Can Breast Implants Cause Hair Loss?

Can Breast Implants Cause Hair Loss?

Can Breast Implants Cause Hair Loss, Breast implants are among the most preferred plastic surgeries by women. Some women have this surgery to look more beautiful and attractive and increase their self-confidence, however, the only reason for breast enlargement is not to have a beautiful body or to have a pleasant appearance. Breast implant does not cause hair loss, but some women may experience hair loss due to their genes and such special characteristics. Individuals who encounter hair loss problems can easily eliminate this problem with hair transplantation treatment, hair loss is not only encountered in women but also in men, and these people need some information to have a hair transplant operation.

  • Factors Causing Hair Loss
  • How is hair transplantation done?
  • Institutions to be Preferred for Hair Transplantation
  • What are the Types of Hair Transplantation?
  • How Much does Hair Transplant cost?

Factors Causing Hair Loss

There are many factors that can cause hair loss. People can easily eliminate the hair loss problem with the hair transplantation method, according to the findings of the experts, hair loss is related to the genetic structure of the individual. For example, if your father is bald, you can also have baldness. The causes of hair loss in men and women can be different from each other. Hair loss can be reduced with the advice of doctors at an early age, during these periods, individuals should eat a healthy diet, stay away from stress and long term sleeplessness such as two to three days, nowadays such individuals are experiencing lots of hair loss between the ages of 16-18 today. Although those are the main reasons, problems involving the skin can also cause hair loss. Since hair roots are lodged in the skin, any skin disease will cause hair follicles to shed. Individuals who do not want to experience hair loss should pay attention to their sleep, nutrition and health. Although it does not seem to have much effect, foods we call fast food can cause hair loss, therefore people should be very, very careful about nutrition. Experts recommend foods based on vitamins such as vegetables and fruits as nutrients because vitamins make the skin stronger and hold our hair strands in place. People who have a problems with nutrition are likely to have problems with hair as well. Those who do not want to eat vegetables and fruits can take vitamin pills with the approval of a doctor. Sometimes, the medications we use during illness can cause hair loss, and it will be useful to get information about medications before using them.

How is hair transplantation done?

There are many methods of hair transplantation. Experts must determine which hair transplantation method will be use before the procedure is done. The most common methods of hair transplantation are the FUT and FUE methods. In the FUT method, which is the first method, a skin area of 30 cm from the top of the neck to the bottom of the ears is made into micrografts and one by one these grafts are added to the balding areas. Between 5 thousand and 6 thousand hair strands are planted with this method. This figure is quite sufficient for a single session. It is not possible to transplant more than 6 thousand hair strands in a single session because there is a limit to the hair follicles. The second technique is the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction), that is, non-surgical hair transplantation is the same as FUT in this method, the only difference is the way the hair strand is removed, where a 1mm punch tool is used, in this method and between 1000 and 1500 hair strands transplants are performed per day and over a consecutive period of 3 or 4 days. can be done. While 5000-6000 hair strands are transplanted in a single session with FUT, the classical method,  this number is between 4000-5000 with the FUE method.

Institutions to be Preferred for Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is not a simple procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate and contact the institutions that perform this procedure. Hair transplantation is aesthetically very, very important, so it is very important which institution is chosen. After choosing the hair transplant institution, a qualified expert who is the best in the field should be sought because the expert who performs the procedure is experienced in the field and has manual talent, besides, we focus on many things such as which faculty the hair transplant specialist has graduated from, how many years he has been working and how much internship he has done. It is up to the patient to choose who will do the procedure.

What Types of Hair Transplantation is available?

There are many types of hair transplantation, the appropriate method is determined by the experts. If you wonder why there are so many types of hair transplantation, we can respond by saying that not everyone’s hair type and skin are the same, and the area people want to have hair transplanted can differ and therefore many types of hair transplantation have emerged. People who want to prevent this loss have found the solution in hair transplantation. We can list some types of hair transplantation as follows:

  • FUE hair transplant
  • FUE hair transplantation
  • Mega Hair Transplant
  • DHI pen technique
  • Robotic hair transplant
  • Densification Planting
  • Sapphire wig transplantation
  • Prosthetic hair transplant
  • Fut sedation hair transplantation

Experts determine which of these types will be applied according to the hair structure of the person before hair transplantation.

How much does Hair Transplantation cost?

Hair transplant prices vary depending on many factors. Therefore, it would not be correct to quote a clear price about hair transplant prices. Before you have a hair transplant, you need to decide what kind of hair transplant you want to have (any of those mentioned above), decide these choices with an expert in the light of the correct information or with previously learned information, and contact the specialist who will decide whether the type of procedure is appropriate. After deciding to have a hair transplant, you should also investigate who will transplant your hair, because it is important that the expert who does the procedure has dexterity and expertise in the field for a positive result. All these procedures can seem very difficult for a hair transplant, but in the end, you will be the happy one. If you want to get more information about hair transplant prices, you can visit the companies’ website or contact them. If I were to generalize within the scope of  various studies I would quote the following prices for hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation prices with FUE hair transplantation technique:

  • 500 strands of hair: 1.000 TL
  • 000 strands of hair: 2.000 TL
  • 000 strands of hair: 4.000 TL
  • 000 strands of hair: 8.000 TL
  • 000 strands of hair: 10.000 TL
  • 000 strands of hair: 12.000 TL
  • 000 strands of hair: 14.000 TL

Hair transplantation prices with DHI hair transplantation technique:

  • Graft (planting hair root) Unit Price: 1.50 TL- 5.00 TL
  • Graft cost of an average person with Hair Loss: 2,200-3,000 TL
  • Hair transplant price of an average person: 3,400 TL
  • Hair transplantation graft amount of a person with intense hair loss: 4.500 TL
  • Hair transplant price of a person with intense hair loss: 6.000-8.000 TL

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