriate for a hair transplantation ?

Hair transplantation can be done to anyone between the ages of 20-60. In fact, there is not much age limit for hair transplantation, you just do not transplant hair at a very young age. Hair loss usually occurs due to genetics or the stress of your life. If it is genetic, the only way to salvage your hair is transplantation, but if your hair is shed due to stress, you will notice that your hair loss is significantly reduced when you get away from stress.

Who Are The Best Hair Transplantation Doctors in Turkey?

We have listed the best hair transplantation doctors in Turkey for you in an unbiased way. All our doctors are good in their fields, the list was made for information purposes.

Turkey has recently manifested itself in this field, especially in December 2019, when Dr.Esin Eğilmez and Dr. Okan Morkoç, one of our doctors was awarded as the most successful transplantation doctor in Europe which proves the success of our doctors. Turkish doctors have proved themselves not only in this field but in many other fields.

How Should the Process Procede After Hair Transplantation?

After the hair is transplanted, all the transplanted hair will shed in a short time, but this is quite normal, the loss of the transplanted hair is a natural cycle. The transplanted hair shows itself literally within a year, and it is quite normal to shed in this process. You have to be very careful while washing your hair after hair transplantation. We recommend that you wash your hair using gentle and circular motions.

Who Are The Footballers Who Have had Hair Transplantation?

As mentioned at the beginning, most people have hair transplants to appeal more to the eyes, now we will examine the footballers who have had hair transplantations.

The first one is


Football Player Hair Transplant

As you see in the before and after pictures, a major change has taken place, he might not be a football player, but we wanted to include him here, it would not do not to include a person who has spent his years presenting and interpreting football games.

Number two is


Football Player Hair Transplant

Cenk Tosun revised his image by having a hair transplantation and was included in the list of football players who have had hair transplantations.

Number three is


Football Player Hair Transplant

Wayne Rooney  the British football player gave an interview in which he said that he was about to become bald at the age of 25 and that really scared him. The change he has undergone speaks for itself.

Number 4 is someone all of us know.


Football Player Hair Transplant

Sercan Yıldırım, who is familiar to all of us with the Survivor program, recently decided to have a hair transplantation again and 7 thousand hair follicles were planted on his head.

Football Player Hair Transplant

Dr. Okan Morkoç

Especially Sercan Yıldırım has had hair a transplantation more than once, but the person who has on the agenda the most with hair transplantation, we would have to say Wayne Rooney of course because the British football player was spoken about by the whole world at some point. Ertem Şener is not a football player but a person who is closely related to football. It would not be a lie to say that Cenk Tosun has experienced a major change with the hair he has had transplanted and that he has become more charismatic and attractive. Football players stated that they were very satisfied with their hair transplantations. If you want to have robust hair without transplanting hair, you can try various shampoos, oils or massages to stimulate hair growth. However, the most effective and definitive way is always hair transplantation. If you want to have hair like these football players, you can have hair transplanted. The last link that reinforces Turkey’s successful line in the field of health was the award handed over to  Dr. Okan Morkoç in December 2019 for being the most successful hair transplantation doctor in Europe. There are many good doctors in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey, so wherever you are in Turkey, you can go to any hair transplantation doctor with peace of mind. You can have hair transplanted just like the football players in Turkey.

Do football players undergo hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation involves the extraction of hair follicles from a donor area, typically the back or sides of the scalp, and implanting them into the areas experiencing hair loss. This procedure allows the transplantation of one’s own hair, resulting in natural-looking and permanent results.

Football players, like any other individuals, may experience hair loss due to genetic factors, hormonal changes, or other reasons. Hair transplantation offers a solution for those who desire to maintain a youthful and aesthetic look. By restoring their hair, football players can enhance their overall appearance and boost their self-confidence, both on and off the field.

It is important to note that the decision to undergo hair transplantation is a personal one and varies from player to player. Not all football players choose to undergo the procedure, as each individual has their own preferences and considerations. Some may opt for alternative methods to address hair loss, such as using hairpieces or non-surgical treatments.

Hair transplantation does not directly affect a football player’s career. The primary factors that impact a player’s success in football are their skills, performance, physical abilities, and overall fitness. Hair transplantation is a personal choice that allows players to enhance their appearance and feel more confident in themselves. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide if hair transplantation is the right option for them.

In summary, while not all football players undergo hair transplantation, some choose this procedure to address hair loss or receding hairlines. Hair transplantation can help restore their hair and improve their overall appearance. The decision to undergo hair transplantation is a personal one, and it does not directly impact a player’s career as long as they maintain their skills, performance, and physical abilities on the field.

What is the motivation for football players to undergo hair transplantation?

The motivation for football players to undergo hair transplantation is often similar to that of other individuals who seek the procedure. Here are some common motivations:

Aesthetic Enhancement: Football players, like anyone else, value their appearance and want to look their best. Hair loss or a receding hairline can affect their self-confidence and how they perceive themselves. Hair transplantation allows them to restore their hairline, increase hair density, and improve their overall appearance.

Self-Confidence: Confidence plays a significant role in an athlete’s performance on the field. Hair loss can negatively impact a player’s self-esteem, and by addressing it through transplantation, they can regain their confidence both on and off the field. Feeling more confident can have a positive influence on their overall game.

Youthful Appearance: Football players are often in the public eye, and maintaining a youthful appearance can be important for their public image. Hair transplantation offers a way to rejuvenate their look and appear more youthful, which can have a positive impact on their image and marketability.

Personal Satisfaction: Hair transplantation is a personal choice driven by the desire for personal satisfaction and happiness. Football players, just like anyone else, may feel happier and more satisfied when they are comfortable with their physical appearance. If hair loss is something that bothers them, hair transplantation can provide a solution and improve their overall well-being.

Normalization: Hair transplantation has become increasingly common and widely accepted. As more individuals, including celebrities and public figures, openly discuss their experiences with hair transplantation, it has become a normalized procedure. Football players may feel encouraged to explore this option for themselves, knowing that many others have achieved successful results.

How does hair transplantation affect a football player’s career?

Hair transplantation can have various effects on a football player’s career, both on and off the field. Here are some ways in which hair transplantation may impact a football player’s career:

Confidence Boost: Hair transplantation can significantly improve a player’s self-confidence, which can have a positive impact on their performance. When a player feels more confident in their appearance, it can translate to increased self-assurance on the field. Improved confidence can contribute to better focus, decision-making, and overall performance during matches.

Image and Marketability: Football players are not only athletes but also public figures with a significant following. Maintaining a positive image is crucial for their marketability and endorsement opportunities. Hair transplantation can help players enhance their appearance, maintain a youthful look, and project a positive image to sponsors, fans, and the media.

Personal Well-Being: Hair loss or a receding hairline can be a source of stress and self-consciousness for football players. Addressing these concerns through hair transplantation can improve their overall well-being and mental state. When players feel more comfortable and satisfied with their appearance, they can focus better on their game, leading to improved performance and career satisfaction.

Branding and Identity: A football player’s hairstyle is often part of their personal brand and identity. Hair transplantation can allow players to maintain their desired hairstyle or restore their signature look. This continuity in appearance can contribute to their overall branding and recognition among fans and the public.

Public Perception: In today’s age of social media and constant scrutiny, a football player’s appearance can be subject to public opinion and criticism. Hair transplantation can help players address any negative commentary about their hair loss, providing them with a more positive public image and deflecting unnecessary distractions from their performance.

Longevity and Career Length: Football careers can span several years, and maintaining a youthful appearance can contribute to a player’s longevity in the sport. Hair transplantation can help players maintain their youthful look, potentially extending their career and marketability in the sport.

Are there any restrictions or considerations for football players undergoing hair transplantation?

Yes, there are certain restrictions and considerations for football players who are considering hair transplantation. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind:

Recovery Period: Hair transplantation requires a recovery period during which the transplanted hair follicles need time to establish and grow. This may involve restrictions on physical activity and contact sports, including football. Players will need to follow post-operative instructions provided by their surgeon to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of complications.

Timing: Football players should carefully consider the timing of their hair transplantation procedure. It is advisable to schedule the procedure during the offseason or a break in the football season to allow for adequate recovery time without interfering with training, matches, or team commitments.

Consultation with Team Physicians: Football players should consult with their team physicians or medical staff before undergoing any elective procedures, including hair transplantation. The team’s medical professionals can assess the player’s overall health, evaluate potential risks, and provide guidance specific to their individual circumstances.

Individual Recovery and Healing: Each player’s recovery and healing process may vary. Factors such as the extent of the procedure, the player’s overall health, and their body’s response to the surgery can influence the recovery timeline. It is important for football players to follow their surgeon’s post-operative instructions diligently and communicate any concerns or complications to their medical team.

 How long does it take for football players to recover from a hair transplant?

The recovery time for football players after a hair transplant can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the procedure, the individual’s healing ability, and the specific post-operative care provided. Here are some general guidelines:

Immediate Post-Operative Period: In the immediate post-operative period, football players may experience some discomfort, swelling, and redness in the recipient and donor areas. The surgeon will provide specific instructions on wound care, medication, and activity restrictions during this time. Typically, players will need to avoid strenuous physical activities, including football, for a certain period.

First Week: During the first week, it is important to follow proper wound care guidelines provided by the surgeon. This may involve gentle washing of the recipient area, avoiding excessive touching or scratching, and taking prescribed medications to promote healing and reduce the risk of infection.

Two to Three Weeks: Swelling and redness in the recipient area gradually subside within the first few weeks. Players may still need to avoid intense physical activities and contact sports during this time to prevent any trauma to the healing grafts. It is essential to closely follow the post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon to ensure successful healing.

Are there any football players known to have undergone hair transplantation?

Yes, there are several football players who have openly discussed or been reported to have undergone hair transplantation. Hair loss is a common concern among football players due to various factors such as genetics, stress, and the frequent use of tight hairstyles like ponytails or headgear during matches. Here are a few notable examples:

Wayne Rooney: Wayne Rooney, a former English footballer, openly spoke about his hair transplant procedure in 2011. He underwent a follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant to address his receding hairline.

David Silva: Spanish footballer David Silva, who has played for clubs like Manchester City and Real Sociedad, reportedly underwent a hair transplant to restore his hairline. He has been open about his experience and the positive impact it had on his confidence.

Antonio Conte: Italian football coach and former player Antonio Conte underwent a hair transplant to restore his hairline. He has been vocal about his decision and how it boosted his self-esteem.


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