Alopecia Turkey

Alopecia Turkey

Alopecia Turkey, This disease, which is known as ringworm among the people and whose medical name is Alopecia, generally means ringworm and rapid loss of hair in terms of its features. There are various reasons for such rapid hair loss. Hair transplantation methods come into play in the treatment of alopecia, which starts suddenly and causes rapid hair loss.

Although it is possible to regain hair in the shed areas with these methods, the factors that cause this discomfort in the first place need to be dealt with. Due to the fact that alopecia patients are exposed to this condition for various reasons, it may be necessary to eliminate the origin of the disease first. The question of what is alopecia is the question asked by many patients.

Alopecia Treatment

Although various supplementary treatments can be applied during the treatment of this disease known as ringworm, there is no definitive treatment for the disease. In addition, auxiliary techniques come to the fore during the treatment of the disease. Considering the causes of this disease, it is known that in addition to various hormone problems, vitamin deficiency also causes rapid hair loss. At the same time, supportive supplements are important in the treatment phase.

Furthermore, it is possible to use hair transplantation methods at the same time for patients who ask what alopecia is. Hair transplantation methods, which generally serve not to prevent the disease, but to eliminate the negative consequences caused by the disease, enable the replacement of shed hair. Today, it is possible to restore lost hair with such hair transplantation methods.

Alopecia and Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation also includes techniques used to prevent permanent hair loss seen in patients with cicatricial alopecia. Hair transplantation is one of the most preferred methods to eliminate permanent hair loss in such patients. At the same time, it is possible to demonstrate more successful results with the use of different techniques between hair transplantation stages.

Apart from this, patients who usually ask what is alopecia think that this situation is temporary hair loss. Although some of the hair is replaced in ringworm disease, permanent hair loss is prominent in some patients due to the severe course of the case. At the same time, hair transplantation stands out as a solution for such patients. Nowadays, due to the successful results of hair transplantation methods, it is seen that people with major hair loss due to ringworm resort to such treatment methods.

How is Hair Transplantation Applied?

Hair transplantation is usually done by transferring hair follicles taken from the nape of the neck to the head using micro surgical methods. This method, which stands out in hair transplantation stages, is among the methods that are frequently preferred in the world and in our country. Since hair transplantation in our country is more developed than in other countries of the world, many patients, both domestically and abroad, confidently prefer our health institutions for this treatment.

At the same time, some issues related to hair transplantation come to the fore during the application of this treatment. It is possible to prevent any problems during the operation by drawing the front hairline of the person to be transplanted. Since the solutions used during hair transplantation cause illness or allergies in some people, it is important to know such conditions of the person before the treatment. Different problems can arise in many different patients. In addition, patients who use anticoagulants must stop using such drugs before treatment in order to have a more successful operation.

Can hair transplantation be applied to everyone?

The application of such treatments to both ringworm patients and other patient groups can often be encountered. In addition, it may be more logical for some patients to take the treatment afterwards for various reasons. For example, it is preferred that oncology patients have hair transplantation after their treatment is over for more successful results. The operations of diabetic patients also need care due to various risks.

In addition, patients may need to take a break from sports if they are doing sports before the operation. At the same time, allergy tests have an important place before hair transplantation. Physicians who make decisions based on the results of blood tests also take these results into account so that patients undergo hair transplantation more successfully.

When does Hair grow after Hair Transplantation

It is generally seen that the hair reaches the desired level after 6 months. In the first week, crusting is seen and this week the patient does not need any treatment. In addition, it is also important for the success of hair transplantation to use some drugs under the supervision of the doctor in the process of protecting the hair transplantation against various lesions that can occur on the head in the later stages.

Today, in addition to the various medications used after treatment, it is also important for the person to eat a balanced diet and abandon habits such as alcohol intake or smoking. Nowadays, with the introduction of such treatment methods, it is possible for hair to look better and thicker. In many respects, it is seen as a possible situation for different patient groups to achieve healthy hair with such treatments. Today, health centers offer hair transplantation as an important procedure with prominent applications. At the same time, various patient groups who ask what alopecia is and suffer from these problems can also choose hair transplantation.


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