Can I use a washcloth After Hair Transplant?

Can I use a washcloth after Hair Transplant?

Can I use a washcloth after Hair Transplant, The answer to our question will be yes because the transplanted hair has only been moved from one place to another, however it is recommended to use a washcloth at the end of the 4th day. Hair will need care after hair transplantation. The aim of hair care is to provide the active ingredients needed by the hair and skin, and to get rid of the discharge caused by wounds after transplantation as well as  dirt due to external factors. If hair care is applied before and after hair transplantation, the result will be perfect. Hair can be washed 4 days after the hair transplantation. Special shampoos will be recommended to you by the experts after transplantation, these shampoos should be used once or twice a day within 15 days, but normal hair massage should not be applied to the transplanted areas during washing, because the hair strands are vulnerable, they can be uprooted from their settings. After the hair transplantation, special lotions are recommended, they should be applied carefully to the area where the transplantation is done, kept for 1 hour and then washed carefully with the recommended shampoo. A dryer should not be used for 6 days after washing. A dryer can be used with cool air at the end of the 6th day. 10 days after hair transplantation, all scars and scabs will disappear, then you can use your own shampoo, dry your hair naturally, do not use a dryer in any way and you can comb your hair, but do not touch the comb on the transplanted area. If you are working in a dirty area after transplantation, you can definitely wear caps and hats on your head, but these should be spacious and avoid contact with the transplanted area. Do not apply hair gel or hairspray for the first 3 weeks. Your hair will fall out during these 3 weeks, do not worry because it will be replaced in 8 weeks. Sport is not allowed for the first three days after the procedure  because sweat coming out of the body can damage the hair strands, you can start sports activities after the 3rd day and you can do all movements after 3 weeks. In the meantime, entering a swimming pool is not allowed for the first week.

  • Which care materials should be used after hair transplantation?
  • Things to consider after hair transplantation
  • Things to consider before hair transplantation
  • Is hair care important after hair transplantation?

Which care materials should be used after hair transplantation?

The quality of care products used for hair can also change somewhat during the hair transplantation process. In this process, it is necessary to use more sensitive and elaborate shampoos and hair care creams. Herbal care products are recommended by experts for healthy hair growth after transplantation. Hair grows thicker and more robustly with a healthy scalp. If the scalp is neglected, the newly growing hair will be neglected and problematic. Many people do hair care before hair transplantation and search for the right care materials. During the hair growth process, vitamin-based nutrition will accelerate the formation of hair, for this, supplements such as Voonka Saw Palmetto Complex can be used. After the hair transplantation is completed, small wounds and cracks will occur in the transplanted areas, these wounds occur when the skin’s repair process activates the collagen structure. Bepantol wound healing cream can be used after hair transplantation, which accelerates the repair of the tiny roots. Each physician may recommend different creams, but creams with bepantol content will be more suitable for the first stage. The following shampoos and hair serums are recommended after hair transplantation:

  • Vichy Dercos Aminexil Serum
  • Phytologist 15 Serisi
  • Bioxcin Quantum
  • Latisse

After hair transplantation, some biotin-based drugs are used, these drugs increase hair growth by 30-50%.

  • Hair Fort Sprey,
  • Priorin,
  • Hair Growth Factor,
  • Rogain,
  • Bepantol products.

Things to consider after hair transplantation

There are many issues to be considered after hair transplantation, it will be more beneficial explain them in a list.

  • The first 15 days after transplantation is very important, the transplanted area should not come into contact with the pillow while sleeping. Lying on your back makes the most sense.
  • The transplanted area must be protected from bumps, impacts and friction for two weeks.
  • The first hair wash should be done by the team and experts, other washes can be done by the incumbent.
  • Sports should be avoided for 2 weeks to avoid any blows to the head.
  • Swimming and steam baths must be avoided for the 1st month.
  • Harmful substances should be avoided for at least 10 days after hair transplantation.
  • The area with hair transplantation should be protected from sun rays and rain.
  • All medications to be used after hair transplantation should be applied as described by the experts.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse for two weeks after hair transplantation.
  • The area where the hair transplantation is made should not be shaved with a shaver for 3 months.

Things to consider before hair transplantation

Things to pay attention to before hair transplantation are actually almost the same as the question of what should be done afterwards, and it would be more logical to explain this as bullet points.

  • The intake of substances that are harmful to the body such as cigarettes and alcohol should be stopped two weeks before.
  • If it is not absolutely vital, medication should be discontinued 1 week beforehand as they may cause bleeding.
  • Hair cleaning is very important and should be washed 2 weeks before starting treatment, at least 3 times a week.
  • It is recommended to shave your hair before hair transplantation so that there is no mess during transplantation.

Is hair care important after hair transplantation?

Care and recovery steps after hair transplantation are as important as the procedure itself. Your hair will go through several different stages after transplantation and then it will start to grow. Hair care is very important for the first few months after the hair transplantation procedure. The first three days after hair transplantation are very important, during this process, the neck is covered with a bandage and the transplanted area is left open. After the hair transplantation, there will be headaches and this is very normal and will gradually decrease at the end of the third day. Once you have survived the first three days after hair transplantation, you can take a shower with the expert’s approval. The healing process will increase after the first shower. In the first weeks, crusting will start in the areas where hair has been transplanted and itching will occur. It is very, very important to avoid relieving the itching with your hand as this can cause bleeding and displacement of the roots. The crusting will be over by the end of the 10th day. It is recommended to avoid going to the gym for the first week after hair transplantation. It is recommended after the 3rd week. The transplanted hair will fall out within 2 months after hair transplantation. There is no need to panic, because this is natural, you can start exercising gradually during this phenomenon which is called shock shedding. After the hair transplantation, you should protect your hair so that the sun’s rays do not damage your hair. The most difficult part is over after the first three months after hair transplantation, and you will observe the newly transplanted hair growing longer and thicker during these three months. At this time, all shedding is completed and normal hair starts to grow. During this growth, you will see that the newly transplanted hair strands are curly or wavy, this will change within a year depending on your general hair type.


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