Who is Tory Lanez?

Who is Tory Lanez?

Tory Lanez Hair Transplant, There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Hair Transplantation procedures, of which hundreds have been performed in recent years. These types of treatment methods, which are becoming widespread in a serious sense, have been a remedy for the problems of people suffering from hair loss and baldness. These treatment methods, which include many famous names, have made the lists of people who have hair transplantation quite extensive. Exemplary names include very famous names such as Tory Lanez.

How is Hair Transplantation done?

If the person is going to have such a treatment for the first time, he / she will probably be faced with many questions. One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘How Is Hair Transplantation done?’. In short, such procedures are used to extract roots from the nape of the neck where the hair is much denser. The roots are applied by making separate calculations to the points where the roots will be individually transplanted. Sparse areas and areas that are likely to become sparse in the future are determined. The physician performing the operation takes into account all thinning areas in the section where the procedures will be performed. They can be added to the procedures during the treatment in different format applications in agreement. Different situations can be observed in each person who will have a hair transplantation. Therefore, the patient’s procedures are started by choosing the most suitable treatment method among the many options.
Local anesthesia, which is easily applicable and very much preferred, is usually used in the treatment methods performed this way. Thus the patient is certainly free of pain, aches and discomfort. Another answer to the question ‘How Is Hair Transplantation done?’ is as follows. The process applied to the dense hair area of the skin is called graft extraction. After the aesthetic takes affect, stitches are applied under the leadership of physicians specialized in their field, the skin is closed in a way that leaves no traces.
These stitches do not need to be removed after the stitching process. The body of the person being treated absorbs the stitches by taking them to the lower part of the skin over time.
The disappearance of the stitches varies according to the biological condition of the patient. However, after the end of all treatments, the wounds and stitches will heal day by day and they will transform into a much better structure than before. In the main period of hair transplantation treatment, dense hairy  taken from the skin in strip form are transferred to the areas where there is no hair. Thanks to these processes, new tissues are generated and new are revitalized. Fine grooves are opened on the tissues, and care is taken to minimize damage to the treated area during the treatment period. Minimal temporary damage occurs in the body during and as a result of the treatment processes performed this way. In addition, with these professional and correct methods followed in the treatments, the viable hair follicles in the application area are not damaged. Based on the comments of patients, more dense hair growth has been observed in the enterprises that deliver service currently and are fully equipped, and positive results have been obtained.

What is Hair Transplantation Treatment?

The real name of the treatment method known as Hair Transplanting, as people express when talking among themselves, is medically defined as hair transplantation. What is Hair Transplantation Treatment? The first clear answer to the question is as follows. Which are absolutely necessary for treatment, are acquired from two separate areas. Our first area is the upper part of the neck. The reason why this section is preferred is because of the dense hair follicles. The second area is the hairy area between the ears. The main factor in the selection of these areas by specialist physicians is obvious. These parts are within the areas where the possibility of hair loss in the human body is very unlikely. The doctors collect hair cells from these areas with great care and continue the Hair Transplantation process this way during the procedure. Operations can continue between 2 and 6 hours depending on the density or sparseness of the patient’s hair. Before the operation, live hair follicles are collected from the areas determined in the body, and then transferred to the sparse and hairless parts. After all these procedures, the person starts to grow more hair than before.

Hair Transplantation Prices

There are various options in Hair Transplantation treatment, which includes many techniques. As the selection range expands, Hair Transplantation Prices can vary. The wide range of treatment methods helps patients get positive results. When choosing, it will be in your best interest to approach and choose from among the options presented to you by your doctor. The application prices are determined according to the level of hair loss. Hair Transplantation Prices of each organization and every treatment method vary. However, we can share the average applied prices as follows. The price for a patient with moderate hair loss at the graft stage is between 2000 – 3000 TL. If the person is determined to have medium level hair loss, the price can vary between 3000 – 4000 TL. Although these numbers go down for patients will less hair loss, they also go up for patients with high hair loss. A person with a high level of hair loss is quoted a price of between 4000 – 5000 TL for the graft operation. After this application, the person who will have a hair transplantation should be willing to pay an amount between 6500 – 10000 TL.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantations

Some people lack enough due to their genetic and biological structures. However, to avoid baldness, they can have Hair Transplantation provided that they keep their hair short. Each person has a unique physical structure as well as a different head structure. Although many people are not suitable for Hair Transplantation operations, this problem has been completely eliminated thanks to technology. Who Can Have Hair Transplantation? One of the best answers to the question is this. Today, although hair transplantation is mostly applied to male patients, it is also applied to female patients, albeit few in number. Although hair loss is 90% genetic, hair loss can also be caused by eating and drinking in line with the conditions we live in. Hormonal disorders and vitamin deficiencies can also cause hair loss. The process of balding starts gradually when the body is unable to produce hair roots. It is safe to say that the back of the neck is the only area in the human body that does not experience hair loss. That is the only place in the human body where live are always found. Another answer to the question ‘who can have l hair transplantation?’ has emerged this way. As mentioned above, hair transplantation operations can also be applied to women. All adverse situations seen in men are valid for female patients. The same symptoms are seen without any difference. The treatment processes of baldness problems, which are less common in women, are done the same in every way. In summary, Hair Transplantation operations are performed as a result of bringing together taken from the nape area and transplanting them in the right places. If the applications that need to be done are completed in full, tremendous results are obtained. One of the best examples that can be given is the famous Tory Lanez.
• Types of Hair Transplantation Treatments
I mentioned in the upper part of my article that there are numerous types of Hair Transplantation Treatment Types to choose from. The number of Hair Transplantation programs prepared for individuals is divided into 9 sections. By choosing the most suitable treatment method for the patient, the specialist doctors start the transplantation process quickly and easily. Hair Transplantation Treatment Types can be listed as follows:

• Fut sedation hair transplantation
• DHI pen techniques
• Intense and firming application
• Transplantation with prosthetic hair technique
• Transplanting with robotic technique
• Sapphire percutaneous hair transplantation
• FUE hair transplantation
• FUE hair transplantation technique


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