Biofiber Hair Transplant


 Biofibre hair transplant,  is a long-lasting and reliable artificial hair transplantation procedure that can prevent the problem of baldness today. However, it should be done after some tests are approved by experts in the field. It is not a preferred method because it is not tolerated by every scalp. Baldness in Turkey is an important problem that affects 75-80% of the world’s population and can also encountered in women. Numerous methods have been found for hair transplantation as a result of long studies to prevent this problem. These methods are separated into two groups, name natural hair transplantation (FUT, DHI, FUE) and Artificial Hair Transplantation (BIOFIBER).


 It is important to ensure the safety of the fibers in hair transplantation. At the same time, good aesthetic quality and durability must be considered to maintain the expected result over the years. The basic features needed are good aesthetics as well as compatibility of the skin with transplantation, resistance to hair pulling, absence of capillarity, and resistance to physical-chemical stress. Biofiber medical hair prosthetic fibers meet all biocompatibility and safety requirements set by international standards for medical devices. These fibers are available in 13 colors, different lengths (15, 30 or 45 cm) and various shapes (straight, wavy, curly and afro wave). The fibers are also available in different lengths to match your natural hair or your preferred hairstyle. The fibers are also available in a high-density version that allows three hairs to be implanted with each implant, the high-density fibers are designed for the crown area only. Biofiber hair implants are procedures that should be performed for widespread hair loss or thinning in cases where an urgent aesthetic result is required. It is used to improve the final aesthetic result, together with other hair restoration techniques, for both male and female patients, with minor surgery without hospitalization. Since the procedure uses artificial material, it can also be used to cover burns and scars in the scalp. Biofiber Hair Implants actually give immediate aesthetic results under local anesthesia with a manual implanter or an automatic machine. It is a local technique that is performed painlessly with the desired amount of hair without hospitalization. Clinical and histological studies show that Biofiber hair implants are safe and tolerated by patients and completely reversible when necessary. This technique requires good care to maintain the best cosmetic result. A positive impact is manifested when periodic checks and annual retouches are made without hospitalization. And it completely eliminates the problem of baldness. BIOFIBER is artificial hair compatible with the human body and is CE Certified for Hair Implants. This technique is suitable for all ages and even those who are completely bald. It is also used for those who do not have significant hair loss, but who have sparse hair and want fuller, thicker-looking hair. This method of hair transplantation gives instant results and since the hair is artificial, there is no need to wait for hair growth. These hair implants have the appearance of natural hair. Quality care for natural hair should also be extended to Biofiber. Implants are very durable and do not break easily. This implant is recommended for thinning hair or male pattern baldness with scarring alopecia. The procedure can be used together with other hair restoration techniques when necessary.


 It can be applied to all men and women who suffer from hair loss.
 Since hair follicles are not required for hair transplantation in this method it is the best option for men and women who do not have enough donor hair for hair transplantation with the FUT or FUE methods.
 It is a good option for patients seeking an urgent aesthetic result or high hair density.
 It is also suitable for those who are completely bald.
 The procedure is not recommended for patients who are susceptible to patch testing or have other scalp conditions.


 Biofiber bristles are soft, flexible, thin and strong. The bristles are made of inert (inactive), tissue-friendly materials, meaning that they are non-toxic to the human body and penetrate the scalp of microbial areas (chemical or biological substance that causes the death of microorganisms, prevents their reproduction or stops their development.) It is made of materials that are biologically compatible with the scalp forming keratin (Keratin is the general name of fibrous proteins that form hard structures found only in animals).
 The bristles are resistant to stretching and tensile stress. They do not break easily and are long lasting.
 The bristles have a special reversible knot that ensures perfect fixation of the implant and also ensures complete removal of the fiber without scarring if necessary.
 The bristles have a natural hair appearance. They are readily available in different lengths (from 15 cm to 45 cm), colors (up to 21 colors) and styles (straight, wavy, curly).


 This is a minimally invasive (damaging tissue formations) treatment for baldness using artificial hair compatible with the human body. The procedure is done by transplanting artificial hair one by one to a specific area affected by baldness or hair loss (alopecia) until the desired density is achieved. Color, length and style are selected according to the remaining hair structure and the patient’s preference. Before the final fixation of the biocompatible hair, about 100-250 Biofibers are implanted in the bald area to test for any reaction with the body. If there is no reaction after 3-4 weeks, the remaining Biofibers are planted in stages. It is a simple, painless outpatient procedure usually performed under local anesthesia.


 There is very little downtime and recovery time, and this implantation process is subject to minimal pain and discomfort. You can continue your normal activities after the procedure and even start an active and sportive lifestyle after implantation.


 The Biofiber hair transplantation is a safe outpatient procedure and most patients are satisfied with the results if it is performed by a trained surgeon.
 However, as with any other cosmetic procedure, there are some risks associated with this procedure where artificial fibers are used. There is the possibility of infection, rejection, and other problems, and this requires care all your life. The possibility of infection is always high as the fibers are placed on the scalp and exposed to dust, dirt, heat and the outside environment.


 Biofiber Hair Implants offer high hair density in just a few hours with a fast and natural aesthetic result. Biofiber requires a strict maintenance schedule to maintain the expected aesthetic result. This procedure allows individuals to regain their self-confidence and is aesthetically pleasing, as artificial hair looks and feels completely natural. The transformation happens immediately, meaning there is no waiting time to grow your hair like with other hair transplantation methods (FUE and FUT). You can choose as much or as little fiber as you want. Generally, 500-1000 hairs are transplanted per session according to the bald area. Implant sessions can be repeated every 4-6 weeks. The rule is that each implant can only be made on a healthy scalp. In general, the duration of the result obtained with the Biofiber hair implant varies depending on the correct management of the post-implant period. 15-20% Biofiber loss is expected each year, which should be taken into account.


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