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Who are Appropriate for Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair loss can be due to many reasons from genetic tendency to stress. In addition, hair loss can be due to poor nutrition. It is possible to try the mesotheraphy treatment so as to ensure a diet appropriate for hair. This treatment is used as a solution not only for hair loss but also to prevent this problem.

Hair Loss and Reasons

Hair loss is a common problem worldwide for both genders. Alopecia is the severe status of hair loss. It is mostly due to inheritance and hormonal imbalance. An unhealthy lifestyle, aging, various diseases and drugs trigger hair loss.

No matter what the cause of hair loss is, the good news is that this chronic problem can be solved. Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment for treating alopecia. Hair transplantation surgery is undoubtedly the most effective and permanent answer to alopecia. However, many people keep away from surgical operations. According to people who think this way, mesotherapy is the best treatment for alopecia.

This alopecia treatment can definitely exclude the need for surgical hair transplantation and other expensive and painful operations. However, the best feature of mesotherapy treatment for alopecia is that you don’t have to receive care before and after the operation. Leading a healthy lifestyle, obtaining a healthy diet and beginning an effective exercise routine will be enough.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment method that helps treatment by decreasing hair loss alopecia both in males and females, by stimulating hair growth and by slowing down male pattern hair loss problems. This is an operation that regulates the proteins, vitamins and other nutrition agents on the scalp of the patient suffering from hair loss.

Mesotherapy consists of restoring cell metabolism, annihilating infections, triggering and accelerating hair growth and it strengthens and rejuvenates hair follicles so as to activate blood circulation in the scalp and to produce intense, voluminous, thick, strong, long and healthy hair. Because the treatment helps regaining hormonal balance and neutralizes the effects of the DHT hormone that accelerates the growth of new hair, it is a therapy that has faster effects than similar therapies.

Hair mesotherapy is a mini invasive treatment that involves injecting a nutritious solution (vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes, amino acids etc.) directly to the scalp. Such solutions moisturize the skin, increase quality so as to enhance hair growth and positively affect hair follicles.

The treatment is carried out locally on necessary areas and anesthesia is not required. Because very thin pins are used, the patient doesn’t feel anything during the operation.

Advantages of the Mesotherapy Treatment

There are many advantages that make mesotherapy hair loss treatment more popular day by day. Some of these advantages are:

It is technically reliable.

It minimizes side effects such as allergies and drug interactions.

It doesn’t involve anesthesia.

It ensures fast recovery.

It is almost a painless operation.

Am I Appropriate for Hair Mesotherapy?

Almost everyone is appropriate for hair mesotherapy. It is suggested mostly in cases of hair loss or weak hair, however, it is prevents hair loss and enhances hair quality of healthy people who don’t experience problems such as intense hair and scalp care.

Mesotherapy nourishes and moisturizes the scalp so as to stimulate hair growth. Because it is a long term physiological process, best results can be obtained through regular application of the treatment.

People with weak hair can get remarkable results with hair mesotherapy. Although people with complete hair loss problem are not advantageous, their hair can be repaired with this treatment.


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