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Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA

Besides stem cells from our own body, cultured fibroblasts and PRP practices to the hairy skin; some minerals, amino acids, and nucleotides which are necessary for cell metabolism can be loaded in tiny amounts to the upper layers of the skin by using napping technique. The most significant one among them is salmon DNA which contains nucleotides. It is absolutely not obtained from salmon fish. It is produced in laboratories after applying a decomposition method which is discovered through the sperm DNA of salmons.

Well, what does salmon DNA do with us?

DNA spiral in our cells is like an instruction book. This instruction book needs to be carefully read for each specific function. Regeneration process is one of them. Writing will always accompany reading process. Nucleotides; on the other side, are the ink required for us to write. Injecting nucleotides, which can easily be accepted by the cells, to the hairy skin/ scalp by using mesotheraphy technique increases live activities of the follicles.

Salmon DNA is already used in a variety of cosmetic prescriptions and procedures. It also gives successful results for strengthening hair. Besides, practices before and after hair transplantation enable new follicles to hold on.

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