Chris Evans Hair Transplant

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

Chris Evans hair transplant, has successfully completed a natural-looking hair transplantation operation that nobody could guess at the point of the hair transplantation. Born in the USA on June 13, 1981, Chris Evans’ real name, to be more accurate, is Christopher. His mother, Lisa, is a director, and his father, Robert, is a dentist. Chris Evans is engaged in acting. Chris, who is the favorite of pretty young girls, owes this to his handsomeness and hair, which has an 80% effect on his handsome appearance, as well as his acting success. His hair is a lush brown and full. Although it is not obvious at first glance, we know that Chris Evans, like other actors, found the treatment for his hair loss generated by the intensity and stress of the stage to be a transplantation. Successful actor Chris Evans’ hair had started to fall out from the right and left sides, as can be seen in the picture, the effect of hair on the human face is extraordinary.

Due to work stress caused by an intense tempo, Chris initiated his transplanting phase before too many fans noticed that his hair was thinning, and thus he had a successful operation without too much shedding. People who intend to have a hair transplantation should definitely proceed early. You can achieve a more natural appearance as you age and Biofibre hair transplantation, which look more artificial if the hair is completely gone, will come into play. Biofibre is also quite effective. However, the Fue method is a technique used to achieve a more natural look consisting of double and triple hair strands, as I will talk about shortly. When we look at Chris Evans’ hair, we understand that more effective results are visible because the treatment was done before the hair was exhausted. Again, as seen in the picture, it is possible to say that his hair has been completely reinstated in its former appearance.

Of course, it needs to be said that the front hairline is as important as the hair transplantation itself for the person. People whose front hairlines are receding should have their front hairline designed to perfection by experts. No one wants to see two or three strands remaining on his head when he wakes up in the morning, washes his face and hands and looks in the mirror. The reason why combs exist is to comb hair. And one of the things that everyone generally wants is to comb their hair. So much so that people want to look good when dealing with large numbers of people such as acting, nursing and teaching. Although our image is not just about our appearance, it is of course very, very important. Have you ever seen an inspector come to school in tatters? You have not because the external looks of a person who expects respect from others is at least as important as his knowledge and equipment. Just like that, a person’s hair is just as important to a person as their shoes. You may want to have a bald style, this is entirely your decision, your style is shaped according to your wishes, but in general, most people want to have hair on their heads that flutters in the wind. Many people lose their hair at an early age. And most importantly, no matter what these people do, they cannot prevent hair loss. In this case, some specialists need to apply treatment. Experts have focused on this issue and found great techniques to help people. Let’s talk a little bit about them.


The Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is a local technique that enables us to achieve a very natural appearance, and a technique that gives us denser hair roots than ever before. It is a technique that gives us a natural look with our own hair by taking the double and triple roots that come out of the hair root without leaving any stitches or incision marks and transplanted hair roots where there aren’t any. The Fue method consists of the following stages.

Phase 1

It takes about an hour.
The hair in the nape area cut and the work begins with the extraction of the hair roots from the nape. The reason for this is to ensure that the hair follicles are 0.3 millimeters in length.
Another reason why Fue differs from other techniques is that the place to be transplanted can also be done with hair to be taken from the body and legs. And of course, after the desired amount of hair is extracted, local anesthesia is applied the second stage of the procedure is initiated.

Phase 2

This phase can take about three hours.
The hairs at the nape of the neck are collected one by one with the help of a micro motor. The tip of the micro motor is fitted with punches suitable for the patient. Single roots taken from the head are planted on the hairline so that a natural look can be obtained with this method. It is very important that you can count the transplanted follicles one by one at this stage, which is an important issue both in terms of health compliance and expertise. Hair follicles taken one by one are divided into groups of a hundred grafts. This is followed by Phase 3. A short break can be taken at this point, it is for the experts to decide whether this will be problematic.

Phase 3

This phase can take about three hours. At this point, the front hairline of the hair is decided together with the patient who is having the hair transplantation. All the roots are checked once again. The distribution of hair density is checked for the last time. The front hairline to be transplanted is anesthetized. After this procedure, the locations of the hair follicles are opened with the help of a Lateral Slit. The opening of these places, namely the grooves, is very important in terms of nourishing and keeping the hair follicles viable after transplantation.


The general reason for preferring the fut method is its reasonable price. This method is one of our oldest methods. It is quite effective, however it can leave some traces which has been a matter of concern. To briefly explain the way this method is done, the hair is taken as a thin strip from the nape of the neck and transferred to the required parts. This method is a method that requires serious mastery. Since the Fut method does not require effort like the Fue Method, it differs from Fue in the extraction. This is because in the Fut method, the hair follicles are not extracted one by one. The extraction starts by drawing a rectangular strip that can vary according to the structure of the head. This method is not preferred very often mainly because suture marks and swelling in some parts of the face occur after the Fut method.


DHI is actually a hair transplantation application as well as a hair transplantation method. The biggest advantage of DHI is that the pen that opens the hair roots is the same one that transplants the hair. This way hair can be transplanted faster and more densely. Another reason why it is preferred is that it does not damage the hair.


The biggest advantage and demand for biofibre hair transplantation, that is, artificial hair transplantation, is that it can be transplanted to a burned scalp or scarred area because it is artificial. Biocompatible hair strands are placed into hair follicles and designed to be closest to nature. There are many people who resort to this method.
I talked about the natural methods Fue, Fut, DHI and Artificial Biofibre, and if you want to have hair like CHRIS EVANS and your genes include baldness, you can make the most suitable choice for your hair follicles with experts and get a natural full head of hair and supplement your image.


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