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Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant, which is a preferred method for hair transplantation, the hair does not need to be shaved completely. In this method, only the donor part of the hair is shaved. In addition, there is no need to shave the front and top parts of the head during the application of this process. Generally, this process is just shaving the back of the head.

In the unshaved hair transplantation method, which is a method preferred by long-haired people today, it is also possible to shave only certain parts of the person’s head. Since the hair is long, it is possible to camouflage the shaved part. Basically, Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Transplantation methods are among the prominent methods in the application of this method. Which technique to use in the unshaved hair transplantation method is implemented in line with the recommendations of the specialist doctor. In the Fue method, a maximum of 4000 grafts are transplanted to patients. In the direct hair transplant method, approximately 3000 grafts are transplanted in a single session. On average, approximately 3 hair follicles are obtained from a hair follicle in this process.

Things to Know Before Hair Transplantation

There are some things to know before hair transplantation. Basically, it may be necessary to perform the necessary tests and examinations before hair transplantation. Today, such tests and analyses can be offered free of charge in health centers where the application will be performed. At the same time, it is possible to eliminate possible problems during the operation with such analyzes and tests. These procedures will also determine whether the person is suitable for hair transplantation or not.

Before hair transplantation, those who do sports should stop such activities. Generally, sports and similar procedures, including sexual activity, need to be completed at least 1 week before the procedure. At the same time, it might be necessary to avoid situations where the person could have  an allergic reaction before hair transplantation. Due to the various drugs used in hair transplantation operations today, some people may experience sensitivity. Therefore, the required values should be revealed before hair transplantation.

How are Hair Transplantation Operations Performed?

Although there are different hair transplant techniques, first the area where the hair transplantation will be performed is drawn with a pencil in the unshaved hair transplantation phase and the lines are revealed. In addition, the front hairline stands out as an important detail at this stage. Nowadays, the use of hair follicles taken from the nape of the neck during the hair transplantation phase is more important. At the same time, with local anesthesia applied in hair transplantation, it is possible for patients not to feel pain.

In addition, micro surgery methods and procedures are preferred during the hair transplantation phase. It is possible to use various medicines for new hair follicles placed in small holes to take root during the hair transplantation phase. After hair transplantation, these wounds caused by small holes are healed with scabbing. Today, important details come to the fore in hair transplantation procedures.

Things to take into consideration after Hair Transplantation

On average, it is possible for newly transplanted hair to reach the desired volume in 6 months. In addition, it is important to review nutritional habits to have quality hair grow after the implementation of such procedures. Nowadays, in addition to such details, it might be necessary to avoid the outdoors not to go outside for the preservation of hair transplantation within a week after the operation.

Furthermore, patients who want to go outside after hair transplantation are generally recommended to wear a hat. Although the period called crusting is essentially the healing period, it is possible to eliminate any rashes that can occur with various medications during this period. Today, it is possible to meet the expectations of patients with different hair transplant methods.

Various Details in Hair Transplantation

Various details stand out in hair transplantation procedures. First of all, since such procedures are essentially blood-letting processes, people who use anticoagulants should not use such drugs for a certain period of time before the operation. Such patients often stand out as diabetics. It is especially recommended that diabetics continue the procedures after having the necessary tests and analyzes before hair transplantation.

Furthermore, it is also important to meet the expectations during the unshaved hair transplantation phase. Today, although there are different types of operations in hair transplantation, there are certain things to be done before and after such procedures. For example, if the patient has various habits such as smoking or alcohol intake, it is important to abandon these habits before the hair transplantation.

Health Organizations Providing Hair Transplantation Services

There are different health institutions that provide services in hair transplantation. These health institutions can differ from each other in terms of both hygiene and experience. At the same time, these health institutions may need to obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Health in order to perform such procedures. It is not recommended to get services from non-certified health institutions.

Nowadays, with the prominence of health centers that offer qualified services and consisting of experienced personnel, hair transplantation operations are becoming easier to perform. At the same time, with the implementation of these processes, more successful operations are possible with new technologies. Unshaved hair transplantation can be carried out more successfully with such techniques.

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