How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale?

How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale?

How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale, From the past to the present, we can say that hair loss has been an important problem for both women and men. Many different studies have been conducted on this subject and different results have been obtained. Today, hair loss can occur in people for many reasons. The most important of these, genetic factors, stress, working with an intense tempo affect hair loss significantly. When hair loss occurs, men’s hair loss types are generally examined. Early and accurate diagnosis is very important in hair loss. The sooner you see the specialist, the sooner and more effectively you will regain your former natural appearance. Early and accurate diagnosis of hair loss significantly shortens the process and also affects baldness to a great extent. Therefore, in such cases, you should not hesitate to get expert support. The level of your hair loss can be measured by experts with a scale called Norwood and Svin. Your hair loss status is analyzed according to these levels. How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale? You can find the answers to your question in our article.

What is the Norwood Scale?

How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale?

Before answering the question, it would be more appropriate to try to give information about what the Norwood scale is. Many men are faced with the problem of baldness today due to the influence of genetic factors. As a result, hair loss is very common in men. Early detection and diagnosis is very important in hair loss as is the case with many diseases. This shortens the treatment period considerably. The scale, published under the name O’tar Norwood in 1975, measures hair loss for men. This scale enables the accurate analysis of the rate of hair loss.

The Norwood Scale Indicates Your Hair Loss Level

How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale?

The main criterion in hair loss is its dimension. Sometimes this is detected at a very early stage. Thus, the treatment process is shortened. According to this scale, the shedding levels of hair is graded between 1-7 and the significance of each number is different. In general, 12 different types of hair loss is encountered and their degrees are classified according to this scale, and the treatment method is determined accordingly.

It also determines the treatment method

The Norwood scale measures hair loss in degrees. This enables both the determination of hair loss and the most suitable treatment method to be done correctly. After the measurement, you need to determine the most accurate treatment method with your doctor. If you have an advanced hair loss condition, different alternative treatment methods can be determined according to the case. Different hair treatment methods are applied by experts in such cases. If your hair loss situation is still in the early stages, it is possible to get results in a short time with easier treatment. Since the problem of baldness usually begins in men in their 50s, it is recommended that you have regular check-ups before this period. Early diagnosis is very important in hair loss as in any disease.

You Can Find Out Your Hair Loss Rate With the Norwood Scale

How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions today. Such analyzes come to the fore In our country where hair loss is so common. Different degrees of hair loss can occur. While some men experience advanced hair loss in their 20s, some can encounter this type of hair loss only in their 50s. Therefore, age-related analyzes of hair loss play a very important role.

There are Many Factors Affecting Hair Loss in Men

How Serious Is Your Hair Loss According to the Norwood Scale?

It is safe to say that this situation directly concerns men. Especially genetic factors are an important factor in hair loss and many men are left with baldness due to their family history. There are many factors that affect the rate of hair loss in men. Hair loss can occur with the testosterone hormone released after puberty. Not every hair loss results in baldness, therefore expert support is recommended before worrying about hair loss.


Hair loss rates have an important place in hair loss. This rate varies from person to person. Each rate also changes according to the age of the person, therefore the correct rate of hair loss will greatly facilitate  treatment.

It is important to measure your balding rate with the right measurements.

Baldness rates are determined by different measurements for men or women. This rate is determined for women with the Savin scale, while the Norwood scale gives more accurate results for men. These measurements analyze the baldness or hair thinning conditions accurately.

What Do the Groups in the Norwood Scale Chart Mean? 

  • Type 1: It is a normal hair loss. It occurs at a young age, after puberty.
  • Type 2: It is more common in adults, that is, in advanced ages.
  • Type 2 – A: Slight shedding occurs in the front part of the hair.
  • Type 3: It is the earliest stage of male hair loss.
  • Type 3 – A: There is major hair loss in the front part of the hair.
  • Type 4: Hair loss occurs on the crown.
  • Type 4 – A: Hair falls out completely at the front.
  • Type 5: There is slight receding in the forehead area, mostly in the anterior parts, but the receding is progressing to the posterior area as well.
  • Type 5 – A: Hair loss occurs on the front and center
  • Type 5 – V: A rapid degree of hair loss occurs in the front and center, and its visible size makes the person uncomfortable.
  • Type 6: There is no connection between the front and the crown, and the hair is visibly shed to a large extent.
  • Type 7: The hair in the front and center is quite sparse, a large part of the hair has been lost.

Hair loss measurements alone are not enough. We would like to emphasize this again. A check-up by an expert is absolutely necessary.


Many people argue that these measurements are sufficient to determine hair loss. However, these measurements alone make no sense. An expert assessment is essential for accurate measurements. Therefore, such measurements must be taken in the accompaniment of expert support. The scalp and skin type are closely examined in the measurement phase. A suitable treatment method is determined according to this stage. Subsequently, the treatment process begins and the hair transplantation process is shaped accordingly. All treatments are personalized treatment processes. There is no need to worry about why somebody else got results in a shorter time or why your process is taking so long because treatment processes vary from person to person. Therefore, these criteria must be taken into consideration in the measurements.


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