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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant is performed under local anesthesia. By using FUE technique, with the help of micromotors follicles are collected one by one and implanted to the parts of brows suffering hair loss. Nape part is usually preferred to collect hair follicles. We don’t prefer hair follicles from other parts of the body as quality of hair in those parts are different from the hair quality on brows. Newly transplanted brows will have the tendency to grow like the hair on nape, so you have to shorten them. Before the operation, we decide together with the patient to the shape and thickness of brows by drawing it on transplant area. Then, we harvest hair up to find a small area on nape to collect follicles and shave only that specific area.

Shaved area is a very small area and can be easily camouflaged with other hair above it. Number of grafts to be collected varies between 50 and 500 depending on needs. The most important issue with eyebrow transplantation is the design of the brow since beginning, center and out parts of brows have different direction textures. After transplantation it takes 4-6 months for brows to grow. 1,5-2 months after the operation, you can start shaping your eyebrows, but you usually don’t need to shape since transplantation is not applied to undesirable parts. It will take 1 year for your new eyebrows to reach maturity.


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