Painless, Pain-Free Hair Transplant

What is meant by a painless, pain-free hair transplant procedure is that the local anesthetic injection pain experienced by the patient during the process of extracting follicular unit grafts as well as the transplantation process, will be completely eliminated, transforming hair transplant operations into painless procedures..

Local Anesthetic Administration With Injection Needles

In hair transplantation, during the process of donor harvesting and recipient site creation, local anesthesia is required. This local anesthesia in its simplest form is administered via needle injection. To describe the pain felt in local anesthesia injection; it is similar to the pain experienced in dental procedures. The needles used in this particular application of local anesthetics are very thin and cause minor skin irritation. The needle tip which is inserted parallel to the skin surface, administer the local anesthetics where the nerves are diffusely spread about in the tissue and is then slowly pulled out from the skin. As a result, with the least amount of needles injected, local anesthetic distribution is spread widely throughout the space. The new, advanced version of local anesthetic injection with reduced pain levels, is local anesthesia administered by jet injection. In this application, instead of using a needle, the anesthetic solution is delivered by using mechanical energy to create a pressure, which is enough to push a dose of anesthetic agents through a very small orifice.

There are two types of jet-injectors in the application of needle-free local anesthetics:

Needleless injector with plastic body: As the pressure applied will be less retained on the skin surface, it can take up to 1-2 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect.
Needleless injector with steel body: As a higher amount of pressure can be applied, a greater volume of local anesthetics can be delivered through the skin in one go.

Local anesthesia applied via utilizing a steel body, takes effect within seconds. In his operations, Hair Exp. Vedat Tosun uses local anesthetic devices both with its device body made of plastic and steel. In this application, direct contact with the skin is at minumum levels and when the injector is fired with high pressure, this, in turn, allows the active ingredients to be delivered into the skin. As a result, with this application, the pain that is normally experienced with injection needles, is totally eliminated. Anesthesia administered by needle-free injectors, significantly reduce the amount of pain experienced.

The Most Comfortable Anesthesia Experience: Needle-Free Anesthesia and Sedation

Today, the most advanced method to reduce pain is to give sedation before applying local anesthetics with a needle-free injector made of steel. The requirements for this application, is to administer sedation intravenously a few minutes before the operation. The medications used for sedation are administered through an intravenous line.

  • Intravenous sedation is administered by an anaesthetist, taking into account the patient’s age, weight and body condition.
  • Sedation differs from general anesthesia. General anesthesia is used to put the patient into a deep sleep and makes the patient fully unconscious. On the other hand, the patient under sedation will be awake but will feel relaxed and at ease.
  • The reason why sedation can be considered as a safe application is that; it can be administered for all age groups, ranging from newly born infants to the elderly. As Sapphire Hair Clinic, we use a needle-free injection system to administer local anesthetics to our patients.Additionally, for patients who have a lower pain threshold, after reviewing their condition, the procedure can be carried out with local anesthesia combined with sedation.

Other Factors That Make A Hair Transplant Procedure Pain-Free

  • Using a micromotor that rotates at a low speed during the extraction process.
  • Using a micromotor featuring small cylindrical needles (punches) that are made of high-quality surgical steel grade.
  • Renewal of the cylindrical needles that are used during the extraction process before the punch becomes blunt due to excessive usage.
  • Utilization of special sapphire blades instead of steel blades during the process of creating incisions within the recipient site.
  • Having the wound-dressings, which will be done shortly after the operation as well as the following day, carried out by health-care professionals,are other factors that can affect the overall comfort of the operation.

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