Akshay Khanna Hair Transplant

Akshay Khanna Hair Transplant

Akshay Khanna Hair Transplant treatment is both a natural and permanent solution for people who suffer from hair loss or are faced with the problem of hair loss. The process of transplanting healthy hair follicles to areas where hair follicles no longer work actively and where baldness occurs is called hair transplantation. In the Akshay Khanna Hair transplantation, the patient’s own healthy hair is added to the area where hair is sparse. Hair transplantation is planned and applied individually for each person. Hair transplantation is done by extracting hair follicles that are resistant to baldness, generally located in the nape region of the patients, and transplanted to the parts where thinning occurs.

The main purpose of hair transplantation operations is to give a permanently healthy appearance to the places where baldness occurs in the head area, in a way that it is not obvious. A hair transplantation operation is basically a very small operation. Therefore, it is the most reliable way to perform this procedure in a hospital environment by experts and a team with experience in the field. The purpose of hair transplantation operations is for the patient to regain the appearance of natural hair thanks to modern medical applications.

Who can apply the Akshay Khanna Hair Transplantation?

Today, almost 50% of men over the age of 50 are faced with the problem of hair loss. Therefore, hair transplantation operations are the most frequently applied cosmetic surgeries especially for men. Hair loss is not unique to men. Many women also face the problem of hair loss or baldness. The Akshay Khanna Hair transplantation is an operation that can be applied to both women and men.

How is the Akshay Khanna Hair Transplantation done?

In the Akshay Khanna hair transplantation operation, the hair follicles that are generally taken from the nape are transplanted by experts into the bald area. Although it is not common, sometimes there is not enough excess healthy hair on the nape of the neck or temple area of the person. When faced with such a situation, the procedure is performed by taking hair follicles from the person’s arms or chest wall and other areas containing hair. The operation is completed within a few hours in direct proportion to the intensity of hair loss. The treatment can take several sessions if the balding area is large.

Generally, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. After hair transplantation, a special bandage is wrapped around the head. The person can be discharged after 1-2 hours. Although it is rarely encountered, in case of headache, painkillers can be administered. After a 3-day home rest, the person can return to his working life with a covered head.

The most important point for Akshay Khanna hair transplantation

The Akshay Khanna Hair transplantation is a very serious operation. In order to minimize the risks in hair transplantation, it is of great importance to perform this procedure in a hospital environment. Having the procedure carried out by surgeons who are well-trained on this subject and who are experts in their field will provide the best results.

In the Akshay Khanna hair transplantation operation, it is very important that the hair follicles being transplanted are quickly revived by blood, in other words “hold” for the operation to be successful. If the right technique is applied, hair transplantation will be successful. It is also very important to plant hair at the right distance, at the right angle and at the right density to achieve a natural look.

What methods are used for Akshay Khanna hair transplantation?

In Akshay Khanna hair transplantation operations, FUE, which does not leave a trace, or methods that leave a very slight trace on the neck are applied. In the FUE hair transplantation method, hair follicles are taken one by one and transplanted to the bald areas. In the method used during the procedure, skin containing hair is removed from the nape. The person having the transplantation should have healthy hair on the back of the neck and on the sides of the neck. Many other factors, such as the color of the hair, its hardness, waviness or bushiness, can also affect the result of the procedure to be performed.

Which of these methods should be done is decided after the hair and scalp analysis. In general, the FUE method is preferred, but in some cases, different methods can be applied. Akshay Khanna Hair transplantation is an operation that is performed not only to prevent baldness, but also to increase the density of hair in the reduced areas.

Does transplanted hair shed after the Akshay Khanna hair transplantation?

After the Akshay Khanna hair transplantation operation, the transplanted hair starts to fall out within a few weeks after the application, but this is normal. The shed hair starts to grow again after about 3 to 4 months. After this temporary shedding is resolved, the transplanted hair follicles hold their fort and the shedding stops. However, the original hair in the same area can shed over time and a hair transplantation might be needed again with the decrease in hair density. Post-operative hair loss can continue uninterruptedly and continuously. a surgical intervention can be performed on the area in the future especially if this situation causes an unnatural appearance in the new hairline.

Is the Akshay Khanna hair transplantation an aesthetic procedure or a medical procedure?

The Akshay Khanna Hair transplantation is an aesthetic procedure although it has its medical aspect. If the area where the hair follicles will be extracted is well determined and the front hairline of the area where the transplantation will be performed is evaluated naturally, a style suitable for the patient’s image is established. This side of the operation is an aesthetic procedure.

Are you eligible for an Akshay Khanna hair transplantation?

If you fulfill the conditions stated below, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation:

  • If your physical development is complete,
  • If you do not have a physiological disorder that prevents hair transplantation,
  • If there are enough and suitable hair follicles in the donor area on your head,
  • If there is a suitable space for hair follicle transplantation in the area where the transplantation will be performed.

Does hair transplanted with Akshay Khanna look natural??

The operation should be performed by specialist doctors in this field to have a natural appearance, the operation should. Therefore, you must choose the right healthcare provider for this procedure. When a hair transplantation application is performed by experienced doctors who are experts in the field, the process will result in a natural look that does not give itself away.

Akshay Khanna Hair Transplantation FUE Method

The abbreviation of the term ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ is the “FUE” method. It is a method that is highly successful, in which the hair follicles that are resistant to shedding are removed one by one with a personalized micro-operation tool by using follicular units without the need for incisions or stitching from the nape of the neck and above the ear area, where hair follicles are densely located, and transplanted to the balding area. The procedure is executed under local anesthesia, preventing the person from feeling any pain or discomfort. Local anesthesia is completely left to the preference of the person. Today, the FUE method is used in different styles of Akshay Khanna Hair transplantation operations with a modern approach.


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