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Stem Cell Treatments

Stem Cell Treatments

Pluripotent cells which are also called as stem cells are the special cells that can change into a lot of other tissues when they run into right factors. Stem cells exist in different amounts in many tissues of the body. It used to be thought that bone marrow was the main storage of stem cells. Yet, when it is discovered that there are a lot of stem cells in fat tissues, it was shocking. Nowadays stem cells rooted from fat tissues starts turning into tissues like bones, skin, cartilage, and nerves when they encounter with the right factors. Stem cells are also used for esthetical purposes due to their transformative and inductive features. It is too effective for facial rejuvenation as well as it increases the chance of success in hair transplantation when it is applied to the transplantation surface on the scalp.

During the procedure fat grafts collected from belly or inguinal areas, which are stem cell rich, go through a couple of processes to become injectable nano-grafts. Stem cells with nano-grafts in the injection applied by napping technique to the places planned for rejuvenation. Total operation duration is around 30 minutes.


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