How Hair Transplantation is used in the Treatment of Baldness

How Hair Transplantation is used in the Treatment of Baldness

Hair transplantation comes to the fore in the treatments performed with different patient groups, and it is possible to meet the expectations of the patients in terms of baldness treatment hair transplantation. Today, hair transplantation procedures are carried out not only with patients with baldness, but also with various patient groups with thinning hair. In addition, different health centers have changing services in hair transplantation.

There are different techniques used effectively in the treatment of baldness. With these techniques, it is possible to get more successful results in the treatment of patients. Although there are different methods of hair transplantation that stand out technically today, the realization of procedures such as baldness treatment hair transplantation is mainly based on the transportation of healthy hair follicles to other places.

What to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

Before the hair transplant, the patient’s story is important. For example, it is not possible for patients with oncology disease to have hair transplantation procedures at this stage. Such patients may need to finish their existing treatment first.  In addition, it is important that patients with allergic reactions also undergo allergic tests for baldness treatment hair transplantation.

If the person is doing sports before hair transplantation, he / she should stop sports as a  precautionary measure at least a week before the procedure because sports increase blood circulation. In addition, the person may need to take a break from sexual activities at least a week before. Apart from these, if there are medications that people use before hair transplantation, they need to tell their doctors. In addition, various anticoagulants are among the drugs that should not be used at this stage.

What Are Hair Transplantation Techniques

In direct hair transplantation, which is among the main techniques used in hair transplantation procedures, an average of 3000 grafts of hair can be transplanted in a single session. Apart from that, Fut procedures also stand out as another hair transplant method. Although it is an old method among hair transplantation methods, it is possible to perform hair transplantation in the form of strips with this method.

The Fue method, another method used among hair transplantation methods, stands out as the collection and transplanting of individual grafts. This method is important in terms of giving more successful results than other methods. Today, with the implementation of such methods, more qualified baldness treatment hair transplantation is possible.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

There are some points to be considered after hair transplantation procedures. The main  issue is scabbing which usually occurs the first week after hair transplantation and is essentially a step in healing. At the same time, the use of various medicines to eliminate the redness that occurs during the scabbing phase prevents possible discomfort.

At the same time, consumption of various foods with nutritious properties such as almonds after hair transplantation during the process of correcting the nutritional habits of patients after such hair operations also causes hair to grow faster. Apart from these, allergic reactions to the drugs used during and after the hair transplantation are also an important detail. In addition, at this stage, the hair can reach the desired length, on average, at the end of 6 months. With attention paid to this length, it is also possible for patients to recover faster. Today, with the implementation of such services, rapid recovery is possible in various patients. In such cases, the use of hats by the patients who will go out is seen as an important detail.

Which Patients Are Suitable For Hair Transplantation

Some patients  are not suitable for these procedures for various reasons. For example, in order for oncology patients as well as those who receive chemotherapy treatment to undergo such procedures, the existing treatment of the patient must be completed first. Apart from these, for example, those who do sports may need to terminate their existing treatments first. Nowadays, such details stand out during the application of such treatments.

In addition, hair transplantation procedures may need to be postponed during pregnancy and suspended until after delivery. Hair transplantation can be applied to various patient groups who do not have any significant obstacles apart from these. At the same time, it is also important that people who suffer from hair loss due to different reasons during the performance of these procedures start treatment primarily related to the original disease in order to achieve more successful results. Today, such measures are preferred in order to achieve more successful results in studies with different patient groups.

Institutions to be Preferred for Hair Transplantation

There are different institutions to be preferred during the hair transplantation phase. Thanks to these institutions, it is possible to have a more qualified hair transplantation. At the same time, it is important that health institutions that provide services in this field are generally certified. Furthermore, it is also important in terms of patient expectations that health institutions are organizations that meet patient expectations in terms of experience and equipment used.

Today, it is possible to eliminate important details in performing hair transplantation with different health institutions serving in our country. At the same time, it is possible to get results quickly with such different health centers for hair transplantation. These health institutions can be preferred for baldness treatment hair transplantation.


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