When Should the Bandage Be Removed After Hair Transplant?

How to take off bandage after hair transplantation?

1- After the procedure, the donor area is covered with Vaseline, where it acts as an extra barrier against dirt. We then put a bandage over the donor area

2- The day after the procedure, the bandage should be taken off. It is important that it does not stay on for longer than 24 hours or the bandage may dry into the skin.

3- When you have taken off the bandage, pat the skin dry with a paper towel or use a clean towel. You can wash or shower the donor area if you want.

When should the bandage be removed?

The day after the procedure. The bandage should not stay on longer than 24 hours after the day of the hair transplant.

When can i wash to donor area?

You can wash the donor area directly after you have taken off the bandage. Avoid water touching the transplanted area (where your hair follicles have been moved to) up to 2 days after your hair transplant.

Should i be worried if i bleed a little when i take off my bandage?

No, you do not need to be worried. It is normal to bleed a little the first few days. Take a clean paper towel and dab it away.


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