Eye Color Change in Turkey

Is it possible to change eye color permanently?

Yes, it is possible to permanently change eye color.

On the other hand, one should not rejoice prematurely with the “affirmative” response.

First, let’s explain the essentials..

There are two ways to change eye color permanently:

• With laser application
• By inserting an artificial iris into the eye

How is eye color changed with laser application?

Eye Color Change The tissue that gives the color of the eyes, that is, the tissue we call the iris can transform dark-colored eyes into a blue-green color with a special laser.

The number of pigment cells, that is, the number of color cells, determine the color of our eyes.

Dark brown pigment cells

If our eyes are equipped with lots of these cells are our eyes will be black – dark brown.

If the number of pigment cells is average, our eyes will be light brown – hazel.

If our eyes have no pigment cells our eyes will be blue – green.

It is possible to transform the color cells into dust with a laser and eliminate them from the iris.

This transforms brown eyes spontaneously to blue.

Below you can see an eye that has been changed with laser treatment: Eyes which were brown before laser treatment

Have taken a blue-green tone after treatment.

Changing eye color
Changing eye color

Now here comes the bad news:

This treatment is slightly risky.

Why ?

We need to know this basic information to understand this:

The eyes constantly produce a liquid that remains closed within the eyeballs.

The excess production of this fluid passes through tissues that act as a filter and exits the eyeball through blood vessels.

If these filter tissues in the eye are clogged for any reason, the excess liquid cannot exit the eyeball and accumulates in the eyes.

Since the eye will continue to produce fluid without interruption, the fluid that accumulates in the eye after a certain period of time creates excessive pressure and the cells that enable us to see are crushed under the influence of this pressure and start to die.

This condition is called glaucoma, that is, eye pressure disease.

It is inevitable that the patient becomes permanently blind if rapid and effective treatment is not carried out.

When a laser is used to change the color of the eyes, the color cells start to float in the eyes in the form of dust and these filter tissues can clog up.

In this case, we are in trouble, because it is not easy to treat elevated eye pressure. Lifelong drug use and even serious surgery will be needed.

We could be faced with the risk of blindness as a result of changing eye color.

The probability of this situation is not minimal, it is calculated that this risk will occur in 20-25% of people who have this treatment.

Therefore, changing eye color with a laser is very risky…

What is an artificial iris? Is this treatment also risky?

An artificial iris is a very thin, gelatin-like membrane placed on the original iris tissue of the eye.
It is inserted into the eye through a millimetric gap made at the edge of the pupil.

The problem of eye pressure occurs much more rarely with this method, but it is still possible.

Still, if you ask us, it seems that artificial iris technology will incur advanced development in the near future.

If a treatment method that will permanently change eye color is approved by scientific authorities in the near future,
this method will be the artificial iris application.

Below you can see an eye that has been transformed into blue with the application of an artificial iris.
Currently, artificial iris is produced in 1200 color tones and 150 kinds of iris patterns for this treatment.

Technology is moving at a dizzying pace.

We follow these developments closely.

We will be happy to convey this news to those who are looking forward to permanently changing their eye color as soon as the gain / risk balance of the treatment is firmly established.


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