David Silva Hair Transplant

David Silva Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Turkey is a procedure that is applied frequently today and affects the psychology, especially men, in terms of their external appearance. Although it seemed special and a luxury in the past, there are many beauty centers and hair transplantation centers today. Hair transplantation is also carried out in different ways with more than one technique.

Many celebrities solve their hair loss problems with transplantation methods. One of them is David Silva. The famous player got rid of his baldness problem with a transplantation method after complete hair loss. The famous football player gained a more attractive appearance in a short time with the hair transplantation process.

What is Hair Transplantation?

David Silva Hair Transplant Hair transplantation is a definite solution to partial or complete hair loss that occurs over a certain age or in youth. In cases where hair follicles are completely destroyed, baldness occurs in a certain area or a part of the head where hair should be, the ensuing condition is called general baldness. Hair transplantation techniques enable hair to be added to areas where hair loss has occurred and the problem of baldness is definitely eliminated.

The area where the hair follicles are resistant against shedding is the back of the neck. That is why hair follicles located in the nape of the neck are collected. The collected hair follicles are inserted into the bald area one by one. This process differs according to the used technique. Each technique has its own equipment. If the doctor’s orders are followed to the letter after the insertion procedure, hair loss will be prevented. The aim is to restore the hair to its former appearance. The experience of the person applying the procedure in the relevant technique is also of great importance.

Who Can Have a Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss, which is a very common problem in recent years, is generally seen in men over the age of 50. This situation varies depending on the person’s genetic factors, stress and life conditions. Some people can have hair loss at an early age. At the same time, hair loss can be partial or complete. This situation affects people’s appearance and psychological wellbeing.

David Silva Hair Transplant Hair transplantation is the definite solution for baldness or hair loss. Hair transplantation is performed by choosing one of the related methods in a suitable hair transplantation center. However, certain criteria are required for hair transplantation. These are

– Hair loss should be in a specific area,

-Hair loss should have occurred in general,

-The candidate for a hair transplantation must be free of skin diseases such as eczema.

– The opinion of a specialist about the procedure should be obtained.

– A doctor’s approval is required for those undergoing treatment for a disease.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

David Silva Hair Transplant regardless of the method used for hair transplantation, it is a permanent solution for many years if care is taken after the procedure. Some of the hair will be lost for a few weeks after the transplantation process. This is normal. This lost hair will grow back 3 or 4 months and recover. The hair follicles protect themselves after temporary shedding and do not fall out. If the hair transplantation is in a specific area and the hairline looks unnatural, it might be necessary to do the procedure again.

Things to consider when selecting a Hair Transplantation Method and Location

David Silva Hair Transplant once the decision to have a hair transplantation is made it is time to select a doctor who has the expertise and has mastered the technique in the relevant. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that hair transplantation is not aesthetic but a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to establish that the relevant center

-has the proper hygiene conditions,

-the practitioner must be an expert in his field,

– the devices and equipment are clean and relevant to the application.


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